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Finding the Beauty in Everyday Life . . .

view of the outdoor pool area at Scripps College . . .

Hey guys! How’s it going? The school year is winding down over here and I am gearing up to have a house full of people during the day while I work (my husband, daughter and son will soon be on vacation from school + work for 2 months). This happens every summer, yet I still find myself filled with excitement and apprehension at the beginning of summer every year. I don’t know why I have the apprehension….. well, yes, I do know why. It’s because everyone else in the house is free (for the most part) and I have to work. I’m used to working from the peace and quiet of my bedroom without much interruption. When everyone is home, I have a lovely soundtrack of background television noise, laughing, arguing and interruptions of ” Mom, what can I eat?” to work with. Perhaps this is more like it would be if I were working in an office . . . The boss coming in and handing out more work to do, interruptions from colleagues, a muffled soundtrack of staplers, talking and papers rustling. The only difference is I wouldn’t have to break up too many fights . . . although I guess that depends on where you work, no? Anyway, I’m trying to remind myself to stop and find the beauty in each moment as I go throughout my day. Hoping that by doing so, I will not stress so much when family things come up throughout the day. I know its a mindset, and it’s obviously one I have yet to conquer. ;)


Colors of the Season . . .


Snapped this picture on the sidewalk outside of mi casa the other day. I used it for day 3 of the December Photo Challenge that some friends and I are doing on Instagram. I  could go on and on about my addiction to Instagram . . . but I digress . .  anyway, if you are up for it, join us in the challenge! It’s a great way to push yourself to take different kinds of pictures and fun to see how everyone else does it. One of my favorite things about this time of the year is the changing of the leaves on the trees. It’s not quite the same here in Southern Cali as it is in other parts of the country, but I thank God for the glimpses of it that I do see!! Luckily I have 4 Birch trees on the side of my home. (at least I think they are Birch trees . . .) They go through a magnificent color change every year and the kids and I love to watch their progression from green, to red, orange to yellow and then brown every year.  There is such beauty in transition!

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Mood Board Mondays | Holiday Inspiration:: Red Lips + Dewey Skin

Beauty Trends_by thelookbookphilosophy

Last week was a hard week for our family. My husband’s father passed away. Been doing a lot of reflecting and thinking about life in general. It’s a gloomy overcast day today, but it’s actually just the sort of day I love. Cool weather in Cali for a change. Just wanted to bring a little color into the day, so I made a collage of a color that always tends to inspire me, (though I usually only wear it as a lip color). Red.

Enjoy this day.

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Randomocities: This Makes Me Happy . . .


I’ve never been one for wearing much make up. On a good day, I typically wear foundation, blush and lip balm. But I do keep 3 go-to lipstick shades with me in case I find myself needing a pick-me-up. Lately, I have begun regularly wearing mascara and eyeliner. As I am getting my skin in better shape, I am opting for less foundation. I love playing up my eyes and leaving everything else bare. I’m not a fan of the caked and baked look that make-up can sometimes have. I believe less is more, and that make-up shouldn’t really be “seen” or “noticed” it should just be something that is there to enhance what you already have. I have a memory from high school that kind of set my view on make-up early on. I remember getting ready for a party with a group of friends and one of the girls removed her make-up from the day in order to apply a fresh “coat” if you will. Well, when she removed her make-up she looked like a completely different person! It wasn’t that she looked bad, she just didn’t look like her. Because of that, I never wanted to look that different without my make up, so I never really delved into the possibilities of what make-up can do.  My wedding was the first time I ever had a full face of make up. I thought it made me look like a cross between my mother and a somewhat friendly drag queen that could be related to my family. Nevertheless, I was told it was important for the pictures, so I went with it.   Even though I am not a make-up connoisseur, I am a lover of beautiful things as well as things that have the potential to make you look beautiful!! Hence the reason for this post. What I love about make-up is it’s potential for creating something different. . . and a little bit of pretty packaging doesn’t hurt either!

Liquid Foundation: Chanel Perfection Lumiere; Translucent Powder: Chanel; Lip Balm + Cuticle Creme: Burt’s Bees; Eyeliner: Loreal Pencil Perfect in Espresso; Lipsticks: NP Set in Washington, Sephora Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia, Shisheido Make up Perfecting Lipstick in Real Red; Blush: Bobbi Brown in Pale Pink; Tortoise Shell Headband: Goody; Make-up bag: Cathexis

What are some of your favorite go-to cosmetics?

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With Childlike Abandon . . .

Spring Break_1024

Venice Beach | 4.9.13

Spring break is off to an amazing start for the kiddies. They haven’t been home much and they are loving it! Yesterday they spent the day with their cousin and had a spur of the moment sleep over. Uncle Jamahl took them to the beach late in the evening (I opted out of this adventure because it was soooo windy and cold. The thought of getting sand in the fro was extremely unappealing). He texted me back this picture and I just fell in love. I love kids. I love how cold, sleet, sandstorms, hail or thunder doesn’t mean a thing to them. They wanted to get in the water and ran straight for it. It didn’t matter that they did not have a change of clothes, that their shoes and socks would be wet, that they would be cold upon exiting the water and have to spend the rest of the evening in their underwear! I love that about children. It’s something I have to remind myself that I used to have, and can have again if I choose to let go. So that was my lesson learned yesterday.

Maybe a fro full of sand isn’t so bad after all. ☺

Enjoy this day!

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Through a Child’s Eyes . . .


Today was the first “free” Saturday I’ve had in a long time. (By free, I mean nothing planned, no appointments, places to be etc.) and that happened unexpectedly, but what a joy it was!! I spent the day hiking, walking, talking and laughing uncontrollably with my crew. In the infamous words of Ice Cube… “Today was a good day.”

I hope yours was too. ♥


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Exquisite Beauty…

Grace Bol

Hello friends!  How have you been? Please forgive, I’ve been on the run lately and have been neglecting my blogging practices! ☹ I keep putting it off waiting for the right time to sit and post (also known as procrastination). Apparently the time is never right. (I have learned this lesson somewhere in my past a couple hundred thousand times– I guess I just needed a refresher!)

It is December already!! Since we last connected I have turned 41, Thanksgiving has come and gone, & I have taken a huge step closer toward some major goals for my business! At the moment, I am sitting amidst a mound of papers on my desk that need to be tended to, so I thought I would take some of the pressure off myself (a.k.a. procrastinate even more) by bringing some beauty into your day with this picture of the lovely Grace Bol. I hope life is treating you all well. So many wonderful things are happening over here. Every day I am watching the dreams I have for my business actualize!!! There is nothing like it in the world. I hope you are all getting closer to achieving your deepest desires as well.

Enjoy your Tuesday… it is Tuesday, right?

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