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Life in Pictures | 9/12 – 9/19


It’s been a pretty hectic week! Lots of work to be done and I’m finding it hard to keep things in order. I used to consider myself a really neat, and organized person . . . looking back, I realize that those words described my life pre kids, husband, family and home based business. Learning to just go with it . . .
Gracias_madre_gates_restaurant_outdoor_patio Did a drive by on one of my favorite restaurants, Gracias Madre in WeHo. I love the food and the atmosphere of this place. It even looks great when it’s closed, lol.
birthday_girl_celebration_gift_bag The celebration continued for our new little 9 year old. We took the train to Santa Barbara for the day at her request and spent the day with my brother and his family. We had lunch at my fav SB restaurant, Carlitos. If you ever visit, try the shrimp empanadas. Ah-mazing.
rain_window_raindrops_rainy_day Believe it or not we had a full day of rain last week!!! I loved it and can’t wait until we are blessed with more. This was the view from my window as I worked at my desk and sipped tea. (too bad it was iced tea, even with the rain it was still 80 degrees out).
ayanna_listenbee_collection_shooter_tote Took my Shooter Tote on the train ride. It holds everything and never lets me down for travel ♡
LA_county_fair_the_lookbook_philosophy Rob took the day off on Thursday and we were both chaperones for our kids classes to the LA County Fair. It was a fun and tiring day. Some good friends of ours did the same so the parents had a playdate and so did the kids. It was a great day.

Have a great weekend. Hope you are spending time with the ones you love, or doing something you really want to do!


Ayanna Listenbee Collection @ All That and More Boutique . . .

Ayanna Listenbee Collection can now be found @ All That & More Boutique . . .

Ayanna Listenbee Collection can now be found @ All That & More Boutique . . .

Last week was pretty amazing for me. I accomplished two major milestones. I am learning everyday to celebrate the small stuff right along with the so called big stuff. Honestly, I think it’s all big when you accomplish something that was hard, or that you didn’t know you could do. My first milestone was that I started working out again. It’s been way too long and I was ready. Ready to feel stronger, healthier and better about this body God has blessed me with. Last Friday made a full 2 weeks of working out. It may seem small, but it’s huge to me. Especially since I have never been athletic or even liked to play sports. (Don’t ask me how I ended up on the girls basketball team in high school. It only lasted a few weeks, until one of my team mates went up for a jump shot, landed on my toe and broke it . . . she actually broke two of them)  But I digress . . . the point is I completed two weeks of gym workouts and I am pumped!! Im excited about it and somehow it is working for me, so I feel good about it, and mentioning it here gives me some accountability as well. ;)

Candance Simmons + I  . . .

Candance Simmons, owner of ALL THAT & MORE boutique + I  with some bags from my collection . . .

The second major accomplishment, which I am really excited to share with you, was partnering with the first retail account to carry my handbag collection! As of last week, SoCal locals can now purchase pieces from my collection at ALL THAT & MORE BOUTIQUE in Culver City. I’m super excited about this partnership because it is the answer to hard work and prayer on so many levels. It’s amazing to see my bags in a store setting, and to witness customers oogling and inquiring about them. It’s also good to be able to get feedback from customers. But I think what I am most happy about is meeting Candance Simmons, the owner of All That & More. Aside from the fact that her boutique carries some really amazing clothing and accessories, Candance is an angel in disguise. She has blessed me with so much valuable information from a mentor standpoint, that being a featured designer in her boutique is like icing on the cake!

Renaissance Convertible Clutches + The St. Francis Clutch getting ready to hit the floor . . .

Renaissance Convertible Clutches + The St. Francis Clutch getting ready to hit the floor . . .

If you are local or have the opportunity, please visit AT&M and check out some of the beautiful clothing and accessories offered. I know you will not be disappointed! #shopsmall + Support Indie Boutiques!!

10754 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230



We Like Options . . . | The Renaissance Crossbody Convertible Clutch

Rennaisance clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection

Renaissance Cross-body Convertible Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection

This photo evokes feelings of cooler weather and layered dressing for me. I am really looking forward to being able to wear more clothes! Or at least having the option to! I love having options, don’t you? One of the things I love about the Renaissance clutch is that it gives you options. This amazing little bag can be worn 3 different ways:

using the strap at full length as seen in the photo above

sans strap

with a short strap

Rennaissance Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection
I strive to add versatility to my designs and convertible straps is one of the ways I love to incorporate options. Click the Shop! button above or visit AYANNALISTENBEE.COM to learn more!

Have a great Monday!!


Press | Closetpiece Interview . . .

Images from my ClosetPiece Interview . . .

Images from my interview with . . .

Hey guys! I was recently featured as the first entrepreneur interview over on for their new “Yeah, She Werkin’ ” series which features women who have turned their passion into a business. Here is a snippet from my interview::

What is it you do that puts the “werk” in “Yeah, She Werkin”?

“I’ve had some major setbacks during the course of my business, and some of them took a while to bounce back from. So I would say my daily persistence and dedication toward seeing the vision for my business, that God has blessed me with, come through to fruition is what puts the work in “Yeah, She Werkin”. For me, it’s a daily, minutely, second-by-second commitment to myself that I am going to persist, regardless of what the circumstances may look like on the outside.”

Please visit to check out the full interview and support the other fabulous women that Closetpiece is featuring on their site!


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