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A Simple Plan . . .

I don’t know about you guys, but I am an avid list maker. I might be bordering on a slight obsession, but, I LOVE lists. Lists are like a perfect outline to the day. They help to keep me on track, and focused (which lately, has seemed harder and harder for me to do.) Lists really speak to my personality as well. I’ve realized that I don’t like a lot of small talk. I like to get right to the point and cut out the fluff. Lists help me to do that. They easily pull out the meat, and leave the fluff behind.

At the start of the New Year I began journaling again. I used to journal regularly in my teenage/ young adult life. I still have my first diary (and years of subsequent diaries that followed). My first diary was a gift given to me in the 5th grade and it really started my love of writing and working out life’s problems with words, so it feels really good to be back at it again. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it is for me to take pen to paper and create. Be it with words, pictures, sketches or doodles. My journal has it all. The best thing about it is that it has become a place of dialogue between God and I. In my younger years, I did a lot of recording of things that were going on in my life. There were quite a few pleadings to God about certain boy crushes, or items of clothing I wanted as well. But journaling in my later years has taken on such a different quality. I ask a lot of questions in my journal, and the best part about it . . . I get answers! Sometimes I ask the same questions over and over, until the answer is very clear. But quite often, the answers just come, and I just know. The reason I am sharing all of this with you is because today I got a late start and only had a few minutes to spend in my journal. I’ve been wrestling with working on a few different projects and feeling overwhelmed with what to tackle first and how. Today when I sat down with my journal, I was given a plan. This plan may not be for everyone, but I do think it is relevant and something that we can all keep as a guide when working on projects that have been placed before us. Especially in times of overwhelment (is that a word? If not, I’m making it one:)

Here is the simple 3 step plan I was given::

1.  Continue to do the things that have been placed before you. Daily move toward your goals. Doing your part, leaves room for Him to do His part.  Remember, baby steps are still steps!

2. Bring every thought captive. Who is the author of your thoughts? Is it good? Is it in love? Is it beneficial? Immediately discard the thoughts that do not fit in these categories.

3. Walk boldly up to the things you feel challenged by. You will find they are nothing more than empty fears, easily conquered with the Father at your side. In other words, face your empty fears!

And at the end of my 3 step plan God reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures::


I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me. | Phil. 4:13

10,000 Hours . . . .

10,000 hours 10, I’m gearing up to teach a class on vision boards next month. Preparing for the class has lead me to search out some of my old vision boards to use as a reference for the class. Luckily, I have Rob to help with the search and recovery task which is taking place in our black hole of a garage. Last nite when I got home, he had pulled out these boards thinking that they might be what I was looking for (hmmm, looks like someone needs to take my class ☺). These are not vision boards. They are actually what is known as style boards. I had not seen these boards in years. At the start of a new season or project, I create as many sketches as I can relating to the theme or vision for the line. Once I have roughly sketched them out, I select the ones I like best or that resonate the most with me in connection to the theme, and place them on boards and assign style numbers. Then I work to narrow the styles down again until I have the aloted amount of styles I (or the company I am working for)  wants to move forward with. The boards in the first image are from when I first began designing my leather handbag line in 2004 and the boards in the 2nd image are from a freelance project I worked on around that same time. There were about 8 or 9 boards that he found just like these. As I was looking at them it struck me how long I have been working to to build my business.

I personally, have not read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. Are you familiar with it? I remember my sister telling me about it a few years back. She spoke about some of Gladwell’s ideas of what contributes to a person’s success and one of the things that popped out at me was his 10,000 hour rule. According to Gladwell, (among other things) the key to success in any field, is due in large part, to practicing that specific task for an amount of time equal to or around 10,000 hours. Looking back at these boards, and reminiscing over all of the time, research and energy that I have put into designing and creating products over the years reminded me to think about things a little differently. Sometimes we have a tendency to focus on what we have not accomplished, or what isn’t working, and while that is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be harmful to us IF we are not in tune with, and thankful for, what we actually HAVE accomplished, and what IS working at the moment. I know for myself, the little perfectionist in me tends to dwell on those things that I feel are not working or going as planned. I focus on them because I want to fix them and make them better, but in doing so, I can see that I sometimes have a tendency to overlook the small achievements that have come along the way. All of those lessons, projects, ideas, experience, energy and time work together to create the success that takes place during the journey to “success.”

