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#designfail | That Time I Made a REALLY Ugly Bag . . .

That Time I Made a Really Ugly Bag | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I recently cleaned out my black hole of a closet and discovered one of the ugliest handbags in the history of all bagdom.

And I made it.

For all intents and purposes, we’ll call her Gertrude. It’s only right to give her a proper name. After all, I designed her, created her patterns, sourced her materials, hardware and sewed her for the final project in my accessories design class. Luckily, I got an A in the class, and somehow, an A on the project Gertrude,  but when it was all said + done, I was not feeling the end result  “Old Gert.”

That Time I Made a Really Ugly Bag | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

Here’s Gert up close and personal. That detailed stitching you see on the leather pieces did NOT come out as I envisioned. Believe it or not, I was NOT going for the Rodeo Cowboy effect, but apparently . . . . #nuffsaid

That Time I Made a Really Ugly Bag | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

This is Gert’s backside. She’s kinda wide. I wanted her to be able to carry tons of stuff, and she can. She is a workhorse, Ill give her that . . .

That Time I Made a Really Ugly Bag | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

Gert is full of surprises! She is actually reversible!

That Time I Made a Really Ugly Bag | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

At one point I even convinced myself that Gert’s inside was her better (looking) side. And that, in actuality, this was my design plan all along . . . hah!

That Time I Made a Really Ugly Bag | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

I thought the frayed denim edges would give her, well . . . a little edge . . instead it just made her look like she should be sold with a pair of cowboy boots . . .

That’s how I felt. I mean Gert looked great in the original sketch. On paper she was more like a “Rebecca,” or a “Jocelyn.” At the time I selected her leather and denim, I thought she’d look cool. I wanted her to be daring + useful, so I decided to make her reversible. I even decided to keep some of the denim edges frayed as a testament to her coolness. I envisioned her a real downtown-urban-cool-girl-tote. But by the time I was finished . . . and frankly, even before I finished, I could tell the physical manifestation of Gert left a lot to be desired.

My downtown-urban-cool-girl-tote looked more like
an old-back-woods-rodeo-satchel with a zipper.

Yet and still, if I wanted to pass the class, I had to turn “Old Gert” in. Truthfully, by the time I finished sewing, glueing and hammering all her pieces together (which happened to be 4:30 am the morning the project was due) I was glad to be done with it her. At that point, I had gone through two sewing machines and had ended up at my ex next door neighbor’s house, practically spending the night on her floor, so I could use her sewing machine to finish the project. My machine broke and basically died during a crucial point in the project, so I borrowed my Mom’s. Well, then her machine broke and I was left with no machine and only a few hours left to complete the project. So I called my friend Jessica who now lived about 40 miles away. She was gracious enough to let me come over and sew away to my heart’s content. She even helped me when Gertie’s leather and denim became too thick for the machine. Thank God for Jessica. She basically saved my life in that moment. At certain points I had to hand sew Gertie’s denim and leather together with a really thick needle and thread. Naturally, during this process, my thimble came up missing, so at 4am, I’m sitting on Jessica’s dining room floor with a wad of paper towels taped around my sore thumb while gingerly trying to pierce a stack of denim, leather + facing approximately 1 1/2″ thick. True leather craftsmen have all kinds of shavers, clamps and hammers for this type of situation, but little old undergrad moi, only had a couple of binder clips, my sewing needle and a roll of paper towels at my disposal. Nevertheless, I completed the project, and was greatly rewarded for my efforts by passing the class with flying colors.

She's ready for her close up . . . just don't get too close . . .

She’s ready for her close up . . . just don’t get too close . . .

So last week when I came across the ugliest bag in the world,  I mean Gertrude, cringing in the far back corner of my closet I had to stop and chuckle to myself. Yes, she was still ugly. But she was still standing strong! No rips, tears or ungluing had taken place in the 8+ years since she was conceived. And during most of this time, she had taken up residence in my closet . . .

Now, you may think that’s a safe place for a bag to reside. And maybe most closets are.
But not mine.

Any item of clothing residing in my closet is liable to take a serious beating. I’ve briefly discussed the horrors of the inner workings of my closet before. At any given moment a shoe, boot or belt could decide it’s “had enough of all this fighting for space” and pounce. I speak from experience. There’s been many a time I’ve opened my closet and been met with a boot to the head. (that’s the trouble with storing way too many shoes on a shelf above your head in a shallow, crowded closet) . . . it’s an “Enter at Your Own Risk” type of situation. Yet, despite her surroundings, Gertrude managed to survive in tact.

