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A Quick Guide To Creating Edgy Spring Looks



The Eros Day bag = edgy sophistication for Spring . . .

edgy_spring_palette_ayanna_listenbee It seems Spring is definitely upon us in some parts of the country. This is one of my favorite seasons but the colors that usually represent springtime in fashion are not typically colors that I wear or am drawn to. In other words, pastels just ain’t my thing. However, I find them palatable in small doses, especially when paired with edgier pieces and colors. So for those of you who tend to lean more toward darker color palettes year round,  read on for a few tips . . . 


  1. Choose a lighter tone of a color in your palette to use as an accent. For instance, the green scarf above pulls from the dark green on the shoe.
  2. Keep your accessories edgy: a shoe, a bag, or a hat with studs will give you that downtown look, and can also pack double punch when you reach for these pieces in softer colors.
  3. Black always ads an edge. It also grounds the other colors. So if you start with black as your base, you can add lighter colors in little pops here and there without looking like a sherbet sundae. I chose to add color with the orange on the skirt, the pop of green in the sandal, a coral lip + red framed sunnies.

It’s not a traditional Spring palette, but it’s a great way to add more color to your Spring transitional wardrobe!

Would you wear this look?

Where to Find::  pinstripe kimono top: Free People | Aneta Asymmetrical skirt by Peter Pilotto on sale here | Fantasia Iris pumps here | Rockstud Trilby hat by Valentino Garavani here | Multi Skull scarf by Alexander McQueen | Eros Day Bag by Ayanna Listenbee Collection | Miu Miu cat eye spectacles here  | Nars semi-matte lipstick in Jungle here.

Ruthie Ridley for #ALCMyWay

Ruthie Ridley carries the Celeste Mailer Clutch

Ruthie Ridley carries the Celeste Mailer Clutch

Hey guys! Let me introduce you to our first #ALCMyWay Style Icon, Ruthie Ridley, a wonderfully stylish blogger, wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. I met Ruthie via instagram and was immediately attracted to her style, her love of God, fashion and life. Ruthie styled the new Celeste Mailer Clutch and did a write up on Ayanna Listenbee Collection Click here to read more.

Have a great Wednesday + Keep it stylish!



#ALCMyWay : Modern Style Icons Series

ALCMyWay_ayanna_listenbee_collection_style Today I am launching a longterm campaign called #ALCMyWay which features modern and respected style icons while celebrating their one of a kind take on styling the classic clutches and handbags from our line. Read below to find out a little more about the series . . .


I am passionate about the deeper layers of style. I wanted to create a campaign that reflects that. I am a spiritual creative and I honestly think it completely undermines God’s creativity when we all end up looking the same. SO even though we may be attracted to the same pieces, I love to celebrate the art of styling them differently than our counterparts. Our style is one of the few things we can attempt to control, so the “how” and “why” we style things the way we do speaks a lot to the deeper layers of the woman.


The philosophy of my line is rooted in beauty, individuality, and the resulting stories that style statement pieces can create when expressing that. I love it when handbags are passed down fro mother to daughter. I love when I can pull out a scarf and remember my mother doing the same as I watched her dress when I was a child. I love when a woman can pull out a piece of clothing and remember what happened while she wore it. While some may see fashion as superficial, I believe it plays such a memorable roll in the backdrop of our lives and memories. Seeing the deeper meaning attached to a woman’s style choices makes my heart happy. Hearing why someone chooses to put what they put in the  bag, how they feel when they wear a bag they feel confident about, or even how the bag influenced their outfit choice . . . I’m just fascinated by that. Those are the things I think about when making the bags. I care about the woman who the bag will eventually belong to.


One of the reasons I started in design was because I didn’t like seeing the same outfits everywhere I went. I loved having things that were different. Most of my bags are limited editions because I like to keep things interesting. I believe that how the bags are made are part of the overall story of the piece. i want them to feel like a treasure to the women who invest in them. Our silhouettes are classic which makes them timeless. Changing out colors and textures on timeless silhouettes gives the styles new life. It also allows me to frequently add in new designs based on inspiration from my travels and life in general.

