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Chairish Style Board Challenge!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Daphne from Chairish, asking if I would be interested in creating a style board based on one of the accent chairs from their latest collection. Daphne’s email was my first introduction to Chairish, and boy am I glad to have been introduced to them! Chairish is a fabulous, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture. It’s a wonderful way for design lovers to sell and purchase pre-owned pieces. When I visited the site after reading my email, I was happy to accept the challenge.

The theme of the challenge was to create a style board around a colorful accent chair for a room that is going from white to bright by adding in bold color. This was a fun challenge for me. As you know, I am addicted to black + white, but I love pops of color. I selected the Eames style molded plastic chair to create my space around. In keeping with my love of creative workspaces, I decided to use a home office as the room concept for my board. (I guess it was subliminal wishful thinking for me :) I took my room from white to bright by adding in color with my accessories. I love the green of the Eames chair (which happens to be a style I have had my eye on for a while). I wanted the space to have a luxe feel, so I chose accessories and furnishings with gold accents. I used abstract art to pull in more color and play off the gold and green. Touches of black helped to ground the room and add dimension and a nice contrast for the gold, green and yellow. Choosing colorful desk accessories, like pink pencils also helped to bring color and life to the space. These small things can make such a big impact. So for those of you who might be afraid of color, remember that you can always add in color through your accessories. The room still has a neutral base, but because of the bold pops of color, it doesn’t give off the feeling of being in a stark white room.

Here are the items I used to create my workspace:: clockwise from top right::

♦     Painting  | Abstraction by Franz Kline , 1955

♦     Gold Stapler | Kate Spade 

♦     Sheepskin Throw |  cb2

♦     Chamber Desk | cb2

♦     Perpetual Wall Calendar |

♦     Gold Iphone 5 charger |

♦     Floating Drawers | Codor Design

♦     Matte Black + Gold Votives | Room 21

♦     Eames style plastic molded chair | Chairish

♦     Whippet Pillow | West Elm

♦     Pencils | Etsy

Be sure to check out the Chairish site. You can shop their accent chairs here. It’s a great way to get your hands on vintage pieces!

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Subliminal Desires: Hammock in Living Room . . .

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 7.59.00 AM


So I’ve had this desire since I was a child . . . to have a hammock in my room. There have been lots of desires over the years, some I still harbor and vow to see through to fruition; to reside in a tree house, to live overseas for a year, to have a workable fireman’s pole from my bedroom to the kitchen . . . my original thinking was easy access to midnight snacks. (I see now that this is a horrible idea weight-wise). But I digress . . . Bottom line is, I have known for years that I NEED to live in a loft. All my kooky spacious desires could be fulfilled if I were to reside industrially. And then I saw this image. How tastefully done this hammock is! This hammock could be hanging in a loft, a brownstone or even a single family home! And so the subliminal desire sees light! If done right, I might very well be able to have my hammock and swing in it too, even if I have to wait a while for that loft. ☺

Happy Saturday! Keep those dreams alive!!!

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Thankful Thursdays: Blessed.


I spent this morning working on some renderings for an interior design company that I am very fond of. I love that I am able to freelance and keep my hands in different areas that are interesting to me. If I wasn’t so in love with fashion, interior design would be my full time love. But luckily, I am blessed to be able to do both!! I love rendering and it keeps my creative juices flowing. Plus, watching projects go from paper to reality is always a great source of joy and inspiration for me. So, today I am thankful for the humble opportunity to contribute to the bigger picture. I am thankful that God has given me an opportunity to use my talents in a way that can allow me to earn money, and fulfill a need for those who need it. It’s good to be needed. It’s good to be challenged. It’s all good.

Happy Thursday!!!

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ReDecor Project | Phase II: Project White-Out


How yall doin? It’s been a minute since I touched base with you. I hope life is treating all of you well. My plate has been pretty full lately. All good stuff though. I’ve sort of fallen back into my old Project Manager role by coordinating, furnishing + installing my brother’s house. It’s so much fun, I could do this all day long, takes a lot of organization and planning, but I swear interior decor is my 3rd calling… (I won’t tell you what my 2nd calling is . . . I’ll just let your little minds ponder on that one! tee hee hee.) But I digress . . . naturally, as life would have it, I started back on my own ReDecor project, which was never really finished in the first place. The focus this time is my bedroom/office. I (translation: Rob) have painted myself into total and utter happiness! Who would’ve thought the color white could make one so happy!! I’ve been wanting to do a white-out for a while and it was well worth the wait. I feel like I am shedding my old skin!! We get so much beautiful sunlight in our bedroom throughout the day, and now our room is starting to take on a really fresh + crisp vibe. We have one accent wall (I guess when it came down to it I couldn’t totally give up color) and the rest are white, even the floor is white! Very Scandanavian . . . ☺ Anyway, the room is in flux, but I will post pics as soon as we (translation: he) is done. I snapped this pic of [the cleaner side of] my desk this morning. The new paint job just might make working out of my bedroom a little more bearable . . .

p.s. do you like my poster? It’s another one I designed specifically for my office. Just a friendly reminder to self . . . one can never have too many!