There really is no such thing as an overnight success. If being an overnight success was an actual possibility, I can tell you that I would not be a very good one. Had certain successes happened for me overnight, I would not have nearly enough viable tools within myself to deal with all of the things that come with whatever that success would look like. It sounds cliche, but I truly understand the meaning of this quote from professional tennis player, Arthur Ashe:: “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome.”

Whatever you are going after, keep going. You’re almost there! (and if you’re not, keep moving forward, at least you are getting closer!). ☺

Come on Now, Move Somethin’ . . . .

keep moving forward

image via

This message seems to be whispering to me from every corner. Lately I have not been able to go throughout my day without finding some gentle (and pretty) reminder to keep moving forward, keep going. I love how God always sends me messages when I need them, and often (though not always) just the way I like them (pretty). This message is very specific and speaks to the momentum God has been helping me to create in my life recently. I love movement . . . and I love how movement begets movement. So I’m passing my gentle reminder along to you. Keep moving forward guys. Moving is living!!

Happy Friday!


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DA+FE | Designers, Artists + Fashion Entrepreneur Spotlight

TLBP_EDAFE SPOTLIGHT One of the best and most rewarding sources of inspiration for me are the people around me. Local designers, artists, photographers and fashion entrepreneurs. Real people who are getting up and going to work (or bedside desk) where they put in countless hours creating, building, crafting and curating their dreams. Many of them are students, mothers and people with “real jobs” that are building their dreams on the side. There is so much we can learn from each other by sharing our stories. My undying passion for fashion, design, and encouraging others, has lead me to create the Designers, Artists & Fashion Entrepreneur Spotlight (DA+FE Spotlight) feature to give you guys the opportunity to learn about creatives in fashion and fashion related industries. Regardless of our chosen fields, each of us has success stories, milestones reached, and goals accomplished that can be inspiring to others on a similar path. Part of the mission of THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY is to foster creativity while encouraging women to follow their dreams and create the lives they want to live. My goal for the DA+FE Spotlight is to highlight the women (and sometimes men) behind the dream, in the hopes that you will learn about the artist’s journey and what encourages them to work hard at fulfilling their vision day to day. I hope that sharing the paths others have taken will be inspiring to you as you continue working toward your own goals. #keepmoving



Randomocities: 5 Reasons to Start With What You Have . . .

Start with what you have. This has recently become a mantra of mine. I’ve been in the design industry for some time now. It’s my passion, and honestly, it sometimes borders on obsession. Obsession in the way that I must create. I must get the ideas out of my head and into some sort of tangible reality or else I start to feel stifled! When I lie down to sleep, I see images of handbags, dresses, furniture and jewelry just waiting to be created. New design ideas are always flooding my brain. I keep a pad and pen next to the bed so that I can capture these inspirations. Design truly excites me!! The problem is that I like things to look a certain way. I don’t like to present things to the world unless I am happy with the way they look. I’d say I have a mild case of Perfectionism. Sounds like a good trait for a designer, no? Well, it is and it isn’t. It is when you know what you want and you are able to convey that to your team and the people working with you. It helps you to reach the final product faster. It isn’t when you let that stop you. And that’s what I have done in the past. This past year was a real learning experience. I stepped out on faith and fell flat on my $%& It took a while to recover. I had to pick myself up and move forward without even knowing what really happened. But the most important thing I could do (after praying and mentally processing things) was to just start again, EVEN THOUGH I didn’t feel like I had all my ducks in a row.  And here’s why you should too:

