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Change Your Mind! | New T’s Added to the Shop . . .

TLBP Change Your Mind Ts, Tanks and sweatshirts available now! Click the image or the shop link above . . .

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share my latest endeavor with you!

I’ve been designing T shirts for myself and some of my friends for a few years now. With their encouragement, I have decided to make them available to you as well! I have just added two different designs to the shop, and I will be adding more designs regularly. Getting these designs into the shop, and getting the shop up and running has been something that has been carried over from To Do list to To Do list for some time now (um, like at least a year now . . . jussayin) It’s been rolling around in the back of my head for so long, and it feels good to release it out into the world.

Birthing ideas has never been an easy breezy process for me. The ideas come to me relatively easily, but my perfectionist tendencies sometimes keep me from progressing at the speed I would like. I always want things to be just right . . . I want the shop to look a certain way, I want to have a shop stocked with lots of designs, I want the designs just so… but this past year has taught me a valuable lesson that I think I have shared with you before . . .


And so, I have.

I created the “change your mind” T as a way to remind myself that much of what we experience in life is filtered by our personal experiences. Sometimes the filter is good and sometimes it’s not so good. Really, its just a matter of changing our minds about the way we approach situations. It all depends on what we are filling our minds with daily. It’s a process for me, so I welcome little reminders here and there. I was inspired to create this shirt after spending some time studying Romans 12:2. It’s a powerful scripture that has really helped me to keep my thinking on track. Changing your mind is a process. But I love this phrase because it’s a two fold sentence that makes it sound so simple. It really is just a matter of changing your mind . . . over and over again until you train it. 


My vision is clear and I am on the path to realizing it, I’m so glad you guys are along for the ride. In the meantime, you can visit the shop by clicking here or the “shop” button on the menu above to snag yourself a sweatshirt, T or tank.


My Uniform . . .

My wearing:: Uniqlo cargo skinnies (sold out) similar here | random off shoulder T | Jessica Bennett croc stud sandals (sold out) similar here | ayanna listenbee Allegra Hobo (previous season) 

As much as I love fashion and trying new things, I realized something as I was getting dressed this morning. I love a good uniform. By uniform, I mean that I have learned what types of clothes look good on my body type, and what types of clothes I feel most comfortable and powerful in. Oftentimes my choice of dress depends on the types of activities staring back at me from my TO DO list that day. But generally, I gravitate toward one of my many uniforms when selecting what to wear. One of my favorite go-to outfits is a great pair of skinnies, an off the shoulder shirt, heels and a great bag. Oh, and a stack of bracelets and rings. Works for me every time. I always feel ready to take on what life has to offer in this uniform. Heels really do that for me. I never really feel dressed enough, unless I am wearing a pair of heels… of course that depends on where I am going and what I am doing that day. I’m not the type to shop in heels or even run errands in heels, but when I’ve got somewhere else to go, they give me life. So does a great bag. I’m really into big slouchy bags and soft cross body bags right now. In the image above I am carrying my Allegra Hobo in chocoloate suede. I love her because she has these great gold rivets on the handle and fringe with gold bells. I love a little movement in my clothes. So, what is your favorite YOU-niform? Share in the comments below!

Last Week in Claremont Village . . . .





 Wearing: Zara women’s trench | #fabfound Cynthia Rowley leopard print scarf  | Vintage orange military sweater | #fabfound Cynthia Rowley pocket tank | Ayanna Listenbee Revenge satchel | Ayanna Listenbee hammered bronze earrings | Jessica Bennett zip front studded sandals

It’s been so hectic the past few weeks leading up to Christmas, that I didn’t do much posting. I hope you all had wonderful holiday celebrations with your families and friends. Last week I did some last minute shopping in Claremont Village and we snapped a few shots. The weather was cooler (which of course I LOVED). I’m hoping we get back to cooler temps around these parts again soon. Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season.

What are your plans for New Years?

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‘Tis The Season! Gettin’ My Tree On . . .



