Remembering the Why . . .


Hey guys! I wrote an article for BossMom Nation about pushing through the frustrations of running a business on your own. There’s an excerpt below. Head over to BossMom Nation to read the full article . . !

     As a mompreneur, running a business on a shoestring budget with little to no help is more than a notion. If something goes wrong. . . you have to handle it. Copy machine breaks down? You learn how to fix it or make a run to Kinkos. Materials don’t arrive on time? . . you get on the phone and track them down (and then work extra hard to keep everything else on schedule so there is no trickle down in the production schedule). When orders need to go out to customers you put on your shipping hat and ship them. Vendors need to be paid? Switch over to your accounting hat and get those bills paid. In addition to all the physical things that go on in a business, there is the mental work that takes place throughout the day .. .creative budgeting, creating product + implementing ideas for marketing, advertising, collaborations and even blog posts. Couple all of that with trying to accomplish something meaningful before the kids get home from school, or the baby wakes up from nap time, and things can feel a little overwhelming.

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