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Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition | A Recap . . . This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit in Hollywood. The self guided exhibit was held in a beautiful building with a maze of rooms housing different interactive references of video, clothing and images from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 runway show. The free exhibit allowed visitors a glimpse into the vision of LV designer, Nicolas Ghesquière, and the process behind the Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear line (the actual runway show was held during Paris Fashion Week last October).

Upon entering, we were greeted with a huge 3D LV logo made of parallel standing, bright red neon lights in glass panels. The logo is modeled after the monogrammed seals used on the original LV steamer trunks of old . . . The next room held large scale holograms of models from the show. The large scale presentation in these first two initial rooms was really magnificent and modern . . . There were references and images of some of the muses of the collection as well as models and actresses wearing the collection . . . In the middle of the exhibit there was a large screening room with ongoing video footage on both sides of the room showing the actual crafting of Louis Vuitton handbags and clothing, The full video was about an hour long and the wall showed a digital clock in Paris time . . . The accessories gallery was housed in a stark white room, where everything was white, including the mannequins . . . a perfect background to display the new collection’s shoes and bags as well as a few vintage steamer trunks and a monogrammed sales register containing all the orders placed by customers of Louis Vuitton in the year 1927 . . . Visitors were able to get up close and personal with the new collection in the Backstage room, which held rolling racks of clothes from the collection and images of the models and their corresponding garments and accessories worn on the runway. There was also audio of the production coordinators giving directions over their walkie talkies streaming through speakers in the room so you could get the full experience of what it felt like to be backstage at a show. The walls held a 9 foot tall panoramic image of the models being prepped backstage before stepping out onto the runway . . . The Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit was very well done with a modern, cool vibe to it. I love that they chose LA as their first stop, and that photos were allowed (what better way to spread the word in this day and age of social media). The exhibit allowed visitors a much more personal interaction with the collection than one would normally achieve, unless they were in attendance at the actual runway show. As an added bonus, there was even a poster room, offering free posters and fun, modern stickers (reminiscent of the kind you stick on steamer trunks and luggage) to guests. LV Series 2 is off to Beijing this week for it’s second stop on the tour.

Bloggers Night Out Toys for Tots Drive . . .


 Last night I attended the Blogger’s Night Out Toys for Tots Toy Drive hosted by Raven of the blog, Swank Stylista + stylist Vic Sanders of the blog Vic Styles. The event was held in downtown LA @ the very cool boutique/showroom space, Seven Points. There were lots of labels showing their wares. It was a great turn out and a relaxed atmosphere, complete with a nail station, food by Stuff ‘Em and free massages . . .

the exterior at Seven Points was just as cool as the interior . . ♡♡♡

the exterior at Seven Points was just as cool as the interior . . ♡♡♡

warm colors and laced T’s @ Pret-a-Porter . . .

retro colored colorblocking @ Mathiasen . . . Loved this pencil skirt ♡

mingling . . .

mingling . . .

this floral printed dress by Single made it onto my wish list for Spring . . .

this floral printed dress by Single made it onto my wish list for Spring . . .

my favorite discovery of the night was, First & Company; the styling, quality and energy behind the First & Company label was impeccable . . .

First & Company co-founder, Charles Truong & his wares . . . Please check out this company. excellent craftsmanship and it's all made in LA!!!

First & Company co-founder, Charles Truong & his wares . . . Please check out this company, excellent craftsmanship, creating a positive movement for menswear and it’s all made in LA!!!

gift bag goodies provided by: Pret-aPorter, + Bou Jeloud

gift bag goodies provided by: Pret-aPorter, + Bou Jeloud

Can’t believe it’s already Fri-yay!!!!! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Do something positive toward your dreams this weekend!




Life in Pictures | Week of 10.6.14 TGIF!!!  It’s been a busy week around these parts! The LA Fashion Council kicked off LA Fashion Week with shows at Maker City in downtown Los Angeles this week. So far, my favorite of the shows I attended was Odylyne. I’ll be reviewing the line on the blog next week. But for now, here’s a behind the scenes sneak peak of a few of the pieces . . . . Last weekend we drove up to Central California, Hanford, to be exact, to spend the weekend with Reston’s best friend + family who recently moved there. It’s an agricultural town, lots of dairies and farms, which I love. Fun fact: Hanford is well known for their ice cream, the brand is called Superior and it’s made locally and packaged right there in Hanford. Of course I loved the pink box and old school typography so I had to snap a shot. They have an ice creamery in town, but there was a Renaissance Fair going on and streets were blocked off so we opted for the take home kind. It was delish!!! The plan was to stay over at our friend’s house and drive up to Sequoia National Park on Sunday. But I underestimated my dog allergies -they have two little doggies and I was equally allergic to both, even though they were being kept away from me in different rooms :( So after they treated us to dinner at Harris Ranch Restaurant, we opted to stay over at the adjoining Harris Ranch Inn. BTW, did you know that Harris Ranch is California’s largest source of beef, and the largest ranch on the West Coast? I don’t eat much beef, but the steak was good and the loaded baked potato was AWESOME!!!!! Peops are serious about their cows in these parts. The lobby was decorated in full dude ranch style. Cowhide sofas and longhorn chairs . . . Yee Haaaah!

