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In Search of . . . Luminous Skin

Last Friday my sister-in-law and I spent a wonderfully relaxing day at Burke Williams Spa in Orange. I can not tell you what good it did my body, face, and psyche!!! I do not visit the spa often, but I have vowed to change that. During my visit I had the “Spa Style Facial,” which was my very first facial. I must say that I am H-O-O-K-E-D!!! My aesthetician, Kim, was one of the nicest, people I have ever met. She was uber-knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. She even diagnosed an existing problem I had been having with my foot since the birth of my daughter! Anyway, armed with the knowledge she gave me, I re-embarked on my journey to luminous, blemish free skin. The image above represents my finish line. Just a little “visual” to keep my goal freshly in view.

On a side note, while I was searching for the credit for this image, I discovered that this is not even a real human being!! This image was created by The Ultimate Face a blog that compiles the features of different faces to, as they put it, “make one ultimate face.” Wow. This proves a point that is very close to my heart: Playing The Comparison Game is not an option!! As women, we really have to look within and find happiness and acceptance from ourselves first. It is always okay to invest in yourself by learning new things, strengthening your weaknesses and refining yourself, but to truly excel, you must love yourself first, and build on that.

Per The Ultimate Face, this image is a combination of: Jasmine Tookes as the base, Sui He’s eyes, Jasmine Tookes’ nose and Jourdan Dunn’s mouth. Ladies, take note: It took 3 professional models to make this face . . .

Image via The Ultimate Face

Simply Put: Change Your Mind!!!

Many of you know that I did not make any New Year’s Resolutions this year. I vowed only to be constant in my awareness of situations and opportunities placed before me, and to live openly in the moment. Well, think of this as icing on that thought. In order to remain aware and in the moment, I know that there is extra daily work I must do (especially since I have not been apt to live freely in the moment for the past 38 years of my life). There is a bible scripture that I refer to that helps me to remain “mentally current” shall we say. The scripture is Romans 12:2. Simply stated it says:

Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.  –Rom. 12:2 KJV

This is a pretty heavy scripture, there is so much depth to it! Don’t worry,  I won’t get all bible-study on you, but I will say that it is a daily, minute-by-minute task to work at transforming yourself by renewing your mind. There are a number of ways I go about it, and I always start with the word of God. But even before that, I have to remind myself that I have got to actually change. my. mind. That means changing the way I think about things, the way I respond to things, the way I react to situations, etc. As a woman, I find it quite easy to change my mind about many things, but it is harder when it comes to behavior and feelings that are 30+ years old! So what did I do? I made a sweatshirt to remind myself! (I have a hard time doing anything without relating it to fashion in some way). My sweatshirt is a simple reminder to continue the renewing process of my mind. It also reminds me that, with God’s help, I can change my mind.

How do keep yourself on track with your goals?