I’m not so sure about her dignity though.

There was that time I found her huddled amongst my favorite hi tops . . . (perhaps for the sake of protection) and pulled her out in an act of “reconsideration of her ugliness,” or to put it nicely, I thought I would give her a second chance. Maybe she wasn’t as ugly as I’d thought she was. Surely she could pay her way by acting as a large beach tote? I mean she was huge, and could hold a lot of stuff. That was probably her only redeeming quality . . . and her only outing. I think she enjoyed the beach. She still has a few sand grains in her pockets to prove it. Probably snuck them back home as proof to the other bags that she was good enough to hit the beach, and I guess she was right! She went, and they didn’t!

That Time I Made a Really Ugly Bag | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

I thought about throwing “Old Gert” away, but only for a second. She has a special place in my heart. She is the product of hours upon hours of labor, possibly a tear or two, most definitely a right hand full of sore fingers + a mind full of lessons learned. Birthing her taught me what it takes to actually make a large leather bag. She showed me the painstaking error of my ways when I rushed and thought I could wing it without the proper tools. She got me where I am today. So although Gertrude may not be the prettiest bag on the shelf, she definitely has earned her place on the shelf.

Do you have any #designfail’s hiding in your closet? ☺

Mood Board Monday | Think Pink!

Mood Board Monday | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Mood Board Monday | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Perhaps it is the onset of warmer spring weather, but I have been garnering a lot of inspiration from the color pink lately. Though I tend to gravitate more toward darker hues and immense amounts of black, I love to pop in a little pink now and then to create a soft contrast against the harshness of black. I’m partial to deep fuchsia as well as soft baby pink. In fact, I use this soft pink color a lot in the interior of my bags, especially my black bags, but it also looks great with creamy white . .

Renaissance Python Clutch Interior | ayanna listenbee

What are some of your favorite shades of pink?

image credit:: dandelion | macaroons | yarn | heels + lace

Life in Pictures | Week of 4.18.15

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I love the beauty + fantasy of this ad. . . . Desperately trying to figure out where I could wear this outfit in public and be okay with myself the next day . . . I wonder if the bunnies are included?  Life in Pictures| THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I don’t read the paper through and through like Rob does, But I do enjoy a cup of coffee and a good read. If I do read the newspaper, I typically stick to the Business section, the Image section or Real Estate . . . reading the paper is another one of those things I always considered to be a “grown up” thing. These days I prefer to get my news from NPR or the BBC . . . Life inPictures | THTE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY My brother and niece came out to spend time for his birthday last weekend and we took the kids to the park . . .  actually we took them to their school playground, and the swings were high enough for me to get my swing on! . . . #rare
Life In Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I spent a couple of hours working from Starbucks @ Barnes & Noble this week. It’s so refreshing to change your surroundings. Plus I have been suffering from wanderlust and foreign fashion magazines are my temporary solution to tide me over until I can get away again!

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Yeah so, it is definitely true love . . . this polish by Fergie for Wet-n-Wild is my new fav. I can’t get enough of it! When it chips, I take it all off and just reapply. It’s so bright and happy. I can’t find it in the stores anymore though. I wanted to get a back up bottle but alas . . . that ship may have sailed so I’m secretly on the lookout for another really bright reddish pink. Let me know if you know of any!! Btw, did you notice my glued-back-together-frame in the background?  tee hee hee . . . Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Vision Therapy has been going well for Reston. He is really progressing. Over the past few months we have been watching the building undergo some remodeling and landscaping changes. I love these new planters they put in. Because of the drought, more and more people are turning to dry landscaping options. I was never really a fan, but lately I have been seeing lots of options that I really like . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY The weather this week has been fairly overcast . .  which of course I love. I also love that I get to work in front of this huge window of natural light everyday. Downside:: two birds, on two different days, ran into the window right in front of me this week . . . not so cool . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I’m headed to San Diego tomorrow to do a culinary walking tour! Although it looks like it might be be raining,  ☁☂☁ I think it will add to the adventure. Can’t wait to taste! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


Werkspace Wednesday | Your Vision is Key to Your Success . . .