The next morning we headed out on the open road to Sequoia. Along the way we stopped at Pinky’s Produce, a roadside fruit stand, for some freshly squeezed orange juice. I’m told it is the best around. Of course, I loved the signage and pink lettering . . . Then it was time to hit the road again. It was a beautiful drive, especially once we got into the forest. I LOVE trees, and there were tons of them. Beautiful tall redwoods and lots of cool fresh air. A nice break from those heatwave temps we’ve become accustomed to. Our goal was to do a cave tour, but we found out that the one we wanted was sold out. While we were waiting, the kids discovered an old relic known as a “pay phone.” They were fascinated by the buttons and attached cord. I realized that it had been a while since I had seen one myself! The park rangers told us about another cave tour that was 2 hours up the mountain, and everyone was game so we headed back out. On the way, we stopped to see General Sherman, a giant Sequoia tree. By volume, General Sherman is the largest known living single stem tree on earth. And he was massive. You can see him below . . . This photo will give you a better perspective. You can see how tiny we look standing at the base of this tree. Now that’s some serious trunkage, wouldn’t you agree? We ended our trip with a really cool cave tour at Boyden Cavern in Kings Canyon. It was both fun and informative. I will share more about it later, but if you are ever in Sequoia National Park, I recommend you go. Our guide was great and it was very beautiful, both inside the cave and out. Happy Friday!! I hope you all have a fab weekend. I’ll be covering the CONCEPT Fashion shows this Saturday, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of the goodies on hand for S/S ’15 next week.


Emblem x Blogger Babes Fashion Presentation

Hi guys! Last week I attended the Emblem Fashion presentation at the Gerry Building in Downtown LA. The event was hosted by Heidi Nazarudin (of The Successful Style / Blogger Babes. The presentation was a showcase featuring clothing from the Fall/Winter collections of five up-and-coming designers. Featured designers included SWF, a new Australian designer, Natasha Morse, a jewelry line, Spencer Lacy, another new collection from Australia, Locardi Scarves and Beatrice and Francis which featured beautiful African print fabrics. We were treated to small bites and gift bags from Delisun Confectionery. Here’s a first look at some of the collections . . .










SPL2_THELOOKBOOKPHILOSOPHY.COM Event host + Blogger Babes founder, Heidi Nazarudin Event attendees . . . Ali De’Lancret, Mandiie Martinez + Moi . . .

For more information about any of the clothing seen here, contact Evelyn at Emblem Showroom.


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Ballet Preljocaj at the Dorothy Chandler:: A Recap Interior of the beautiful Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 2nd Floor . . .

Last week I attended opening night of Ballet Preljocaj’s Les Nuits, at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The 85 minute ballet was well danced with an abundance of seductive overtones. The costumes were designed by well known couturier Azzedine Alaïa, however, there was no extravagance in design displayed.  I loved the staging of the scenes and watching the transformation of the stage with set changes and props for the different scenes. I really wanted to love this ballet, but there didn’t seem to be a continuous story to follow. It felt more like watching several different scenes of dances that that revolved around an erotic theme, yet didn’t relate to each other. Many of the dances had an abundance of stacatto movements and that may or may not have contributed to my feelings of the dances being separate and the scenes not flowing fluidly together as one complete performance. Perhaps that’s what the choreographer was going for?

The highlight of the evening for me, was meeting and speaking with Michelle Hebért and Bri Seeley, two local designers who were asked to submit designs inspired by the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, (also known as, The Arabian Nights).

MICHELLE HEBÉRT Designer Michelle Hebért and model 

This fabulous full length white and gold chiffon gown was inspired by the Genie/Treasures. The gown was meticulously hand sewn to apply gold leafing applique’s to the golden plume which rises off the left shoulder. Per Michelle’s words, “Within the 1001 Arabian Nights Tales, the characters spoken of by Scheherazade are often seeking something, or come across artifacts or mystical creatures like the Genie that aids in their wealth and riches. This piece is a tribute to these aspects of her stories that relate both to the covetous desires of humans and the attainment of success.” Scheherazade + Shahryãr (The King) two pieces by designer Michelle Hebért

