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Interior Motives | ReDecor Project: Phase I

these are the sofas I mentioned Rob painted 2 years ago . . . paint is an amazing thing. ☺

Well, it seems I’ve taken a week off! That totally was not planned. I thought of you often, but was too engrossed in life to stop and write about it. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way. My house is basically upside down right now due to my near-terminal case of paint thisrearrange thatmove this here-no, on 2nd thought, there . . Yeah, you know how it is.  I put Rob to work this weekend. He was probably secretly glad the weekend was over. LOL. Seriously though, he’s such a good sport, thank God I have him to do all the tedious, heavy moving & annoying stuff!! ☺ Anyway, I am making progress in my ReDecor project. But being the overly anxious, impatient person that I am, of course, it’s not quite moving along as fast as I want it to! So far I have painted my closet doors, the back door, the kitchen shelves and 2 chairs in our living room. I still have yet to paint the dining room walls, living room doors (and possibly walls). I’ve also decided to paint the kitchen cabinets. Most of the major painting (walls) will not happen until November. That’s just how it is when you are working with a budget, or boo-jay as I like to call it. But in the meantime and in between time, you bes’ believe I am tweaking and crafting and utilizing everything I have at my disposal to create the desired outcome . . .  or as close to it as possible!! Here are some of the things I have been working on . . .

I created 5 new apothecary jars . . . I am addicted to them. I plan to purchase larger ones soon, but these were all made from jars found @ the Dollar store. Yep, I know how to save a dollar!!!  They will look great mixed in with the larger ones I plan to purchase. The cool thing is these only cost $6 to make! I’ll post a tutorial soon, then you can make your own!!

Our TV died last week. Sad thing is, it was already a replacement TV for the original large one we had in the LRM. We are probably the last family in the 21st century to jump on the “flat screen” bandwagon. But  we couldn’t justify purchasing another TV when we already had 2 working TV’s sitting in the garage and the ones in the house were working fine. Well, seeing as the TV in our bedroom died about 6 months ago, and now the living room TV has passed on, (God rest it’s picture tube) it’s about that time yall!   Since the armoire was no longer needed, I, Rob moved it to the dining room. It has now been repurposed as a homework station! I will show you the before and afters soon. It really makes a difference because now all the homework papers, pencils, backpacks, jackets and madness are confined behind closed doors!! I love repurposing furniture. Once the now defunct armoire was out of the living room, I,  uh, Rob moved a rather large bookcase I had in my office bedroom to the living room. We really needed a place to put all of our books and the bookcase is now serving that purpose. I have another idea to upgrade the look of the bookcase, but I will post on that when I get to it.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings on this phase of my ReDecor project. Can you feel my excitement???? This is therapeutic to me. If I can’t move, I must change my surroundings in some way, shape or form. I dunno what is is, but it is ingrained in my bones!!! Stay tuned!

Are there any home interior or exterior projects you plan to do in the near future?

A Fashionable Hallway . . . LOVE!


Happy Friday guys! I know I have not been very vocal this week. This was the first full week of the kids being back in school. Also the first week of homework! Just trying to get back in the swing of things with the school schedule. Tomorrow is Nadiya’s birthday, so we are gearing up for a small family gathering. Life is good. I hope everything is well in your world. Get out there and make today a memorable one!!!


Bright & Airy . . .

So much has been going on lately it’s been hard to even come up for air! I’m working on a fun design project that I will share with you once it moves out of the “covert” stage. In the meantime, I am still working on all previous projects from my trusty little Ikea desk in my bedroom. This causes me to daydream quite extensively at any given moment, both opportune and inopportune, about the type of space I would like to be working in. I found this picture and I just want to be here . . . working or not. Clean, bright, open and airy. Non-cluttered and spacious. You know what they say, conceive it, believe it and then achieve it . . . I got it covered on all fronts!

Have a spectacular Sunday!