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January Things . . .

photo shoot prep last week . . .

How are you guys? How were your holidays? January is in full swing and moving full steam ahead. I’ve been working hard on several projects that will ultimately result in a subtle restructuring of my business. It’s both exciting and slightly nerve wracking, but such is life. Sometimes that’s how change feels, and its not necessarily a bad thing. I’m a firm believer that many of us need to spend more time outside of our comfort zones, because that’s the place where you experience the most growth . . . and I’m all about growth . . . unless we are talking waistlines, and after the holidays, thats something thats been on my stomach mind as well. But I digress! I’ll be checking back in soon with more updates, as well as previews of the new collection. Take care of yourselves out there!


The Stuff Dreams are Made of . . .

ALC Design Studios 380 S. Lake Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101

Are you guys ready for summer? This is the last week of school for my kiddies. I’ve been lying low, dealing with some health issues, + taking a break from social media among other things.  I haven’t been able to get to the studio regularly so I’ve been working from home a lot. I posted the picture above to remind myself that dreams really do come true. For years I dreamt of having my own space to work from and I just realized that in a few short months I will have been at the studio for a year! It sounds crazy,  I swear this has been the fastest year of my life!  God is so good. I just have to give thanks.!!! Anyway, I’m excited about summer’s swift approach. I’m looking forward to our schedules relaxing a little as far as drop offs + pick ups go, and I’m excited about lazy summer evenings and beach sunsets. How about you? Do you have any trips planned? What are you looking forward to this summer?


Chairish Style Board Challenge!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Daphne from Chairish, asking if I would be interested in creating a style board based on one of the accent chairs from their latest collection. Daphne’s email was my first introduction to Chairish, and boy am I glad to have been introduced to them! Chairish is a fabulous, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture. It’s a wonderful way for design lovers to sell and purchase pre-owned pieces. When I visited the site after reading my email, I was happy to accept the challenge.

The theme of the challenge was to create a style board around a colorful accent chair for a room that is going from white to bright by adding in bold color. This was a fun challenge for me. As you know, I am addicted to black + white, but I love pops of color. I selected the Eames style molded plastic chair to create my space around. In keeping with my love of creative workspaces, I decided to use a home office as the room concept for my board. (I guess it was subliminal wishful thinking for me :) I took my room from white to bright by adding in color with my accessories. I love the green of the Eames chair (which happens to be a style I have had my eye on for a while). I wanted the space to have a luxe feel, so I chose accessories and furnishings with gold accents. I used abstract art to pull in more color and play off the gold and green. Touches of black helped to ground the room and add dimension and a nice contrast for the gold, green and yellow. Choosing colorful desk accessories, like pink pencils also helped to bring color and life to the space. These small things can make such a big impact. So for those of you who might be afraid of color, remember that you can always add in color through your accessories. The room still has a neutral base, but because of the bold pops of color, it doesn’t give off the feeling of being in a stark white room.

Here are the items I used to create my workspace:: clockwise from top right::

♦     Painting  | Abstraction by Franz Kline , 1955

♦     Gold Stapler | Kate Spade 

♦     Sheepskin Throw |  cb2

♦     Chamber Desk | cb2

♦     Perpetual Wall Calendar |

♦     Gold Iphone 5 charger |

♦     Floating Drawers | Codor Design

♦     Matte Black + Gold Votives | Room 21

♦     Eames style plastic molded chair | Chairish

♦     Whippet Pillow | West Elm

♦     Pencils | Etsy

Be sure to check out the Chairish site. You can shop their accent chairs here. It’s a great way to get your hands on vintage pieces!

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Werkspace Wednesdays | How to Revamp Your Workspace with Color! I recently revamped my workspace. It was a small upgrade, I just added a little color pop to the area around my desk as a way to brighten things up and get a little better organized. My thought was that if I make the space a little more inviting, it might help me to keep from piling laundry on my desk and leaving my shoes scattered on the floor around my desk chair when searching for what to wear that morning . . .  :/  #bedroomofficeproblems

Werkspace2 I also thought that if I added a pop of color to my workspace it would help to pull all of the black and white together. I love the color turquoise so I decided that that turquoise would be my main accent color and fuchsia would be my secondary accent color. I bought two turquoise faux leather trays to keep some of my supplies in. They were both under $20 each. I got one at Marshall’s and the other at Homegoods (#fabfound!). I LOVE those two stores. I always find something amazing to walk out with. Good for the home or closet, not necessarily good for the wallet, Lol! Werkspace3 I purchased a few black and white striped place mats at Ikea. I love black and white stripes. The place mats make for great tray liners. Best of all they were only $1.50 a piece! I used the other one to keep under my laptop. I like the bold pattern and contrast it brings to my desk. I’m thinking these would probably make great drawer liners as well . . .

