Keys to the Kingdom . . .

Excitement abounds!! Got the keys to my new workspace!!

Excitement abounds!! Got the keys to my new workspace!!

Picked up the keys to my studio! After school yesterday the kids and I drove out to pick up the keys and do a little bit of last minute measuring. I’m so excited I could pop! This weekend will be filled with painting and moving. It’s definitely an answered prayer. God is so good. I’ve been gradually checking off things from my vision board in the last few years and it feels so amazing! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, but most of all I hope you are all reaching for your dreams. Just know that no matter how far away they may seem, they are still within reach.

Do you have a working vision board or a book that you put your dreams + goals in? 


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2 thoughts on “Keys to the Kingdom . . .

  1. Jessica the Bestica

    Love this! I’ve always envied your talent, admired the fact that you relentlessly pursue your dreams and so proud to see you succeeding!! Lucky to be your niece you’re dope as hell ????

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      OMGGGGGGGGG, how did I miss this comment? Thank you neice! You are the best. This made my day. I had so much fun with you guys at the studio the other day. You gotta come back + visit me again. Thank you for your sweet words, they mean so much!!! Love you mucho.


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