Follow along and meet our style icons here on and via instagram (where I spend obscene amounts of time @ayannalistenbee).


#OOTD Style Inspo:: Pattern Mixing . . .

Mix + Match Pattern Styles for Spring . . .

Consider this:: Mix + Match pattern styles for Spring . . .

So I guess I just need to face the fact that Spring is here. The trees outside my window are finally full again with big, beautiful, fresh green leaves. Birds are chirping, and butterflies are flitting about. Albeit, I never got the winter I so desired (El Nino, anyone?) I am glad to see the flowers and leaves return. In honor of the springtime feeling that is in the air (at least here in Cali) I put together this #ootd style inspo for pattern mixing. There’s nothing that gets me more in the mood for a season than choosing the clothes to wear during it, LOL. Hope this inspires you to take a few chances with patterns in your wardrobe this season!

Would you wear these items together?

All Good Things . . .

Black_fringe_crossbody_handbag_ayanna_listenbee copy

ALC Haight Fringe X Body + Boho Luxe Collection necklace.

I’ve been on the path of growing my business solo for many years now. The majority of the time, it can be a lonely journey, requiring all of your attention to detail and everything else that comes with owning and growing a business. I tried having a partner in the beginning. It was something I wanted very much at the time. It didn’t work out . . . . like, at ALL. You’ve probably read some of my musings on how I grew in leaps and bounds from that experience. I wouldn’t change it for the world. But that was over 10 years ago, and I recognize the mistakes I made at the time, as well as where my desire for a partner was coming from . . . which I can honestly now say, was coming from a place of fear.

Back in college I had a partner. Another creative who shared similar tastes, energy and appreciation for design, textiles and creativity. Her name was Khrys. We gravitated toward each other in the fashion program at CAU and ended up collaborating on a collection for the CAU Fashion Department’s annual fashion show. We collaborated on the designs, selection of fabrics, colors, sourcing, fabric selection, styling and sewing. She had mad skills with textile dying, fabric selection, jewelry making, styling and colors, to name a few. I had mad skills with design, pattern placement, sketching, line organization and color selection. We complemented each others skills and filled out each others weaknesses. We worked seamlessly together. It was the best working relationship I had had thus far. Through the years we stayed in touch for seasons and lost touch for seasons, but somehow, there was always an underlying knowing, that we would find each other again and resume our collaborative genius. Last summer, after about 10 years of being out of touch, we found each other again, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Though we were both living on opposite sides of the country, we were both in the same place in our respective design businesses and decided to begin supporting each other with weekly calls of accountability and support. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made on the day to day. Together, we have been able to support each other in growing our businesses and staying on track to achieving our goals. We have even picked back up on our design collaborations and it feels just like it did 15 years ago. I can’t wait to share some of the projects we are working on together.

Stay tuned!

Create or Die.

You ever get in one of those moods where you just have to make something? Where ideas are flowing non stop to the brink of overwhelm? That’s where I am right now. I’ve been sketching like a madwoman and I’ve got so many ideas for new designs that I wish I had little elves that could just churn them out for me. This type of creative energy does not happen all the time for me . . . at least not this strong. But I do experience it often enough. The thing about it though is that it can really throw you off track if you let it. When creativity strikes with such force like this, I find myself starting on one project and being bombarded with ideas for another. Then once I stop and sketch or organize those thoughts and ideas, (because I don’t want to lose the ideas) I realize that I have not completed the original project I was working on. It’s a funny thing about being organized. I used to think I was soooo organized. People would even tell me that I was, but the older I get, I feel as though I am living in a constant state of organized disorganization. I wonder, is there such a thing as organized creativity? My mind tells me that I need to deal with these creative bursts in some kind of an organized fashion, but I’m not sure how feasible that is at the moment. Perhaps this is just part of the process of letting go and being in the moment. Maybe just the fact that I am executing and jotting them down is enough right now. And on that note, I leave you with this thought . . .

Make something beautiful today!

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