Inspired by Imperfection . . .

Inspired by Imperfection | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I much prefer imperfections to perfection. I love hair to be a little messy . . . faces slightly dewey, a slightly crooked tooth or smile or an outfit that has just a touch of the unexpected.  It might sound weird, but I love it when things are just a little bit  . . . off. It adds such beauty in my eyes!  So in saying all that, I find it to be quite the oxymoron, that for as long as I can remember, (we’re talking since childhood here, kids) I have been operating under the umbrella ☂ of perfectionism.  (Remind me to share the story about how I broke down on the eve of the first day of 2nd grade for fear that I couldn’t possibly do as well as I had in 1st grade! :/ ) #perfectionisttendencies

Last week I shared with you about how I have been putting off painting for about a year, and how my soul has been calling me to just pick up the brush . . . the conditions have never been perfect . .  there’s always a laundry list of things to be done, a child to pick up or drop off, or a cluttered desk to clear before painting can begin. But today, in the midst of all of those things (including my daughter being home sick for the 3rd day in a row) I  pulled out my watercolors and satisfied my soul.

Guess what . . .

That laundry list of things . .  the picking up and dropping off of children, and the cluttered desk were all still there when I finished. Meaning, no one was starving, no one and nothing was being neglected . . . except my soul.

I painted amidst the mess of my desk because honestly, there just was not any other place to put the things on my desk, other than my desk. I painted while my daughter lay in my bed watching the Powerpuff Girls, and I painted while the long list of TO DO’s sat patiently waiting for me to finish. Funny thing is, I felt so exhilarated and happy when I was finished. And it only took me about 15 minutes to feel like I had gotten my fix! in addition to that It really helped me to get some of the collection details out  of my head and onto paper. It wasn’t perfect, I would have liked to paint for a longer period of time, I would have liked to paint at a big spacious desk in a room full of natural light with out hearing the high pitched voices of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, but my daughter and I ended up mimicking them and laughing together in the process, so in my book, it was a win-win.

So I’ll end this rant with these 2 words . . .

Embrace Imperfection

There’s a time and a place for perfection, it has it’s merits, but not at the cost of your soul.


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3 thoughts on “Inspired by Imperfection . . .

  1. L. Shea Gutierrez

    This was wonderful Sis! In a world of carbon copies, it is great to be appreciated for being originally me…..flawed and all.

    Big Hug,


    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      Yessss!!! That is the beauty of being created as an individual! Our flaws make us who we are, and we can work to change them, or be okay with them! Life is so much more interesting with our differences. They should be celebrated! Not masked over in attempts to be like someone else. Thanks so much for visiting!!! xoxo

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