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Road Trippin’ | Austin, TX :: The Open Road, Part I

LA-AUSTIN Last week we took a road trip to Austin, TX to participate in my brother and sister’s sport’s camp that they put on with their church every summer. This was the first time we’ve been able to go down for the sports camp. It was such a fun time! I really came away from the event being blessed by having seen all of the effort, energy, time and money that goes into putting on a free, 3 day sports camp for children in the community. It was so great to meet the local kids as well as other volunteers. I think the thing I came away with was that I can definitely do more. Life is about giving, and my brother and sister inspired me to find more ways to give of my time, energy or resources right here where I am. I am a die-hard road tripper. Translation: I am always down for a road trip. I love the open roadHowever, the drive to Austin is not one of my favs. In my opinion, 80% of the drive is ugly. Dirt, sand, tumbleweeds, dry brush, + a few interesting plateaus thrown in against a beautiful sky. (I’m big on visual aesthetics, lol!) I thrive on and am energized by green grass, trees and flowers. The drive to Austin has virtually none of this -until the last leg of the trip. Which, depending on when you arrive, is usually done in darkness. This time we were able to see it during daylight hours, but we had a schedule to keep, so I had to take pictures from our moving minivan.

I loved the moody skies we had on our trip. It did rain a little, but most of it was just dramatic cloud cover. Although, on our drive back, we went through a 3 hour lightning storm! I wish I was talented enough in my photo skills to have captured that on film. I tried, but it was so hard to get the timing of the strikes + my finger to cooperate! These plateaus made for a pretty horizon . . . I thought the retro feel of the sheet-rock-60s-vibe rest stops that we came across were pretty cool. I’m not a big fan of public restrooms, especially the ones you find roadside, but these were surprisingly clean and well kept. They even had actual mirrors in them . . . which if you have traveled cross country before, you might have noticed, are few and far between. There was even a covered area for BBQ-ing. I did wonder to myself who would actually choose to BBQ at a rest stop in 100 degree weather on the side of the freeway in Arizona, but, the grill looked used, so I guess it happens more often than not! By the time we got to the last leg of the trip, I was ready for some lush trees and grass. Texas is a HUGE state, so once we exited the 10 freeway, we still had another 862 miles to travel, and most of it was done on two lane highways and roads.

Look at how green and full these trees are! ♥ Happiness ensued . . .

We passed through a little town, but unfortunately this was the only shot I could get of it . . . like I said, it was a little town, we were through it before I could get the camera back on and ready to go . . . Cool barn-like tavern though!

Saw lots of bulls grazing. Rob said if he could be any animal in the world he would choose to be a bull. I thought it was because he is a Taurus, but he said it was because they got to roam the open plains, eat and chill all day. Hmmm, the way a man’s mind works . . . .

Made a few friends along the way . . . We were on a deserted two lane road and Rob was able to stop the car so I could snap a pic. This little guy came over to see what was going on and decided to pose for me. Such a cutie . . .

We were able to see some pretty magical sunsets too. Next week I’ll be posting on fun things to do in Austin so stay tuned!!!

Do you like road trips? Where is your favorite place to ‘trip to? 

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Mood Board Mondays | Neopolitan Dreams . . .

I love the color combination of black and muted pinks. I don’t wear much pink myself, except on the lippies, but I do love the color when paired with black. I guess, for me, it takes some of the “sweet” girly away and gives her a little edge, which is the way I prefer most things. You might not think of a color palette involving black and white as a bright palette, but as you can see, there is definitely a lot of cheeriness here. I love this palette for all seasons. It also makes a great transitional palette for fall.

Are these colors you would incorporate into your wardrobe?

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image credit (clockwise from left):: lollipop | livingroom | tea | strawberry cake | believe

Life in Pictures | Week of 7.6.14

As usual, it seems the weeks are flying by! We are gearing up to leave for our road trip to Texas tomorrow. The kids are super excited, which brings and air of frenzy and kid-enthused energy to the household . . . (a.k.a.noise) Lol!

Fiyah! Btw, how was your Fourth of July?  We headed out to our friend’s house in Corona for a little BBQ, pool action and later, fireworks at Lake Elsinore. It was a perfect end to the day.

On Saturday we attended our first ice skating party! My good friend, (and brilliant photographer) Loreta‘s youngest baby turned 5! When I met Lo, our kids were starting kindergarten and Laila was just an infant!! Boy does time fly!

Sunday was a day of relaxation for me. I headed back out to Glen Ivy Day Spa with my girlfriend, Kecia. We have managed to get there twice within 46 weeks! That means in less than a year I have treated myself to the spa TWICE!!! Huge in my book. And actually, this trip was a freebie for me as Kecia had a free pass for me. The day was fantastically relaxing and much needed. I’m so thankful for my friends and moments we can share together swapping stories, providing encouragement and just plain laughing. Speaking of laughing, I came home with the most ridiculous tan lines ever. It looks like I am wearing “white” shorts. . .  long stupid story. Yesterday my brother and niece came over to hang out. Rob grilled turkey burgers and hot dogs and then we took the kids out to walk the colleges in the evening. I just can’t get enough of the Claremont Colleges. So pretty, and such a great place for evening walks. I am in love with many of the buildings, but one building in particular, called The Living Room, I have vowed to recreate on my property. It will be my home office. It looks as if it is floating on water. I photograph it every time we go there. I can’t help myself. I love the glass, the mid century modern decor and of course, the fact that it looks like it is floating on water. Yes. A structure similar to this will be mine one day.

