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I’m Already Down 1 1/2 Cups . . .

Starting off my day a little late this morning. Took a while to pull away from the kiddies. Yet that has not stopped my coffee intake. In fact I think it has contributed to an overindulgence. Lots on my plate today. I am finishing up some sketches for a fun project that is due tomorrow . . .  And those “beloved” tech packs are still hanging over my head. One day I will learn not to push those things that are not fun off till the last minute . . . . or will I? It’s been 40 years of this, so maybe I am set in my ways on this one. The beauty of it is that it always gets done before the deadline. Anyway, Happy Friday guys!!! July is almost upon us. Time is marching on!!! Soak up your day and radiate its beauty! xo

Instantaneous Obsession: Kal Barteski iphone Covers!!!

So, many of you know I am a huge fan of the amazing artist Kal Barteski. Well, in my hiatus and total immersion of developing this line, I have not had time to check out my fav blogs. I finally revisited my bloglovin page and found that Kal has created some amazing iphone covers with her beautiful script fonts!! There are many wonderful ones to choose from. Unfortunately, I had just purchased a case that I am currently loving from Nordstrom, featuring pretty watercolor artwork of penguins, so I really did not need another case. However, I love Kal’s work and it is very important to me to support other artists that bless us with the beauty of their work and inspire me on the day-to-day. So, I purchased. I chose the case that spoke to me where I am right now, “Be in the Moment.” I had a really hard time selecting, but since I had just purchased a colorful cover, I thought a sleek black & white case would fit the bill. I would love to order more, the “Love” case is still calling my name, and the golden-yellow of the “Make Love Your Motto” case is perfect for summer!! Please check out this link for more info on purchasing one of these beautiful cases. Kal makes no money from the sales of these cases, and neither do I. Just tryin’ to spread the beauty!!

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Nadiya’s hand rendered eggs

Reston’s hand rendered eggs (He has a slight fascination with Eve from the movie Wall-e. She shows up everywhere in our house.)

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter! We waited too long to buy Easter Egg dye, so we decided to run by Target after church on Sunday to pick some up. To our surprise, and with recognition of it’s coolness, Target was closed!!! So we opted for other media to use. The kids used some of mommy’s Prismacolor markers and their own Crayolas. I think we had more fun using the markers than we ever had using dye! We hid the eggs throughout the house and had a timed egg hunt. Fun ending to a wonderful day of praise, thanks giving, and family togetherness.

How did you spend your Easter?

Happy Friday! . . . Make it a Colorful One!!!

This week has been non-stop work wise, and I miss you guys! I had set aside this Friday as a day to spend time with the husband, but we have already managed to get into an argument (and it’s not even 9 am yet!!! -It’s okay, I know how to fix it ;) ). I promised I would fill you in on the haps, but there just has not been a slow down . . . which is actually good after so much slow time! I will share my travels with you next week, but for now, lets keep it light and bright! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Go out there and create the life you want to live! Happy Friday! xo

Image via

Thankful Thursdays: Gifts of Love

Nadiya’s Hearts & Reston’s Windmill By the Bay

I can’t believe it’s Thursday again! Time seems to be flying by so quickly! Each day is filled to the brim with phone calls, meal preparations, homework, pick-ups and drop-offs, and luckily, lots of laughter sandwiched in between the sibling bickering that has infiltrated our home ☺. I feel like I have not done a Thankful Thursday post in a while!

Today, I am thankful for the little things. Yesterday my daughter drew, colored and cut out seven hearts for me. When she gave them to me she told me how much she loves me. Although those words are spoken often in our home, I realize it is a blessing to receive them every time they are uttered. The day before, my son drew a really cool picture of a windmill and boat scene. Reston has been fascinated by windmills since he was two years old. He is always drawing them and creating them out of things he finds around the house. He gave me this picture and I keep it on my desk now. It makes me smile.

What are some of the things family members do for you that you are thankful for?

Instantaneous Obsession: K. Barteski Poster

I love typography and the beauty of written words. When I came across this poster I knew I would have to have one of my very own. Kal is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer who works in various mediums. This particular poster is 16 x 20, and comes numbered and signed. Best of all the words in this poster speak to the beauty in all of us. See more of Kal’s beautiful work here.

Great words to start off a weekend with, don’t you think? Happy Friday Everyone! xo

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