Wearing: Bajee Collection sweater | Wool patterned scarf TjMaxx #fabfound | Distressed denim by Just USA | Multi-zip booties by Naughty Monkey | Allegra Handbag by Ayanna Listenbee | all images by Philicia Scott

The winter season is in full swing here in Cali. I have been loving the chill in the air and that underlying sense of excitement and expectancy that I always feel in December! The holiday’s are rapidly approaching. I had an amazing birthday week and a nice Thanksgiving with friends and family and now we are looking ahead to Christmas. This week we are traveling to Austin Texas for my niece’s college graduation. I’m so excited to A. take a road trip and B. spend time with my family.

Yesterday we finally got our Christmas tree. I had been debating whether or not to get an artificial tree, since we were going to be traveling for a week, but I can not imagine the house not having that evergreen smell @ Christmastime!!! For me, artificial = convenience, (and I’m all about convenience) but I feel like I would be jipping my kids! Growing up, part of the Christmas excitement & tradition was going out and selecting the tree. So, we are keepin’ it real for now! Anyway, in keeping with the spirit of the season, I thought the tree lot would be a great place to snap a few outfit shots!! Don’t you just love when the weather allows us to change gears and pull out all things cozy!

Have you gotten your tree yet? ☺

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How to Get Where You Want to Go . . . SEE IT!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 10.36.08 PM

Donna Karan Belted stretch wool-blend dress | Hugo The Lada Black Leather Jacket | Camilla Skovgaard ankle boots | Victoria Beckham Shopper Leather Tote | Mimco Cubist Bangles | Ghibli Red + Gold Python Daily Planner Diary | Ga Ga Galore Blinde Sunnies


I’ll let you in on a little ritual I go through before I start my work day. Before I sit down to work at my desk  every morning, I stop and picture what I will be wearing when I actually have an office to work from that is not located in my bedroom. This is today’s outfit. I can feel the silk lining of of the dress on my skin, and I know just what I am carrying in that tote. I could even tell you what I’ve got written in that little red snakeskin notebook . . . but then, of course, I’d have to kill you . . . ☺

Have a Beautiful Wednesday!!!


The Worn Identity: Class Mom & A Trip to the Contractor

Destination: 1st Grade Classroom & Contractor’s Studio

Yesterday was a lovely overcast day with intermittent drizzle. Just the kind of wintry day I adore. I prefer to spend that kind of day by the fireplace, snuggled on the couch with an awesome read, or a devilish Joan Crawford movie. Unfortunately, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually done this since I’ve had my kids! I spent the morning in Reston’s classroom, volunteering and observing on the sly. It seems my “shy” son is a talker in class . . . well, as his teacher puts it, a “quiet whisperer.”  I didn’t catch him in the act, but I did love being able to watch him in his environment. He definitely inherited the shy gene from his mama. I hope he will grow out of it, though I have yet to grow out of it myself. However, I am much, much better than I used to be, and after many years of fighting it, I am finally OK with the fact that I am an introvert!

After class, I had to run out to my contractor’s to drop off sketches for a new bag. I am hoping to have the sample completed to take with me to Vegas this weekend. I always have to try out my bags for a few weeks after they are made to see what I like and don’t like about it. It’s also a great way to see how the bag wears and what the gen pop thinks about it. Well, I’m off to meet a good friend of mine for a brainstorming breakfast. Have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

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The Worn Identity: Greek Salad With a Side of Jazz!

Destination: Dinner & A Show

This weekend my Mom performed at a local Restaurant and Bar in Encino. Rob and I drove out to support her and were treated to a night of good music and yummy Mediterranean food. (I am a sucker for Greek salads and Shrimp Kabobs). My mom is a jazz singer and performs monthly at different venues. I am really proud of her. She has always loved to sing, but in recent years she has really begun pursuing her dream. I love the fact that she has never let her dream die, and after raising my brother and myself, and retiring from a tiring job, she now has the time and energy to further feed her passion.

Are there any dreams in your life that are dying to be fed?

The Worn Identity: Kid’s Birthday Party

Destination: Kid’s Birthday Party . . .

This weekend my daughter was invited to her best friend’s birthday party. It rained on Saturday, but the sun finally peeked it’s head through the clouds and blessed us with some warmth and rays. It was a great party, I met a lot of other great mom’s and the kids had a “Cupcake Wars” showdown! They each decorated 4 cupcakes. Shout out to Kim & Mike for baking 100 cupcakes for the party (and they are still happily married!!)

What did you do this weekend?

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