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ALC Haight Fringe X Body + Boho Luxe Collection necklace.

I’ve been on the path of growing my business solo for many years now. The majority of the time, it can be a lonely journey, requiring all of your attention to detail and everything else that comes with owning and growing a business. I tried having a partner in the beginning. It was something I wanted very much at the time. It didn’t work out . . . . like, at ALL. You’ve probably read some of my musings on how I grew in leaps and bounds from that experience. I wouldn’t change it for the world. But that was over 10 years ago, and I recognize the mistakes I made at the time, as well as where my desire for a partner was coming from . . . which I can honestly now say, was coming from a place of fear.

Back in college I had a partner. Another creative who shared similar tastes, energy and appreciation for design, textiles and creativity. Her name was Khrys. We gravitated toward each other in the fashion program at CAU and ended up collaborating on a collection for the CAU Fashion Department’s annual fashion show. We collaborated on the designs, selection of fabrics, colors, sourcing, fabric selection, styling and sewing. She had mad skills with textile dying, fabric selection, jewelry making, styling and colors, to name a few. I had mad skills with design, pattern placement, sketching, line organization and color selection. We complemented each others skills and filled out each others weaknesses. We worked seamlessly together. It was the best working relationship I had had thus far. Through the years we stayed in touch for seasons and lost touch for seasons, but somehow, there was always an underlying knowing, that we would find each other again and resume our collaborative genius. Last summer, after about 10 years of being out of touch, we found each other again, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Though we were both living on opposite sides of the country, we were both in the same place in our respective design businesses and decided to begin supporting each other with weekly calls of accountability and support. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made on the day to day. Together, we have been able to support each other in growing our businesses and staying on track to achieving our goals. We have even picked back up on our design collaborations and it feels just like it did 15 years ago. I can’t wait to share some of the projects we are working on together.

Stay tuned!

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