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November, November . . .

My brother, Jamahl, Uncle Welbie & me @ Liberty Island, New York circa 1977

I so love this time of year. When November hits, I know it’s finally on. Thanksgiving, my birthday, Fall weather . . . (we’re still waiting on that one…) I just love November! Even the sound of the word is comforting to me! I know it sounds strange, but that’s just the way it is for me. Still, it’s hard to believe October is behind us. Things seem to be moving by so quickly. This past week has been interesting, I’m sitting here trying to think of a word to describe it and all I can think of is “transitional.” One of my favorite uncles died last Friday. My heart is sad, but there is great comfort for me in knowing that he is not suffering anymore and that he is present with the Lord. I was introduced to photography by my Uncle Welbie. He was an avid photographer. He was always taking pictures and I was fascinated by his cameras and the photos he took. He always had the best stashes of family photos. As a child I secretly wanted to be a photographer like Uncle Welbie. I still have that desire. Anyway, I’ve been carrying a lot of memories of Uncle Welbie with me throughout the last few days. I still don’t quite know how to describe the words I am feeling.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my sister Kara ♥. She is the president and one 1/2 of SFA Design, an amazing international luxury interior design firm. I had the pleasure of working for SFA a few years ago in their Santa Barbara location. It was a wonderful experience on many levels. Its funny to recognize how design is design no matter what the genre. Nevertheless, there are different ways to go about the design process, and I’ve been blessed enough to experience different aspects of both fashion and interior design first hand. Working in the interior design field really solidified my love of architecture, furnishings, finishes and all things interior. SFA has an LA office now and I’m excited to see how they have grown. I love growth. Can’t wait til the day I can have SFA lead my next Home ReDecor project!! Someday . . .☺

Well friends, God bless you on this sunny Monday. I hope you are making your day amazing. Command it to be so and believe that it will be!!!

Interior Motives | ReDecor Project: Phase I

these are the sofas I mentioned Rob painted 2 years ago . . . paint is an amazing thing. ☺

Well, it seems I’ve taken a week off! That totally was not planned. I thought of you often, but was too engrossed in life to stop and write about it. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way. My house is basically upside down right now due to my near-terminal case of paint thisrearrange thatmove this here-no, on 2nd thought, there . . Yeah, you know how it is.  I put Rob to work this weekend. He was probably secretly glad the weekend was over. LOL. Seriously though, he’s such a good sport, thank God I have him to do all the tedious, heavy moving & annoying stuff!! ☺ Anyway, I am making progress in my ReDecor project. But being the overly anxious, impatient person that I am, of course, it’s not quite moving along as fast as I want it to! So far I have painted my closet doors, the back door, the kitchen shelves and 2 chairs in our living room. I still have yet to paint the dining room walls, living room doors (and possibly walls). I’ve also decided to paint the kitchen cabinets. Most of the major painting (walls) will not happen until November. That’s just how it is when you are working with a budget, or boo-jay as I like to call it. But in the meantime and in between time, you bes’ believe I am tweaking and crafting and utilizing everything I have at my disposal to create the desired outcome . . .  or as close to it as possible!! Here are some of the things I have been working on . . .

I created 5 new apothecary jars . . . I am addicted to them. I plan to purchase larger ones soon, but these were all made from jars found @ the Dollar store. Yep, I know how to save a dollar!!!  They will look great mixed in with the larger ones I plan to purchase. The cool thing is these only cost $6 to make! I’ll post a tutorial soon, then you can make your own!!

Our TV died last week. Sad thing is, it was already a replacement TV for the original large one we had in the LRM. We are probably the last family in the 21st century to jump on the “flat screen” bandwagon. But  we couldn’t justify purchasing another TV when we already had 2 working TV’s sitting in the garage and the ones in the house were working fine. Well, seeing as the TV in our bedroom died about 6 months ago, and now the living room TV has passed on, (God rest it’s picture tube) it’s about that time yall!   Since the armoire was no longer needed, I, Rob moved it to the dining room. It has now been repurposed as a homework station! I will show you the before and afters soon. It really makes a difference because now all the homework papers, pencils, backpacks, jackets and madness are confined behind closed doors!! I love repurposing furniture. Once the now defunct armoire was out of the living room, I,  uh, Rob moved a rather large bookcase I had in my office bedroom to the living room. We really needed a place to put all of our books and the bookcase is now serving that purpose. I have another idea to upgrade the look of the bookcase, but I will post on that when I get to it.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings on this phase of my ReDecor project. Can you feel my excitement???? This is therapeutic to me. If I can’t move, I must change my surroundings in some way, shape or form. I dunno what is is, but it is ingrained in my bones!!! Stay tuned!

Are there any home interior or exterior projects you plan to do in the near future?

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