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LINK L♡VE | 8.5.14

Link Love

 Sharing a few of the things that have added beauty to my life in some way this week . . . ♡

♥     Two thumbs up + a back flip for this down to earth article by Gala Darling on Flawlessness + Admitting the Effort Required. LOVED THIS ARTICLE. I just touched on that subject a little in last week’s post on Second Guesses.

♥     For any of you who got hooked on Orange is the New Black, here’s a true life story from “Larry” about when he first met Piper. You know what they say . . . Life is stranger than fiction!

♥     Wanna quick easy way to change up your space? Check out these DIY NO-SEW pillow covers!! (key words here: NO SEW)

♥     If that wasn’t DIY enough for you, here is a great tutorial on how to make polaroid coasters! Seems like a great gift, and cool idea!

♥     Have you heard about Ikea’s new Instagram based website? It’s the first of it’s kind!

♥      I’m probably so late to the game, but I just discovered faith based website She Reads Truth. They recently launched an app and they’ve got a pretty cool instagram account. It’s a beautiful way to study the bible and learn and grow with a community of women. ♥

♥     According to Refinery29, you’re NOT going to get Ebola . . .

♥     Did you know the San Antonio Spurs has a new assistant coach . . . and she’s a SHE!! Yay!

♥     I  stylist/interior decorator, Imogen Naylor’s clean neutral interiors . . . 

♥     Here’s a quick + easy way to tell if you are a narcissist, because I know you were wondering…


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LINK L♡VE | 7.8.14 Sharing a few of the things that have added beauty to my life in some way this week . . .

♥ Yall know I love a good design makeover, check out Tasha’s dramatic kitchen makeover for less than $700. Wow.

♥ I recently shared 5 things I learned from the 30 Day No Repeat Challenge I took part in last month. Click here to read lessons learned by the blogger who started the challenge . . .

♥ Have you ever heard of the “Science of Fascination?” click here to find out how the world sees you . . .

♥ Interested in beefing up your selfie skills? Take note of these practical tips from San Francisco based photographer Karina Louise . . .

♥ A remote controlled birth-control device? SCARY.

♥ Check out this brilliant idea to modify benches into shelter for the homeless!

♥ Here are detailed photos of the Versace Atelier Haute Couture Fall 2014 . . . apparently fringe is here to stay!

♥ I love, love, love the interior of this Caitlin & Caitlin designed loft! In my head I’ve already made it “my place in the city . . .”

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Link L♡VE | 6.24.14

Sharing a few of the things that have added beauty to my life in some way this week . . . ♡

♥  I have a few trips out of state planned for this summer. If you are a ridiculous over packer like myself, you may find Shauna’s packing post as helpful as I did (plus you can enter a giveaway for free shoes!!!)

♥ Last week I attended the Connecting Women to Power Business Conference and had the pleasure of hearing one of my favorite life coaches, Rhonda Britten speak. Her book Fearless Living  arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I can’t wait to tackle it!!!

♥  These desktop and iphone wall papers will add a little bitta pretty to your tech life . . . 

♥ I love Jasmine Dowling’s typography. She recently shared a little book she created that reminds me so much of the books I used to create before The LookBook Philosophy morphed into a blog… check it out here. Love her!

♥ Prop stylist, Joanna Lavén’s GORGEOUS Stockholm apartment is the PERFECT mix of modern, mid century and traditional. I hate to admit . .  I pinned every room, I mean, even her dishes were amazing!!

♥ If you wish the Disney Princesses would add a little more truth and color to their crew, check out the new tumblr of Jason Porath, former animator for Dreamworks. He created Rejected Princesses, for women “too awesome, awful or upbeat for the movies.”

♥ I LOVE this DIY happy hour marquee sign . . . if only I had the time to create it. . .

♥ I recently discovered Mima-Te, the first Mozambican upcycling brand, designed by twin sisters Nelly + Nelsa. Way to go girls!!!


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LINK L♡VE | 6.2.14

 Sharing a few of the things that have added beauty to my life in some way this week . . . ♡

♥     Can you be happy for 100 days? If so, join me in this challenge!

♥     If you happen to be a tall girl with curly hair like myself, you’re gonna love this!

♥     This cake will make you want to party . . . #wanted

♥     I love this little blue ballerina . . .

♥     I’m taking the #30DayNoRepeat Challenge, are you up for it?

♥     I relish and encourage celebrating the differences in people and this book by writer + photographer, Karen Walrond, is a must have for my library.

♥     A good mentor is priceless. If you are thinking about looking for one read this.

♥     I am an Instagram addict. No doubt. Here is one of my favorite Instagram accounts that I follow. I also follow the blog . . . Truly inspiring and thought provoking.

♥     Because I thoroughly enjoy learning about different personality types, I’m sharing this little test with you so you can determine yours!


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