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It’s Been a Long Time . . . Welcome Back!!

fashion illustration

I forgot how much drawing relaxes me . . .

Hey There! Happy 2020!!

Considering that I’ve been locked out of my blog for the last 6+ months, I’d say welcome back to you and me!! How has life been treating you? It’s a whole new decade and I’m excited about it. The other day my daughter insisted on “Family Drawing Time.” She wanted us all to get together around the table and draw. There were no rules, we could draw whatever we wished. I realized just how much I enjoyed it + missed it! It’s been ages since I sat down to draw for fun at my leisure. Over the last few years my drawings have consisted of quick sketches and details for my designs. It got me thinking, and I decided that one thing I’d like to incorporate more of this year is more time dedicated to hobbies. Do you have hobbies? If not, what are some things you’d like to do more of for fun this year? How will you intentionally set aside time for those things in the coming months?

Think about it and then DO IT!!


New Series :: WHAT I WISH I WAS WEARING + a Favor to Ask . . .

What I Wish I Was Wearing So last week I was inspired to do a sketch for Mood Board Monday instead of an actual mood board. After I posted it, it made me think about something. Long ago, when I was designing for my clothing line, I would often sketch items that I “wished” I had in my closet for upcoming events or just to wear on the daily. I would then make the items I sketched which is how I started freelancing and doing custom work on the side. Lately, I’ve been wanting to draw more, but I’ve been feeling really unmotivated, so I was trying to think of ways to make it more fun, and to hold myself accountable . . .

I thought this would be a good space to share What I WISH I Was Wearing (#wiwiww) every so often. I’m thinking to make it a bi-weekly or bi-monthly series (which shouldn’t be hard to do, seeing as I always WISH I was wearing something that absolutely does not exist in my own personal closet– or at least that’s how it feels!) . . .

And that brings me to  the favor I wanted to ask of you . . .

In an act of accountability, and to add a little more fun to the pot, I wanted to ask you guys to supply me with imaginary destinations with which to wear my imaginary outfits . . . In other words, if you have any ideas of events, or destinations I could go to (in my head, of course) that would serve as inspiration for the design of the outfits, please put them in the comment box below and I will select  destinations and add the designs inspired by them into the series.

I have a brunch coming up in two weeks so that will be the first destination for the next #WIWIWW sketch . . .

stay tuned! + thanks  in advance for your destination ideas!

Werkspace Wednesdays . . . Back to the Drawing Board

Back to the Drawing Board . . . | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

sketchbooks and sunlight, today is a good day . . .

I can not believe how much creative energy I have had lately. It’s almost like my brain has been in hibernation mode for the past 9 months and now it is waking up from a deep slumber, ready to produce. I have had an overwhelming urge to draw since January. Lately, I have had such a deep desire to start painting and creating art again, and I am just starting to give into it. I can’t help but stop and ask myself . . . Why has it taken me so long? The urge has been relentless!! I can only equate it to the feeling of knowing you have to go pee, and not wanting to stop what you are doing so that you can go do it, but once you finally do, you feel amazing and ask yourself what took you so long, and what were you waiting for? Please tell me I am not the only one who puts off bathroom breaks . . . tmi? Ok, I digress, but seriously, I have found it hard to get started on some of the projects that have been rumbling around in my head. I have ideas jotted down in my sketchbooks, and Pinterest boards full of ideas that have sparked ideas, but it has been only recently that I have actually begun to sit down and bring these ideas to fruition.

Which brings me to an important question . . .

Can you pinpoint the walls in your life?

I am asking this question because I see myself struggling sometimes against the walls that I have seemingly created for myself. Let me be more clear . . . It’s really as simple as this::

My soul says:: “I want to paint”

My brain says:: “But you need space, a big desk and bright light to paint. You don’t have anywhere where you can spread out and really paint.”

My soul says:: “But I want to paint!”

My brain says:: “Just wait, you don’t have anywhere to do it, so just work on something else.” Don’t worry, you’ll be able to paint soon . . .

9 Months Later . . .



I AM NOW 9 MONTHS OLDER . . . (jussayin)

Now, let me tell you about ☝that conversation☝that I’ve had going on in my head for the last 9 months . . . IT’S A BUNCH OF MALARKEY!!!! Sorry guys. Plain and simple.  The only way to get to the next step is to take the first one. I believe that many of the urges and promptings we are given are to help us birth ideas that God wants us to put out into the universe. I also believe they are indicators to our happiness, that they point the way to things that can bring us joy. . .  in a way, they point us toward using our gifts which, in turn, helps to add value to our lives because we are then actually using the gifts that we have been blessed with. In contrast, when we ignore them, we are ignoring a core part of our psyche, and that can lead to depression, anxiety and even stress!

