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Mood Board Monday | a sketch + a palette . . .

sometimes I draw myself as I see myself and it looks nothing like what I look like in the present . . .

sometimes I draw myself as I see myself and it looks nothing like what I look like in the present . . .

Mood Board Monday Palette | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

a bright palette of colors for Spring w/ a little neutral thrown in for balance. . .

Hey guys, I sat down to create a mood board for you and ended up sketching what I wish I was wearing today . . .  Even though I don’t design clothes anymore, the desire to create came on strong and I just had to go with it, so this is what Mood Board Monday looks like today!
● ● ●
With summer rapidly approaching, I’m noticing that my tastes are leaning toward more prints and patterns as of late. I wear so much black and gray that I guess I am feeling a little rebellious and wanting to break out of my self imposed colorless prison. So today I created a palette that has a lot of white so that the pattern is not overwhelming, even though it is actually infused with color. The beige helps to keep it grounded and lets the brighter colors have a soft tone to pop against.

What do you think? Is this a palette you would wear?

please note:: all artwork on this site is made by me unless otherwise noted. No artwork from this site may be used without my express written permission. 

The Worn Identity: Greek Salad With a Side of Jazz!

Destination: Dinner & A Show

This weekend my Mom performed at a local Restaurant and Bar in Encino. Rob and I drove out to support her and were treated to a night of good music and yummy Mediterranean food. (I am a sucker for Greek salads and Shrimp Kabobs). My mom is a jazz singer and performs monthly at different venues. I am really proud of her. She has always loved to sing, but in recent years she has really begun pursuing her dream. I love the fact that she has never let her dream die, and after raising my brother and myself, and retiring from a tiring job, she now has the time and energy to further feed her passion.

Are there any dreams in your life that are dying to be fed?

Fashion Illustrated: Kareem Iliya

Illustration by Kareem Iliya

I have had a love affair with fashion illustration since I could hold a pen. I toyed with majoring in illustration in school, but my love for design won out. I collect the images of any fashion illustration that catches my eye, however, Kareem Iliya is my all-time favorite illustrator of fashion. His watercolors are works of art, and have appeared in various editions of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and the New York Times to name a few. He has even done ad work for several luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Fendi, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. More recently he has illustrated the covers of several F. Scott Fitzgerald books, including The Great Gatsby. One day I hope to commission him to do an original piece for my living room. Then I could gaze at the beauty of his work daily. Check out the slideshow below for more of his treasures.


Who are some of your favorite artists?

all images courtesy of Kareem Iliya

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