LINK L♡VE | 8.5.14

Link Love

 Sharing a few of the things that have added beauty to my life in some way this week . . . ♡

♥     Two thumbs up + a back flip for this down to earth article by Gala Darling on Flawlessness + Admitting the Effort Required. LOVED THIS ARTICLE. I just touched on that subject a little in last week’s post on Second Guesses.

♥     For any of you who got hooked on Orange is the New Black, here’s a true life story from “Larry” about when he first met Piper. You know what they say . . . Life is stranger than fiction!

♥     Wanna quick easy way to change up your space? Check out these DIY NO-SEW pillow covers!! (key words here: NO SEW)

♥     If that wasn’t DIY enough for you, here is a great tutorial on how to make polaroid coasters! Seems like a great gift, and cool idea!

♥     Have you heard about Ikea’s new Instagram based website? It’s the first of it’s kind!

♥      I’m probably so late to the game, but I just discovered faith based website She Reads Truth. They recently launched an app and they’ve got a pretty cool instagram account. It’s a beautiful way to study the bible and learn and grow with a community of women. ♥

♥     According to Refinery29, you’re NOT going to get Ebola . . .

♥     Did you know the San Antonio Spurs has a new assistant coach . . . and she’s a SHE!! Yay!

♥     I  stylist/interior decorator, Imogen Naylor’s clean neutral interiors . . . 

♥     Here’s a quick + easy way to tell if you are a narcissist, because I know you were wondering…


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