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Today’s Thankful Thursday consists of a simple, well warranted, Thank you. I’m going to share a little story with you that will briefly explain the origin of this Thank You . . .

Once upon a time there was a boy who met a girl and fell in love. After many bliss-filled years of dating, (6 to be exact) they married and purchased a lovely home. This home was filled with love, laughter, sometimes arguing, eventually children, and lots of the girl’s “things.” (By things I am referring to  ALL of her numerous clothing items: shoes, purses, bobby pins, headbands, nail polish, tights, dresses, T shirts, jackets, tank tops, jeans, as well as, but not limited to: art supplies; including markers, pens, sketchbooks, paint brushes, pastel chalk, highlighters, post it notes, glitter, glue sticks, leather swatches, mechanical pencils and more.) Whew!

Well, the boy was a good sport, and put up with all of her “things” over the years. Sometimes the boy would notice that the girl was a little overwhelmed. For instance, he noticed that when she opened her closet, clothes would spew forth, as though trying to make a desperate escape from the depths of the black hole that was her closet. He would offer her hints in a well meaning sing song voice (that kind of annoyed her), about how to stay on top of her “things.”  The girl appreciated that he cared enough to give her advice, but she also knew that he didn’t fully “understand” what she was dealing with. For one thing, when the girl would get dressed, she would sometimes try on a few different outfits. This process could sometimes prove to be time consuming, thus eating up the time it would take to hang each item back on it’s appropriate hanger and replace said hanger on the over-stuffed, bending rod in her black hole closet. Before she knew it, she would have to hurry to leave, so as not to be late for her appointments. And so, the clothing would get placed on top of other clothing on the already stuffed and layered shelves and hangers in her closet. The girl meant well, her plan was always to return in the evening and hang up her items, placing them back on the sad and sagging rod in a color coordinated fashion. She rationalized it by reminding herself that all this madness was concealed behind two beautifully painted, glossy black doors, rendering the craziness invisible to others, and therefore making it non-offensive. Now, to her credit, maintaining an organized closet was something that had happened regularly in the earlier days of their marriage . . . pre-kids + home based business. And although the closet looked like the site of a natural disaster to the outside eye, she (pretty much) knew where everything was inside the closet. However, in recent years, she had absolutely, without a doubt, fallen short of the glory of the organized closet she had once maintained. And thus, any mention of it from the boy would annoy the crap out of her.

One day, the girl went out for a day at the spa with her friend. It was a lovely day, one filled with relaxation, good food, water play, sunbathing and laughter. When she returned, she was relaxed, yet somehow tired. As she walked into her room, she noticed a stack of empty shoe boxes piled in the corner of her room. This could only mean one thing. SOMEONE had been messing with her “things.” She knew this because these empty shoeboxes had previously taken up unorganized residence in her abyss closet. She slowly walked over to her closet, timidly putting her hand on the shiny gold handle. She carefully pulled the doors open and was met with the sound of angels singing. Glitter and gold dust fell from the sky, as her eyes took in the beauty of the scene before her. . .

The Boy Had Cleaned Her Closet.

And for this, the girl was eternally thankful ♥.



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11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays | The Simple Truth . . .

  1. Jessica Ann

    Lol! I loved this story so much that I started”story time” at work today and shared it with my friends. We all sat in a circle, we “awwed” along with the story, anticipated the heroic feat taken on by the boy and hooted and hollered when it was accomplished!

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      Lolllll! Hi Jess! I love that you created a story time at work!! Glad you liked it! And thanks for sharing. I love your synopsis, you are definitely a writer. xx

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      LOL! I know!! That’s how bad it was! I had to keep talking about it as a way to motivate myself to do something about it, and then Rob stepped in. Lol! Glad you enjoyed it and stopped by to comment! xx

  2. Mandy

    I enjoyed reading your story Ayanna! My husband once packed my closet and i got so annoyed. Then I realised I was actually lucky that he would bother to spend his time doing that for me xx

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      OMG Mandy! EXACTLY!!! I really had to check myself. I know he did it out of love. Sometimes we tend to overlook those little blessings. Sounds like you’ve got yourself a good one! :)

  3. DeeDee Ann

    As I read this story my heart began to skip a beat, I knew the boy was a little annoyed with his sing song advice but I also knew he was in Love… So as the story was drawing to a close, for some reason I had the biggest smile on my face as the girl touched the golden handles to her door for in that moment I knew she would know how deeply she is loved.
    So today I will continue to be thankful! Love the story
    Love you too Sister

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      Awwww, so sweet sister! I love that you saw the love in it, your mini-recap is so well worded! You are definitely a storyteller!!! Thanks for visiting, Love you mucho!

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