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The Worn Identity: Class Mom & A Trip to the Contractor

Destination: 1st Grade Classroom & Contractor’s Studio

Yesterday was a lovely overcast day with intermittent drizzle. Just the kind of wintry day I adore. I prefer to spend that kind of day by the fireplace, snuggled on the couch with an awesome read, or a devilish Joan Crawford movie. Unfortunately, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually done this since I’ve had my kids! I spent the morning in Reston’s classroom, volunteering and observing on the sly. It seems my “shy” son is a talker in class . . . well, as his teacher puts it, a “quiet whisperer.”  I didn’t catch him in the act, but I did love being able to watch him in his environment. He definitely inherited the shy gene from his mama. I hope he will grow out of it, though I have yet to grow out of it myself. However, I am much, much better than I used to be, and after many years of fighting it, I am finally OK with the fact that I am an introvert!

After class, I had to run out to my contractor’s to drop off sketches for a new bag. I am hoping to have the sample completed to take with me to Vegas this weekend. I always have to try out my bags for a few weeks after they are made to see what I like and don’t like about it. It’s also a great way to see how the bag wears and what the gen pop thinks about it. Well, I’m off to meet a good friend of mine for a brainstorming breakfast. Have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

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The Worn Identity: Greek Salad With a Side of Jazz!

Destination: Dinner & A Show

This weekend my Mom performed at a local Restaurant and Bar in Encino. Rob and I drove out to support her and were treated to a night of good music and yummy Mediterranean food. (I am a sucker for Greek salads and Shrimp Kabobs). My mom is a jazz singer and performs monthly at different venues. I am really proud of her. She has always loved to sing, but in recent years she has really begun pursuing her dream. I love the fact that she has never let her dream die, and after raising my brother and myself, and retiring from a tiring job, she now has the time and energy to further feed her passion.

Are there any dreams in your life that are dying to be fed?

The Worn Identity: Kid’s Birthday Party

Destination: Kid’s Birthday Party . . .

This weekend my daughter was invited to her best friend’s birthday party. It rained on Saturday, but the sun finally peeked it’s head through the clouds and blessed us with some warmth and rays. It was a great party, I met a lot of other great mom’s and the kids had a “Cupcake Wars” showdown! They each decorated 4 cupcakes. Shout out to Kim & Mike for baking 100 cupcakes for the party (and they are still happily married!!)

What did you do this weekend?

The Worn Identity: Church on Sunday

Church on Sunday . . .

One of the things I learned from polling you, my lovely readers, was that you wanted to see more personal style posts. Well, being the perfectionist that I am, I couldn’t bear to upload shady cell phone shots of me in the bathroom smiling (or not) into the mirror. Since I do not have the luxury of having a personal photographer follow me around 24/7, I decided to go about it another way. (at least until I beef up my photography skills a little more). I’ve decided to post my outfits as personal style drawings. I love to draw and I don’t do it nearly as much as I would like to, so now, thanks to you guys, I have reason to once again! I’ve decided to label my personal style posts: The Worn Identity.  I call it that because I believe that what we choose to put on our bodies represents an aspect of who we are in some way, or who we choose to portray ourselves as that day.  As you get to know me better, you will see that I channel many personalities via my clothes, as I am sure many of you do. It is a great form of expression. Hope you enjoy! xo

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