Your Vision is Key to Your Success | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I spanned the range of emotions, from tears to laughter . . .  frustration to joy. It wasn’t so much that something bad happened, it was more like frustration with the way things were going. Running a business on a shoestring budget with out help is more than a notion. If something goes wrong. . . you have to handle it. If the raw materials shipments don’t arrive on time . . . you have to get on the phone and track them down (and then work extra hard to keep everything else on schedule so there is no trickle down in the production schedule). If shipments need to go out to customers . . . you guessed it . . . you have to ship them. In addition to all the physical things that go on in a business, there is the mental work that takes place throughout the day . . . creative budgeting, designing, creating + implementing ideas for marketing, advertising, collaborations and even blog posts. The majority of the time I am fine with all this. But for some reason yesterday, I just got fed up with things. My laptop kept freezing up on me, I could not get in touch with my hardware supplier all day long, time was flying by and I had yet to accomplish anything meaningful before the kids would be home from school (which, technically, is the end of my workday.)

So I stopped.

Well, first I cried . . . then I stopped. I’m sharing this not as a rant, but rather as a simple truth of soloprenurism . . .  or part of it anyway. Things can get overwhelming, and when they do, if you are able to, I recommend this:: get quiet + stop. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. After I dried my eyes,  I realized that I had not been keeping my vision in front of me. I had just been going nonstop, jumping from task to task and losing track of the “why” as I was so uber-focused on the “what.” This brings me to my point (only 2 paragraphs later :) . . .

Your Vision is Key to Your Success.

Yall know that I am a visual person. I’ve discussed it here many times. It’s also the reason this blog was created. But I realized I wasn’t keeping the vision in front of me! I wasn’t keeping my specific goals in my line of sight. I have a few vision boards in my office. Some I use for the lines I am working on and others hold more longterm personal goals. I hadn’t looked at my long term vision board in a while. In fact, I didn’t even know where it was at first. So, I found it and got quiet. I looked at the photos, and the statements I had attached to them and I used my mind to see the things I was looking at in a new light . . . as in the light of the reason WHY I was doing all this stuff. And guess what? It helped!! The quietness even lead to ideas of what steps to take next. I felt so much better after I was able to just let go of what was going on around me and set my sights back on the ultimate goal. I even set aside a little time to revise my vision and update it. Clarity is key, people! So if you have been feeling a little overwhelmed or off track, try getting quiet and stopping for a sec. Get out your vision board, vision book or list of goals and look at them. See them coming to fruition in your life and listen for any new steps to take. I’m telling you, it works!!!! :)

keep moving forward!


Life in Pictures | Week of 4.13.15


The warmer weather is making me reach for more patterns as I am getting dressed everyday. It’s also making me want to shop! I love this black + white polka dot scarf with a pop of yellow, perfect for these summery evenings we’ve been experiencing lately.


Rob was “Professor for a Day” @ his alma matter earlier this week and brought home this beautiful flower arrangement, which now graces my coffee table. I haven’t bought fresh flowers for the house lately, and this totally reminded me of what I have been missing!


My mom treated Nadiya + I to a girls nite on Friday and took us to see the Alvin Ailey dance Theatre at the beautiful Dorothy Chandler Pavillion on Friday. She loves to dance and I love exposing her to different types of dance.


I am in love with this Fergalicious polish by Wet-n-Wild. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it really makes me happy . . . and so does a good leopard print!


Nadiya is always bringing me things to keep at my desk. I love these little La La Loopsy dolls + she has tons of them, so some have taken up residence on my desk along with my sheep and a lego dog that Reston made me ♡ . . .


I love downtown LA @ night . . . ! 

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the new week at hand!


Werkspace Wednesday | 5 Ways to Find Inspiration . . .

Werkspace Wednesday | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSPHY Workspace Wednesday | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Werkplace Wednesday | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

Where do you seek inspiration? Traveling is one of my favorite ways to renew myself and garner inspiration. Since I can’t always travel as much as I would like to, I do a lot of reading. I love reading about how other people achieved their successes, you learn so much from an authentic story of trial and error because no journey is ever without it’s highs and lows.

