Life in Pictures | Week of 3.22.15


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I love interesting floors and tiles. It’s amazing how  happy a great floor can make me. Did you know there are a few instagram accounts dedicated to floors and tiles? Check out two of my favorites: @ihavethisthingwithfloors + @ihavethisthingwithtiles for more flooring magnificence  . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY So this happened . . . we hung out in WeHo with my brother and sister and tried a new pizza place. Somehow we made the mistake of each ordering our own pizza without considering that they were not personal sized pizzas . . . a total of 7 whole pizzas. Fun was had by all.

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Spotted this old beauty on an impromptu walk to the pizza joint. Such great lines!

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Are you familiar with Bunch Magazine? Its a great magazine that features creatives+ influencers in different industries. I got my first copy and loved it. I’m so glad to have discovered it. One can never have too many goodies to read + draw inspiration from. You can check them out here.

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I ♡ taking walks through unfamiliar neighborhoods. I can’t wait to live in an area where it is more conducive to walk to things. I love looking at the exteriors and landscaping in different neighborhoods. Spotted this ivy + red door on our same walk to the pizza spot last week.

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY More work in progress taking place in the design lab . . . Sometimes I wish I could just push a fast forward button. It’s amazing how long things take to complete when it’s just you doing a million things, but slow and steady wins the race, and progress is steadily happening, so I’m thankful for it.

Hope you had an amazing week! Have a fabulous weekend + Happy Easter in advance!!

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