Label Love | Maticevski Spring 2015


I recently discovered Toni Maticevski, the Australian based designer behind the Maticevski label. Talk about love at first sight!! Maticevski’s pieces are works of art in their own right. He pushes the boundaries of form and function by creating beautiful silhouettes comprised of different textures, surface treatments and skilled cutting. I love his use of color for the spring 2015 collection. Soft muted tones of gray, chartreuse and crisp whites with shiny jet black are some of the colors used in this collection.

Maticevski_033_1366 Maticevski_007_1366 Maticevski_016_1366 Maticevski_015_1366 Maticevski_014_1366 Maticevski_004_1366 Maticevski_021_1366 Maticevski_022_1366 Maticevski_023_1366 Maticevski_010_1366 Maticevski_029_1366 Maticevski_026_1366 Maticevski_025_1366 Maticevski_032_1366 I loved every piece in this collection, as well as they styling of this line. Toni Maticevski also creates bridal gowns and other bespoke pieces in limited editions. For more information about Toni Maticevski, or to view more of his beautiful work, click here.

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