Another way I seek inspiration is via Pinterest and Tumblr. The images + information I have found via these sites has been priceless to a visual addict like myself.  Photography has always been a side addiction for me as well. Taking pictures of things you find interesting + beautiful . . . seeing the textures and colors of nature up close and personal can be a great way to trigger new ideas.

Fabric + leather swatches and a blank sheet of paper are great motivators for me to design something new. Just the mere feel, or smell of leather can get my pencil moving on paper. There are so many different things that can be done with leather textures these days, and the PU (faux leather) textures are pretty amazing as well.  If you are looking for ways to get inspired I have listed 5 Ways to Find Inspiration Below . . .

5 Ways to Find Inspiration

  1. Travel:: You don’t have to go far. You can even visit the next city closest to your town, or your own city for that matter. Just go somewhere you haven’t been before. Notice the buildings, types of plants + trees, landscaping and what people are wearing. If you’re able to get out of town, notice what customs or rituals are taking place around you. Do people speak with accents? What are they wearing? What colors do you notice recurring?
  2.  Read:: Books, magazines, blogs + newspaper articles can all be great sources of inspiration. Some of my favorite reads are foreign fashion magazines (even though I often can not read the articles, the editorial styles, typography and fashions are different enough to be inspiring). I also read a lot of business related materials. Some books that have been most helpful to me are the 99U series, Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work + Steal Like an Artist , Blogging Your Way to the Front Row by Yuli Ziv and Hijacking the Runway by Teri Agins. There are so many books I love, but those are a few gems I keep on hand at my desk. I am also a coffee table book adddict (apparently I have many addictions) but a beautifully bound book with stunning images gets me everytime.
  3. Go for a walk:: (Similar to #1) Just getting out of your immediate surroundings, ie. your desk or office, can open up a world of inspiration. The fresh air and sunshine on your face will do you a world of good by allowing you to momentarily take your mind off your work and put it on your surroundings. Conversely, taking a walk in the rain will do the same thing. (I favored rainy day walks more as a child, these days I hate being wet with clothes on, but that might be something that floats your boat! And you’ll never know if you haven’t tried it so keep an eye out and an umbrella handy for the next rainy day!).
  4. Old Black + White Movies:: I love a good old film noir. Give me the the bad girls of Old Hollywood any day over the newbies of today. Joan Crawford, Betty Davis + Gene Tierney are amongst my favorites. I love looking at the clothes they wore, how they spoke, what the houses and cars looked like and even how the men + children were dressed. Loads of inspiration abounds in Old Hollywood . . .
  5. Get Quiet:: Information overload is real people! Don’t get me wrong, I love the era we live in. The answer to any question you may have is right at your fingertips with the help of google or Siri, but sometimes you just gotta shut off the tech and get into the peace and quietness of the moment. Let the sounds around you take the forefront, listen to your breathing and clear your mind. See what ideas pop into your head. See who’s voice you hear. Talk to God. You never know what inspired ideas you may be missing because you haven’t stopped to listen!

How do you seek inspiration? 



Palm Springs Travel Diary + 3 Things to Do While Visiting . . .


 I HATE being hot. When presented with the lesser of the two evils, I’ll choose cold over hot any day. With cold, I feel like you can always put on more clothes, but with heat, you can only take off so much before you hit indecent exposure status. Anyway, I write all this to say that Palm Springs was never an enticing locale for me. Located a mere hour and a 1/2 from my home, it didn’t seem like much of a get away . . . the drive wasn’t far enough from home to feel like I was really “getting away”, and the idea of chilling in the desert just didn’t appeal, if you catch my drift. Besides, the only experience I had with Palm Springs was a summer girl’s trip with my best friends in college. It went a little something like this . . . pile into a tiny car and drive for 3 hours into extreme 110 degree heat, check into tiny, nondescript hotel, decide to go hiking (I was outnumbered on this vote- the supposed pay off was that we would be hiking to some  . . . get this . . . HOT springs . . .?!!?) Well, we ended up having a good time because that’s what you do in college on vacay, but the unbearable heat and desert brownness of it all just didn’t float that boat I would have rather been on. And sadly, other than the hike, I don’t recall venturing too far from our seedy hotel. Flash forward about 20 something years and well, the feeling has changed . . . big time. I think Im in love.