So, it’s back to the drawing board for me, literally. I will be sharing more sketches around these parts in the coming weeks. I know that some of you have even been asking for “The Worn Identity” to return. I can’t promise a full return yet, but I will say there will be more personal style posts of that nature hitting the blog in the near future.

And now, I will leave you with these simple words:: FEED YOUR SOUL.


Thankful Thursdays: Blessed.


I spent this morning working on some renderings for an interior design company that I am very fond of. I love that I am able to freelance and keep my hands in different areas that are interesting to me. If I wasn’t so in love with fashion, interior design would be my full time love. But luckily, I am blessed to be able to do both!! I love rendering and it keeps my creative juices flowing. Plus, watching projects go from paper to reality is always a great source of joy and inspiration for me. So, today I am thankful for the humble opportunity to contribute to the bigger picture. I am thankful that God has given me an opportunity to use my talents in a way that can allow me to earn money, and fulfill a need for those who need it. It’s good to be needed. It’s good to be challenged. It’s all good.

Happy Thursday!!!

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Attack this Day!


original artwork by Ayanna Listenbee Anderson


Hello beautiful April dwellers!!!! I hope this month finds you living well! Hard to believe it is already April. Spring is definitely in the air. My firstborn will turn 8 years old tomorrow!!! He has matured so quickly in the last few months. It’s amazing to watch, and a blessing to be able to partake in.

On other fronts, God is really working with me on that virtue they call patience. This past month has really been a training ground for it, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Happy to say I am passing the tests, but it is a minute-by-minute, second-by-second battle. Actually as I write this, I’m not so sure the endurance training I am partaking in is for patience, if I am honest with myself, and at this point in my life, why be otherwise . . . it seems my endurance training is more about letting go and letting God take the reigns. Perhaps it is more a test of faith. I used to think that when you had faith you just didn’t have concerns or worries about your daily situations . . . that you just said to yourself… “No matter, God will take care of it!” What I’ve learned is that that is the correct response, however, you do still have concerns and worries. You just don’t let them hang around as long as you once may have! The concerns, and critical thoughts definitely still pop into your head, but when they do, they should be swiftly dealt with. I do it by telling them to leave and reminding them that God is the source of my supply, and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper!!! These days that’s the way I am handling things. It definitely feels good. But don’t get me wrong, it is still a minute-by-minute battle for me. Does that ever change? Just wondering . . . .

Do you like the image I posted above? I was recently commissioned to create a poster of this quote from an unknown source. I absolutely love this quote. Is this not an amazing way to start the day? I love the idea of attacking something with enthusiasm!!! I made one for my client and myself. Now I have a friendly reminder to look at in the morning when I am getting dressed for the day. What words do you speak to yourself to start your day? Whatever words you choose, I hope they are words of love + encouragement, because you deserve it!!!

Now go forth and ATTACK!!!

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Randomocities | The 8th Day . . .

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 12.06.14 PM

Hello friends + Happy Friday to you! I’m just touching base to share a piece of artwork I made earlier this week. I thought today would be perfect for sharing it, seeing as today is March 8th. Lover of typography that I am, I have always been in love with the number 8. I love writing the #8. I even like the way “eight” sounds. It can be written in so many different ways. Lopsided, straight up and down, fat like a snowman . . . the list goes on. Anyway, years ago when I was in school for graphic design we had to choose a letter of the alphabet and create a piece of artwork to show movement. I chose the lowercase letter “g” because it was the letter that most resembled the number 8! . . . Not to take away from Mr. G. He is a beauty in his own right. Just look at those lines . . . . g g g . . . Love. Love. Love.  . . . . but I digress . . . This piece is using the #8 in different fonts. Again the focus is movement. A recurring word in my life right now!!

Enjoy this 8th day of March, my friends.  I hope it is being good to you + vice versa!

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A Fashionable Hallway . . . LOVE!


Happy Friday guys! I know I have not been very vocal this week. This was the first full week of the kids being back in school. Also the first week of homework! Just trying to get back in the swing of things with the school schedule. Tomorrow is Nadiya’s birthday, so we are gearing up for a small family gathering. Life is good. I hope everything is well in your world. Get out there and make today a memorable one!!!