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LA Fashion Market Finds | Day 2:: By Lilla

I was really excited to discover hair accessory line By Lilla. Their motto is “Rebel against the black elastic,” and looking at the collection, it’s easy to see they have done just that! Colette Feldman, Natalia Storm and Michelle Possin are the design team behind the 5 year old multifunctional line of handmade leather bracelets and elastic hair bands that double as necklaces and bracelets. These accessories not only look good, but serve a purpose. With numerous styles to choose from, the line offers everything from braided, lace and floral styles to edgy studded and animal printed leather. By Lilla retails from $10-$70, and can be found at Shop Kitson, Free People and Anthropologie. For more information click here.

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LA Fashion Market Notes | Day 2:: Marcia Moran Jewelry


Gorgeous “finger candy” by Marcia Moran.


Druzy, Labrodite and Lapiz stones adorn gold cuffs and chains at the Marcia Moran booth.

News Flash: I LOVE the Marcia Moran jewelry line! I wasn’t familiar with this line before attending the show, but I was able to meet Marcia and briefly chat about the line which happens to have been around for 10 years thus far. Marcia offers many beautiful pieces that will carry you throughout the seasons.  Using semi precious stones, gold and rhodium-plated metals, the line offers contemporary styles in stunning shapes and settings. Spring 2014 sees her using more Druzy, as well as Chrysoprase, Quartz, Blue Agate and Chalcedony to name a few.  Pieces retail from $80-$300. Find more Marcia Moran jewelry at

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Accessorizing:: Ring Bling Wish List Part I

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I have always had a love affair with rings. (Actually, I think I developed a deep fondness for them when I recognized the similarity between my fingers and E.T.’s. #truth). At that time, I saw rings as a distraction or disguise for my lanky digits. These days I am quite comfortable with my fingers and love that I can pile on layers upon layers of rings.  I have a penchant for chunky oversized rings.  This season . . . well any season really, I am looking to indulge my senses with another addition to my statement ring collection. Here are a few beauties I’ve got my eye on. . . .

Clockwise from top: Emilio Pucci Gold-tone crystal & resin ring $525 | Rosantica Regale gold-dipped chalcedony ring $235 | Bijoux Heart La Terre D’or gold plated Swarovski crystal ring $560

What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear?

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Etro’s gold plated Swarovski crystal armor ring is a long fingered gal’s dream!!! This ring is stunning and sparkly. I am in love with the smokey-gray crystals!! They are so elegant next to the gold. Yet again, my finger aches for this baby. I love her. I must find a way to make her mine!!!!! ☺

A Night of Sheer MAGIC | Dinner w/ the Girls . . .

Looking forward to connecting w/ new contacts & reconnecting w/ old ones . . . over FOOD!!!

Happy Monday friends!! Tomorrow we leave for Vegas. Rob starts back to work tomorrow and the kiddies start back to school next week!! Change is in the air! I’m feeling a little anxious about it, sorta sad to say goodbye to the summer and non-stop family-time, but also excited to get back on schedule. (I have yet to master keeping the household on Mom’s schedule while Dad is home full time. Tee hee).

Aurélie Biderman Cités d’Or 18k Gold plated Cluster Cuff

I believe the name of this bracelet translates to “Cities of Gold.” This bracelet definitely looks like something one would unearth in an archaeological dig in some far off land. I think I would use that as my theme when getting dressed with this piece. You can purchase the Cites d’Or bracelet here for $1,200.