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New Colors Coming Soon . . . !


The Boston Mini in Electric Blue makes a great lipstick holder…

How are you guys? This week has been so busy that I forgot to post on the blog yesterday! I’ve been working hard to fill orders, which is always exciting. But the kiddies have been sick off and on so there has been a lot of logistical juggling. I’m so thankful that I am able to work from home and that my parents and mother-in-law are local and as involved with my kids lives as they are. It really does help to have a trustworthy “village” within which to raise children. But I digress. Did you see the new electric blue color we are introducing this month? It’s a patent leather texture that I really love. The shine adds extra pop to the bright color. I’ll be adding them to the shop early next week. Oh, and be on the lookout for the Helene mailer in a beautiful Cherry Red. It’s made from the same textured patent leather. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week! It’s already Thursday!

How Was Your Holiday?

Boston Mini + Renaissance Clutches | Ayanna Listenbee

Boston Mini + Renaissance Clutches |

How was your holiday? Did you celebrate with friends and family? Did you eat good food? Did you spend time alone, rejuvenating your mind and body? I hope that however you spent it, it was good for you. I spent mine with lots of family, laughter and food . . . and then I promptly got sick for 2 days. So did my daughter. Today is the first day I am out of bed and feeling bettah. Now it’s time to gear up for New Year’s Celebrations. Do you have plans for the eve? Plans for the day? Either way, make it a safe one! There’s a new year upon us. It’s exciting to think that there are 365 days ahead of us to craft into what we want. Here’s to the New Year and making it the best yet!


In a Clutch . . .


Boston Mini clutch + Mailer Envelope clutches | Ayanna Listenbee Raw Collection

When I was younger I never got excited about clutches. I always hated the idea of being forced to carry my bag in my hand. The option of having my hands free has always appealed to me + honestly it still does (which is why most of my handheld styles include a removable strap). However, I have really come to appreciate the beauty of a clutch in my latter years. I am drawn to minimalistic style, and clutches are a great way to channel a minimalist vibe. A clutch can really streamline your look. These days I own my share of clutches, and I love designing them. However, because big bags are where my heart lies, and typically, that’s what I am carrying most days, I have found that clutches and pouches are a great way to compartmentalize things in my bigger bags. Lately, I’ve been working on a new collection of raw edged clutches and pouches. My love of texture and simplicity has lead me to keep a lot of these styles raw, letting the beauty of the leather and minimal hardware speak for itself. I’ll be adding these new clutches + pouches to the shop soon. Stay tuned!

::UPDATE:: Raw Collection now available here.



Currently . . .


behind the scenes @ today’s photoshoot . . .

This is what’s happening in the studio today my friends. A mini shoot for something fun. Sometimes you just gotta use your jack-of-all-trades skills to make things happen, you know? As much as I love photography, this is one of those times when I wish I had an assistant and a professional photographer in my back pocket. Nevertheless, it will get done! What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Any professional challenges or triumphs taking place?


Press | Closetpiece Interview . . .

Images from my ClosetPiece Interview . . .

Images from my interview with . . .

Hey guys! I was recently featured as the first entrepreneur interview over on for their new “Yeah, She Werkin’ ” series which features women who have turned their passion into a business. Here is a snippet from my interview::

What is it you do that puts the “werk” in “Yeah, She Werkin”?

“I’ve had some major setbacks during the course of my business, and some of them took a while to bounce back from. So I would say my daily persistence and dedication toward seeing the vision for my business, that God has blessed me with, come through to fruition is what puts the work in “Yeah, She Werkin”. For me, it’s a daily, minutely, second-by-second commitment to myself that I am going to persist, regardless of what the circumstances may look like on the outside.”

Please visit to check out the full interview and support the other fabulous women that Closetpiece is featuring on their site!


For the Love of Buttermilk . . . .

St. Francis Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee

Two of our bestsellers, make their debut in Buttermilk. This is the St. Francis clutch.

Introducing the "Eros Day Bag," available in Buttermilk embossed lambskin.

Introducing the “Eros Day Bag,” available in Buttermilk embossed lambskin.

Visit the shop to place your order!

Have a great week!

Randomocities . . . It’s Been a Minute!

St. Francis Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection

St. Francis Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection

Whew!! July has been a whirlwind so far! I have been off the blogging grid for a minute, so I thank you for sticking with me! We spent 10 days in Austin, TX with my brother and sister, helping out with the annual sports camp that they put on with their church every summer. I always come back feeling like I can do more in my own surroundings after helping out with the camp.  You wouldn’t believe all the effort and love that goes into putting on a free, 4 day camp for kids. I love them for that.

Since yesterday was my first day back in the swing of things, I still feel like I am getting my sea legs. Sometimes switching gears is hard to do . . . especially when the rest of the family is still on vacation! But filling orders is good for that, and thankfully, there have been plenty to fill! I love seeing which bags customers are drawn to. The St. Francis clutch has been in demand as of late. This is a fabulous clutch, if I do say so myself. ;) It holds quite a bit, and it is sleek and minimal. I love how the bee logo looks nestled in the corner. That little bee is probably just a logo to you guys, but it is a reminder to me that progress is being made, every time I see it. It is a reminder to me that I am still here, making, creating and doing what I love to do. And after 8 years as an entrepreneur with many ups and downs, there’s a lot to be said for that.

Have a great Tuesday, friends.

Thank You for the Love . . . Seriously.

Thank_You _for_the_Love_thelookbookphilosophy.com_900 This post should probably be filed under Thankful Thursdays, but seeing as today is a beautiful, rainy Friday ☁☂☁, and my current mental state is reflecting full-on, hardcore thankfulness , I had to post it today, right NOW! I just wanted to send a thank you out to everyone who’s orders I am diligently working on filling right now. The orders are pouring in like a much needed California rain storm, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you!! Your response to the new collection, and the orders you have placed have been such a blessing and have allowed me to work even harder and more passionately at this business that I love so much! I am so thankful that you see the vision and are along for the ride with me as I continue to grow my business by offering new styles of handbags and accessories. I am filled with so much happiness right now! Sitting here at my desk today, looking out at the rain, I am thanking God for you guys. You make me want to continue to create more and more beautiful handbags that you will love. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU . . . you inspire me!!!


Holiday Pre-Order Pricing Ends Tonight @ Midnight!


Hey guys, happy Sunday! Wanted to let you know that the holiday collection pre-order discount ends tonight @ midnight. After that prices will go up. So click here to get in on the pre-order pricing . . . of course, you can always order after midnight, but I don’t have to tell you how good it feels to get a deal on something you love! ♥



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