  1. By starting now, you will gain momentum. You will create energy around whatever it is you are doing that will begin to propel you forward. Once you take the first step, you will find yourself needing to take more.
  2. I believe we are all receptors of great ideas, however only a few of us actually act on them. If you have an idea, chances are someone else has or has had that idea as well. Why not be the one to carry it through to fruition? You were given that idea for a reason. If you can’t do it first, do it better. (Speaking of ideas, when we don’t act on ideas we are given, they tend to come around less and less. It’s like your brain thinks “She’s not going to do anything with this, she hasn’t done anything with the last 7 ideas that came her way, so maybe I’ll just stop sending them…”) Signal to your brain, your body and your surroundings that you are a doer and there will inevitably be more for you to do!
  3. Recognize that the majority of the population is learning on the job. I am an advocate of preparation; Yes, you should always research, take classes, and be open to continuously learning about your craft/field, but real learning comes from on the job training, and you don’t get that by sitting around “thinking” about doing something. 
  4. We’ve all heard the acronym for fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is binding. Our powerful brains can come up with soooo many scenarios and reasons why NOT to do something. Try putting more focus on why you should do something. Learn to take control of your fears by facing them head on. The best way to face your fears head on is to do it anyway!!!
  5. Reason number five points back to reason number one. As my Dad always says, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” If you use what you have, and use it wisely, you will be given more. It takes something to make something, so use that something you have in your possession right now to create, build on, or lay the groundwork for that idea that’s been mulling around in your head for a while! Go forth and Do!!!

(please note, this is just my personal opinion. I believe all ideas should be thought out, and researched to determine pros, cons, need and viability before starting… in other words, when you do start, start with a plan, even if it’s a general one. )

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Write the Vision Down . . .

Vision Book

 Playing in my Vision Book today. Gathering ideas for the new line. There’s so many ideas floating around in my head. Sometimes the only way I can calm my brain down is to get then out visually. That gives me something to focus on and helps me to organize my thoughts so that I can make them cohesive for the customer . . .  and myself for that matter!!!

What kinds of things do you do to gather your ideas?

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Life in Pictures | Life.


So much has been happening as the days of February go by. This month has been a whirlwind and we are not even through it yet! I promised myself I would get our taxes done without waiting til’ the last second like we did last year, so we spent last Friday @ the accountant’s office. While we were there I  randomly checked my facebook page on my phone (I am so NOT a facebook person, I rarely, if ever, open the app on my phone). While listening to Rob & the accountant talk, I scrolled down and discovered that a really dear friend of our family had passed away earlier that day. My heart just sank. I felt so trapped!!! It’s so crazy how when you hear about the death of someone you care about, all these memories, and emotions and feelings just come flooding in. And then memories and feelings and emotions from other people you love who have passed away come rushing back too!! Ugh. Anyway, that’s Diana (top row, middle pic in the collage). She was such a larger than life person, with a huge loving heart and a warm, inviting smile. She and her family were a big part of our childhood when we first moved back to Cali from Chicago. We spent almost every summer day @ Diana’s house hanging out with her kids, our friends, David & Cara. Our days were spent shoeless, and carefree, between the beach and her pool, swimming all day, eating Doritos and just being kids. My memories of Diana and her family always bring a smile to my face. They were some of the happiest times of my childhood, and I am so thankful for them.

On other fronts, my samples are being made as we speak (yay!) And we are working on the redesign of the website. (double yay!). I am super excited. We are also gearing up for our photo shoot @ the beginning of March. Lots of prep-work, plotting, & planning going on. I love it! In the meantime and in between time, I am trying to get used to my new haircut. I had to get rid of the dead ends and have been wanting to go short for a while, so I have finally taken the first step. I don’t have my ideal cut yet, but I am on my way there and I am enjoying the changes along the way.

Well guys, thanks for listening to my ramblings, I have a conference call in 20 mins, so I guess I should prep for that so I can cover all my bases!!! Hope you are having a fab Wednesday. Keep moving toward your goals, they are truly attainable!!!

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Logo Sneak Peak | Signature Logo Mock Ups . . . This Just In!


We got our bee logo mock up this week (mock up = a rough version of what the actual hardware will look like.) I love our little honey bee. She is ready to get to work!


This is an image of our logo nameplate. If you can’t sign your name to it, don’t do it, I always say!

I like the fact that the signature is ambiguous. It’s more like a “symbol.” For me it symbolizes authenticity, approval, and completion. One day everyone will know what it says. Right now, it’s just intriguing . . a conversation starter, if you will… ☺

It took a long time for me to get to the point of even thinking about using my own name for the line. I have to share my journey with you one day. It is a full circle journey of growth and self acceptance. One that begins with an unending passion to create, but gets clouded ☂ with doubt and insecurity, which almost cost me everything!! Then, as God would have it, my story takes an amazing turn that eventually moves into maturity, self love, confidence and strength. And best of all, I’m still growing in that strength and confidence everyday!! Thank you, God, for continuing to refine me. I am definitely a work in progress, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! ☺


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