Two weeks ago Rob’s job sent him to Palm Springs for a three day conference and I got to tag along. I used the opportunity to get some work done from the hotel while he was “conferencing” . . . But this visit was soooo different from my last! I loved the feel of the place, retro cool with tons of mid century modern architecture thrown in . . . basically it was like a little slice of heaven in the desert! Plus, the Gods were obviously smiling on me, as the weather was absolutely perfect, between 82 and 85 degrees during the day, with nice breezes . . . and I don’t mean the hot breath type of breeze that deserts usually supply you with, these breezes had a nice coolness to them. Apart from the architecture, one of the things I noticed was the landscaping. I typically like A LOT OF GREENERY; TREES, BUSHES, GRASS + FLOWERS, however, this is the desert, so I wasn’t expecting a lot of that. But strangely enough, I wasn’t disappointed either! Bougainvillea, one of my favorite plants, played a starring role in a lot of the local landscapery (yes, I modified the word landscape to fit my needs . . . that’s what a good writer does, in case you didn’t know). It brought just the right amount of color pop to the green + brown. I even have a greater appreciation for cacti. Never one of my fav plants, the cacti and pebble ground covers that I noticed dotting many landscapes, was modern and inviting. I think what I loved most about Palm Springs is that it was almost like stepping into a marvelous time warp. There were so many well preserved midcentury modern homes, furniture and vintage cars. The music in a lot of the shops and even by the pool at our hotel was from the early to mid 40’s . . . Sinatra, Nat King Cole + Ella, but mixed in with that was a lot of modern electronica.

We stayed at the retro-glamourous Riviera Palm Springs. This hotel totally made the Palm Springs experience that much more enchanting. The decor was a perfect mix of glam and retro Hollywood . . .

the beautiful Riviera Palm Springs, I would definitely stay here again . . .

the beautiful Riviera Palm Springs, I would definitely stay here again . . .

I spent the days working from the hotel room until about 2pm while Rob attended seminars and then we ventured out together in the afternoons/evenings. Once I realized we were in Mid Century Modern Heaven I had to get up close and personal with some of the surrounding exteriors. Which brings me to the first item on my list of  . . .


1. Mid Century Modern Driving Tour If you visit the Palm Springs Visitor’s Center located in the former Tramway Gas Station, (a mid century modern landmark in it’s own right) you can purchase a $5 map of Modern Palm Springs homes and buildings and do your own driving tour, or purchase the Palm Springs Modern Tours app ($4.99) on itunes or google play. There were a few celebrity homes on the list such as Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore + Steve McQueen. We didn’t do the whole tour, but don’t expect to get all up close and personal with these homes. For instance, Sinatra’s home is located behind a gate and you can’t see much from the street, but it’s fun to imagine him + the rest of the Rat Pack driving up to this humble abode and proceeding to party the night away . . .

one of Frank Sinatra's homes on the driving tout . . .

one of Frank Sinatra’s homes on the driving tour . . .

more homes on the tour . . .

more homes on the tour . . .


a mountaintop estate for sale in Little Tuscany | Palm Springs

We found this baby (above) on the market for a mere $1,875,000. Located in the Little Tuscany area of Palm Springs, It has 3,224 square feet of living space on a 15,682 sf hill top lot. Built in 1952 and updated most recently in 2013, it boasts 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths + a den/office/media room with direct pool access, vaulted exposed beam ceilings, glass walls, custom lighting and an open concept chef’s kitchen, among other amenities . . . if you’re thinking it’s time to relocate, contact Scott Lyle Realtors for more info.

It’s fun to take in the distinctions + nuances of places you travel to. One of the things I always notice is the signage + typography that is used around me. Typography is such an important part of design, it can really convey a message or feeling . . .

clean lines + scripted fonts in the mix . . .

clean lines + scripted fonts in the mix . . .

And if driving yourself around sounds more like a job than a treat, check out Palm Springs Modern Tours ( and sign up for a guided tour from the comfort of a mini van driven by Robert Imber, the knowledgeable guide, founder + owner of PSMT.


2277 N. Palm Canyon Drive

2. Villagefest Street Fair. If you are in Palm Springs on a Thursday night you are in luck. It just so happens that every Thursday evening from 7-10pm, Palm Canyon Drive (between Amado + Barista roads) is closed off to vehicles and becomes the Villagefest Street Fair. You’ll find musicians, arts + crafts vendors, food vendors and a farmer’s market to stroll through. We found THE BEST watermelon licorice vendor at the farmer’s market, and proceeded to OD on watermelon licorice for the next 2 days. I would give anything for a piece of that licorice right now . . . it was mouthwateringly yummy. You can visit for more information.