Scheherazade is the legendary Persian queen and storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights. Legend has it that every day the king (Shahryãr) would marry a new virgin, and behead the previous day’s wife. 1000 women had been killed by the time Shahryãr was introduced to Scheherazade. (wow.) Michelle’s two-piece white and gold design is inspired by Scheherazade and consists of a beaded lace halter and billowy chiffon slip with lace details at the waist and flowing bell sleeves. For Shahryãr, Michelle created a full body white and gold stretch suit with lace details. Hebért says she wanted “to create a piece that was feminine while still having masculine properties that would lend itself to this main male character in the story who after being betrayed by his wife, would marry a new virgin each day. But before the beginning of the next would end their lives out of fear they too would eventually betray him.” Visuals and background info about Michelle Hebért + the collection . . . Isn’t the back of Michelle’s dress amazing!!! ♥♥♥ How beautiful is this dress?? Love. 


Pieces from Designer Bri Seeley’s Chrysalis Collection 

Bri Seeley’s designs captured the femininity that plays throughout the story of One Thousand and One Nights. Her use of flowy chiffon and elegant silhouettes evoked the feeling of Arabian Nights and sultry sunsets. The deep crimson color seems to pay tribute to the lives lost by Shahryãr’s many new brides, and the rich black gave nod to a desert blanketed in the darkness of night. I love how the contemporary silhouettes translate through to the theme of Les Nuits . . . Designer visuals evoked a mood of femininity under duress . . .

Such flowy sheer fabrics also gave me the feeling of tented caravans and desert breezes . . .

I love that the Music Center brought fashion and dance together for these three nights by challenging Bri and Michelle to create and show pieces inspired by the story of One Thousand and One Nights. It was such a treat to be able to cover these amazing designers and their work.

For more information on the designers featured in this post please visit: and . Find out more about upcoming performances at The Music Center here.



Designer, Artist & Fashion Entrepreneur Spotlight:: Sonia Smith-Kang of Mixed Up Clothing

Meet the first childrenswear designer in our DA+FE Spotlight Series: Colorful, playful prints @ the Mixed Up Clothing Headquarters . . . Creative Director of Mixed Up Clothing, Sonia Smith-Kang Mixed Up Clothing has collaborated w/ Taye Diggs and received his Chocolate Star Award . . . Mixed Up Clothing’s collaboration w/ Garcelle Beauvais + Sebastian Jones for their book, I am Mixed . . .

A few fun prints from this season’s collection . . .

1. Peasant Top  2.  Pink Sugar Skulls Bloomers by Mixed Up Clothing

Senorita Dress by Mixed Up Clothing

15 Questions w/ Sonia Smith-Kang of Mixed Up Clothing

1. What Inspired you to create Mixed Up Clothing?

Growing up I was always asked “What are you?” I have always been answering that question and in turn, teaching others about what it is to be multicultural. As a multicultural adult, I married someone of a different culture and had kids. So I basically just blended my love of teaching about different cultures with my love of sewing and created Mixed Up Clothing.

2. Did you go to school for design? If so, where?

I went to school to become a registered nurse. I was a registered nurse for 15 years. While I was a nurse, I became a teacher, teaching others about how different cultures react to being in a hospital setting. Mixed Up Clothing is just another step in that teaching process. I use clothing as my vehicle to teach.

3. Tell us about your ideal customer . . .

My ideal customer is a mom who loves to teach her children about different cultures; it’s anybody who has an interest in exploring the world, and teaching our little mini global citizens about someone else, in hopes of accepting and learning about others.

4. What advice would you give someone wanting to start a clothing line?

Don’t be afraid. Find your passion and don’t chase after the trends. Find a message and what you want your clothes to be about, and don’t veer from that.

5. What inspires you? What inspires your designs?

My inspiration always comes down to teaching and educating others. The inspiration for my designs comes from finding a fun print or fabric that has a cultural feel to it, and then I will learn about the culture. That’s what inspires me; finding out about someone else, and learning about a different ethnicity or culture.

6. What has been your biggest challenge starting/running your business? 

Definitely money and time. As a mother of 4 and a wife first, I find that trying to be an entrepreneur and make it all happen is very difficult . . . . and finding the money. There’s money out there. It’s just taking the time to find out where the money is and how you can get that, and use it in your business. If not, you just move a little slower, and that’s where the time comes in.

7. What would you consider to be one of your greatest moments or achievements related to your line/ business?

The smart thing to say is that it has to do with publicity . . . being on the TODAY Show or being in a big magazine, but I would say that the happiest I was, was when I saw somebody in a mall wearing my clothes. To me that is somebody who gets what you are doing, digs it and wants it for their kids.

8. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Relaxed. Vibrant. Effortless.

9. How often do you add new pieces to your line?

I create 2 seasons/year. Spring and Summer.

