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Feeling Thankful . . .


Lunching at The Rotunda with the Renaissance Crossbody . . .

Soooo, it’s Thanksgiving week, already!! I just got back from spending 4 days in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. While I was there I got to meet up with one of my insta buddies, Lori Christensen of Carde Blanche. I met Lori via Instagram and last year when I was in San Francisco for my birthday we had an impromptu coffee + lunch meet up after discovering that our birthdays are only 1 day apart. This year we did it again. It was, as it was last year, a highlight of my trip. Being able to connect with likeminded, funny, creatives whom I may never have met if it were not for social media, has become a wonderful little byproduct of social media that I am really thankful for.  I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving and are able to give thanks + spend time with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shadow Play . . .

Wednesday means we are half way through the week! It’s parent conference week at school for the kids. So that means a full week of 1/2 days for the kiddies. They love it, of course, but by the time I get home from dropping them off and running errands, its time to head back out to pick them up again. Translation: Mama ain’t gettin’ alot accomplished this week! I’m really trying to go with the flow, just seems there is a lot that needs to be taken care of before we get outta Dodge. Rob and I are heading up north for my annual Birthday Getaway later this week. I always look forward to and cherish these trips. It gives us a little time to reconnect and have new experiences on “foreign” soil in more relaxed atmosphere. And when we get back, guess what?! We will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year! I’m really looking forward to having family and friends over. I love November. This time of year just makes my heart sing.

Do you have any special plans for the holidays?





Sometimes this world is so hard to bear. How can so much beauty and love exist alongside so much hatred and anger? This world possesses an abundance of both emotions and the juxtaposition of them is sometimes overwhelming. The questions may never be answered, nevertheless, when I hear about the atrocities that are taking place all over this Earth, my heart just keeps asking why?

Sending up prayers + blessings for the people of Paris. Sending up prayers + blessings for the people of Syria. Sending up prayers + blessings for the beautiful women of Nigeria and the countless other humans who are being wronged on this earth #prayforparis #bringbackourgirls #prayforhumanity



Life in Pictures | Week of 11/1 | The Food Edition

Spent Friday afternoon in beautiful Palos Verdes + scouted out this cove for a shoot (not for my bags though :)

Discovered this gem of a restaurant called The Yellow Vase. The food was wonderful + they even had gluten free breads + baked goods!

Enjoyed happy hour at the Yardhouse with one of my besties on Wednesday. I love their chicken nachos.

Caught in the act of devouring the best tomato bisque on the west coast . . .

Bottomless mimosas + lots of laughter ensued @ brunch on Saturday . . .

Love the old town vibe of Temecula . . .

Finished out the week with another fabulous brunch @ Marston’s in Pasadena on Sunday. The wait was long, but worth it.

Have a fabulous week!



Listen Up! | Ferry Corsten- Find A Way (LISTENBEE Remix)

Hey guys, just popping in to  share a new single from LISTENBEE, its a remix for Ferry Corsten’s “Find A Way.” Now available on Spotify and Soundcloud.  I love the positive message and chill vibe of this song. It’s been on my playlist for a few weeks now and I can’t get enough. Check it out for yourselves.


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