3.  Uptown Design District. If you love design + architecture as much as I do, you will love the fact that Palm Springs has it’s own design district. Head over to North Palm Canyon Drive, and you will find yourself in the middle of a solid concentration of contemporary + mid century modern design. Vintage furniture lovers, interior decorators and home stagers will have a ball discovering furniture pieces, and even some vintage clothing stores along this strip.


Palm Springs is a great little get-away with lots to discover, if you are interested in visiting, check out for more of what this city has to offer.


Mood Board Monday | How to Style Your Presidio Tote + What is Your Personal Style Definition?

How to style your Presidio Fringe Tote | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

a modurban transitional palette . . .

a modurban transitional palette . . .

A few years back I read an article about defining your style. It asked readers to define their personal style in 3 words. Naturally I saw this as an opportunity to create a word . . . one of my fav pasttimes, Lol. So as I thought about defining my style these words came to mind::






I came up with 5 words, and we were only supposed to use 3, so I condensed them into my personal style definition which started out as a sentence::

My style is modurban glam with an edge.

modurban meaning modern + urban. I rocked with that for a few years and then, because I began working from home, I noticed I had lost a little of the glam, so I switched it up again and created a back up interpretation of my style::

modurban chic

I’ve been rolling with that for the past few years and I love it. I think the word urban covers the feeling of “downtown edginess” that is always present in my style choices, so right now it works well for me. I used modurban chic as the theme for today’s mood board, in which I styled an outfit around the Presidio Fringe Tote. I love this bag for it’s versatility as well as it’s size. I’m also a big fan of printed midi skirts and this Marni cotton print skirt is perfect for Spring transition. You can shop all of the pieces in the mood board by clicking the links below.

What’s your personal style definition? Tell me in the comments below!


:: shop the look :: 
jacket:: Dorothy Perkins | fedora:: Rag & Bone  |  sunnies:: Prada | sequin cross tank:: Choies | lipstick:: Manic Panic | skirt:: Marni | lace up bootie:: Malone Souliers | presidio fringe tote:: Ayanna Listenbee

Life in Pictures | Week of 4.3.15

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY My Renaissance Clutch has proven to be a real go-to bag for me for evenings out. I’m thinking to make it in a slightly larger size as well. Do you like to carry clutches or do you prefer a strap? I really ♡ the option of having a removable strap . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Last Friday Rob and I drove to San Diego for the Bonobo concert. I love Simon Green’s music. It was such a treat to see him do his thing in person + feel the music and energy of everyone experiencing it together . . . #perfectdate Life inPictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Went for a 5 mile hike with my buddy Loreta last week. There’s already so much beauty on this trail and then we had the treat of seeing these beautiful horses taking a stroll with their riders through the creek . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Reston turned 10 years old on Saturday and wanted to visit Mission Santa Barbara for his birthday, so we drove up and spent the day in The Barbie. It was such a beautiful day . . . and now I have a 10 year old . . . wow.

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I love the view from this park. I used to bring the kids here when they were littles. They like to visit it whenever we are visiting SB. This time we were able to, but the playground was closed for construction :/ . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY We dog-sat my niece’s dog, Coco, over the weekend. She is the sweetest dog ever, with the best temperament. I have never met a dog so chill! . . . she definitely has her moments of playfulness, but overall she was really easy to handle. I’m allergic to dogs, so it was tough when she would get all hyped up and want to run around and play, but I handled it. Reston really wants a dog, was this a test?

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I hung out with my nieces on Saturday, we went vintage shopping and hung out in Pasadena. It was really fun. I love hanging out with them. Found this “faux” tile in a store in Santa Anita. I love the pattern + of course I love the colors ☺ . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Ended the week with a super productive brand clarity meeting with Kelly Brito. Kelly is really good at what she does and I have been wanting to work with her for some time now. I’m excited about the work we are going to do together!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. This is the last weekend of Spring Break for us. My days are so out of whack! Did you notice that yesterday I posted a Mood Board Monday post on Friday? OOps! My bad!!

Enjoy your Saturday!


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