10. Describe a typical day in your life:

A typical day starts at 6am for me. Monday-Friday it’s about getting the kids up and off to school. Then I come back and shower, do emails, check social media and prioritize my day. I then drive to my office in downtown LA. Once there, I start on my To Do list. My day consists of getting orders out, sourcing, putting out production fires, accounting and working on display and marketing. By 2:30 I am picking up the kids and doing their activities until about 6pm, then it’s dinner, bath, and bed for them. After they go down I go back to work from 9pm-12 midnite.

11. Looking 3-5 years out, what changes would you like to see, or can you forsee any big changes in your industry?

I would like to see retailers giving indie designers more of a chance. I think the public really loves the underdog, and roots for them, so I would like to see big retailers respond to that. As for big changes I see in the industry, I definitely see a trend to where the person who did not go to school for design can now create something and navigate their way through the industry and make it. You just have to have a plan. You don’t necessarily have to have the educational background to make it.

12. Where do you manufacture your line? Do you manufacture domestically or abroad?

I work with 4 different manufacturers. They are all domestic. I like to be able to see, feel and touch what they are doing.

13. What can we expect to see from Mixed Up Clothing in the future?

I’ve been asked to do a mommy and me line. I may entertain that. But for me, it might just be branching out and doing clothes for bigger girls. Right now I do sizes 0-7, I’m considering expanding to include 9-11 in the future.

14. Where can we purchase Mixed Up Clothing?

You can find us online at We are also in boutiques across the US as well as, and Vault Marketplace.

15. Because I am a handbag designer I have to ask: Shoes or Bags, pick one;  and tell us what you look for in a shoe/bag . . . ☺

I would definitely say handbags. They must be versatile, I need to be able to access things easily, like pull out a business card and carry a capri-sun at the same time. Basically it needs to be durable and fashionable.

Thanks Sonia!!! Had such a fun time hanging with you, and sharing our mompreneur stories!! Love the line, and what you stand for! xx

You can keep up with Sonia and Mixed Up Clothing here: web :: :: twitter :: @mixedupclothing :: facebook :: :: pinterest ::

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Style Fashion Week | Betsey Johnson Runway Presentation

Betsey Johnson made her LA debut at Style Fashion Week last week. Her participation in LA’s SFW is definitely a plus for LA’s fashion profile, even though her line is based in New York. The clothes were all Betsey; bright colors, short skirts, skin tight metallics, animal prints and thigh high striped stockings were among the offerings that strutted down the runway. The runway presentation was full of energy and fun to watch. You could feel the excitement in the air while waiting for her show to start . . . . and that anticipation did not disappoint once the show began. The conglomeration of colors, fabrics, prints and textures may be a bit much for the average girl, in other words, Betsey’s clothes are not for everyone. But the spirit and energy she puts into her work is almost tangible.

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Concept LA | Camelia Skikos Runway Presentation Cameila

On Saturday I attended a few of the Concept LA fashion shows at The Mack Sennett Studios in LA. The first show was Camelia Skikos’ Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection which was inspired by San Francisco, the city in which she currently resides. Skikos, a former designer for Levi Strauss and the Gap, created a collection using vivid colors directly inspired by street art visible around San Francisco. Dresses, jackets and skirts bore complementary colored leather trim which created a feeling of monochrome mondrian color blocking. Silhouettes were structured and clean, yet retained an edge of feminity. The collection was balanced out by blacks and grays and styled with bright lips and futuristic disc-shaped head pieces. Of note, is the fact that all garments are designed and made in California. Definitely a plus for our local economy!

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Style Fashion Week | Altaf Maaneshia Runway Presentation


Altaf Maaneshia’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection featured a rich, relatively neutral palette consisting of shimmery golds, rich tweeds, emerald greens, grays and blacks. The line featured an array of pieces ranging from leather trimmed dresses, skirts and jackets to solid leather pants and even shorts. Silhouettes were sleek and feminine with an urban edge. I was particularly fond of the slim fit dresses and the rich color palette of this collection.

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Style Fashion Week:: Swim Trends for Summer | Skinny Bikini + Kinsman

Swimwear trends hitting the runway at the Skinny Bikini show last week included high waisted bottoms, ethnic prints, ruffles, strategic cut outs, animal prints and gold details . . .


For more information visit


The Kinsman by Joanna Kinsman swimwear collection featured brazilian cut string bikinis in neutrals trimmed with black lace, ruffle bandeau tops and triangle tops in richly colored earth tones like orange, turquoise and sea glass . . .

Designer Joanna Kinsman + model after the Kinsman Swimwear Runway show . . .

I love the colors used in this collection. The bikini’s were beautifully cut and texture and interest were added via the use of layered ruffles, scalloped edges and lace trim.

What do you think?

For more information visit

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