Werkspace9 I love bulletin boards, and use them religiously. They are very helpful for keeping inspiration images, swatches and notes at hand. When I move my office space out of my bedroom, I will dedicate at least one full wall as mood board space. For now I have small framed bulletin boards, which allow me to remain mobile, in case I want to work downstairs or switch things up a bit.  I have a black one and a white one, they are both from Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby has a good art supply section and great little things for the home. (They pretty much have everything from fabric to furniture, I can easily spend hours in there…) Best of all, they have a weekly coupon that you can get through their mobile app, and online, which will give you 40% off any full price item. I already had my black bulletin board, but I found the white one on sale last week for $17 (regular price was $40!) My Massimo Vignelli Perpetual Calendar has been with me through 3 office moves. I’ve had it since before my kids were born! I love it so much. It is the definition of minimal chic as far as calendars go in my book . . . Massimo Vignelli was a design genius. He passed away last week, but his talent will live on in the beauty and simplicity of his creations. He contributed so much beauty to the world through his designs. He is the man behind the design of NYC’s subway signage, as well as the American Airline’s logo. I really love and admire his work . . .


One thing I love to do in my work area is keep pretty things around me, or things I love that make me feel good when looking at them. For instance, a pretty pair of shoes, or a scarf or even a dress! Since I work from home and my office is in my bedroom, this is not hard for me to do. Since I find that I have limited “me” time, I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping nail polish at my desk. I like the way they look when kept in pretty bowls, and keeping them nearby allows me to do quick touch ups while I am at my desk. Multi-tasking at it’s finest! When the weather is nice I like to keep the deck door open to take advantage of the summer breezes. Hanging up a pretty dress or item of clothing that I love helps to give the room a different vibe. You can do the same in your workspace. Can you think of anything  you could add to your surroundings to change up your mood?

If you are looking to revamp your workspace you can find similar items below . . .

1. Black Framed Bulletin Board | 2. Massimo Vignelli Perpetual Wall Calendar 3. Turquoise Painted Wood Tray 4. Ljuda Black + White Striped Placemat


The Paris Flat I’ve Always Dreamed of . . .

flat Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 11.19.17 AM

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 11.20.04 AM

Hotel arc du

This beautiful apartment is located in the Hôtel des Maréchaux, in the Place de l’Etoile in France. It offers an amazing 3,982 sq. ft. of Parisienne awesomness, including a view of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. The recently renovated apartment features 4 bedrooms and 4 baths + a staff studio apartment and adjoining parking. I have already created a life in my head around this apartment, one in which I have a bedroom-sized closet of amazing clothes and attend Paris Fashion Week regularly . . .

 . . . speechless and coveting in Cali . . . ♥♥♥

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For more info contact Sotheby’s Realty

Subliminal Desires: Hammock in Living Room . . .

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 7.59.00 AM


So I’ve had this desire since I was a child . . . to have a hammock in my room. There have been lots of desires over the years, some I still harbor and vow to see through to fruition; to reside in a tree house, to live overseas for a year, to have a workable fireman’s pole from my bedroom to the kitchen . . . my original thinking was easy access to midnight snacks. (I see now that this is a horrible idea weight-wise). But I digress . . . Bottom line is, I have known for years that I NEED to live in a loft. All my kooky spacious desires could be fulfilled if I were to reside industrially. And then I saw this image. How tastefully done this hammock is! This hammock could be hanging in a loft, a brownstone or even a single family home! And so the subliminal desire sees light! If done right, I might very well be able to have my hammock and swing in it too, even if I have to wait a while for that loft. ☺

Happy Saturday! Keep those dreams alive!!!

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Randomocites: Happiness is a Rainy Day and Hot Coffee . . .


Recent addition to my kitchen cabinets: these H&M coffee cups. I love the high contrast  geometric pattern. I think my coffee even tastes better!!!

I just went to add the link for you guys, but apparently they are sold out. ☹  Will post links for similar styles when I find one!


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