Happy Friday guys!!!

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Thankful Thursdays | The Simple Truth . . .

Today’s Thankful Thursday consists of a simple, well warranted, Thank you. I’m going to share a little story with you that will briefly explain the origin of this Thank You . . .

Once upon a time there was a boy who met a girl and fell in love. After many bliss-filled years of dating, (6 to be exact) they married and purchased a lovely home. This home was filled with love, laughter, sometimes arguing, eventually children, and lots of the girl’s “things.” (By things I am referring to  ALL of her numerous clothing items: shoes, purses, bobby pins, headbands, nail polish, tights, dresses, T shirts, jackets, tank tops, jeans, as well as, but not limited to: art supplies; including markers, pens, sketchbooks, paint brushes, pastel chalk, highlighters, post it notes, glitter, glue sticks, leather swatches, mechanical pencils and more.) Whew!

Well, the boy was a good sport, and put up with all of her “things” over the years. Sometimes the boy would notice that the girl was a little overwhelmed. For instance, he noticed that when she opened her closet, clothes would spew forth, as though trying to make a desperate escape from the depths of the black hole that was her closet. He would offer her hints in a well meaning sing song voice (that kind of annoyed her), about how to stay on top of her “things.”  The girl appreciated that he cared enough to give her advice, but she also knew that he didn’t fully “understand” what she was dealing with. For one thing, when the girl would get dressed, she would sometimes try on a few different outfits. This process could sometimes prove to be time consuming, thus eating up the time it would take to hang each item back on it’s appropriate hanger and replace said hanger on the over-stuffed, bending rod in her black hole closet. Before she knew it, she would have to hurry to leave, so as not to be late for her appointments. And so, the clothing would get placed on top of other clothing on the already stuffed and layered shelves and hangers in her closet. The girl meant well, her plan was always to return in the evening and hang up her items, placing them back on the sad and sagging rod in a color coordinated fashion. She rationalized it by reminding herself that all this madness was concealed behind two beautifully painted, glossy black doors, rendering the craziness invisible to others, and therefore making it non-offensive. Now, to her credit, maintaining an organized closet was something that had happened regularly in the earlier days of their marriage . . . pre-kids + home based business. And although the closet looked like the site of a natural disaster to the outside eye, she (pretty much) knew where everything was inside the closet. However, in recent years, she had absolutely, without a doubt, fallen short of the glory of the organized closet she had once maintained. And thus, any mention of it from the boy would annoy the crap out of her.

One day, the girl went out for a day at the spa with her friend. It was a lovely day, one filled with relaxation, good food, water play, sunbathing and laughter. When she returned, she was relaxed, yet somehow tired. As she walked into her room, she noticed a stack of empty shoe boxes piled in the corner of her room. This could only mean one thing. SOMEONE had been messing with her “things.” She knew this because these empty shoeboxes had previously taken up unorganized residence in her abyss closet. She slowly walked over to her closet, timidly putting her hand on the shiny gold handle. She carefully pulled the doors open and was met with the sound of angels singing. Glitter and gold dust fell from the sky, as her eyes took in the beauty of the scene before her. . .

The Boy Had Cleaned Her Closet.

And for this, the girl was eternally thankful ♥.



LINK L♡VE | 7.8.14 Sharing a few of the things that have added beauty to my life in some way this week . . .

♥ Yall know I love a good design makeover, check out Tasha’s dramatic kitchen makeover for less than $700. Wow.

♥ I recently shared 5 things I learned from the 30 Day No Repeat Challenge I took part in last month. Click here to read lessons learned by the blogger who started the challenge . . .

♥ Have you ever heard of the “Science of Fascination?” click here to find out how the world sees you . . .

♥ Interested in beefing up your selfie skills? Take note of these practical tips from San Francisco based photographer Karina Louise . . .

♥ A remote controlled birth-control device? SCARY.

♥ Check out this brilliant idea to modify benches into shelter for the homeless!

♥ Here are detailed photos of the Versace Atelier Haute Couture Fall 2014 . . . apparently fringe is here to stay!

♥ I love, love, love the interior of this Caitlin & Caitlin designed loft! In my head I’ve already made it “my place in the city . . .”

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Mood Board Mondays:: Current LookBook Mood . . .  image credit: wayne levin | black + white girl |keyboard| ok hoodie | scarf | living room |ildiko flared dress | black maxi dress 

I hope you guys had a fun + safe 4th of July! Summer is in full swing around here . . . it almost feels busier than school season, except without the homework!  Anyway, My love of black and white never ceases, but since it’s summer, I thought I would throw in a dose of muted turquoise as a color pop. It’s another one of my favorite color combos. I thought it might provide some color palette inspiration for ya. Hope you are enjoying your day!

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5 Things I learned from the 30 Day No Repeat Challenge + Outfit Recap You may or may not be aware that last month I participated in a 30 Day No Repeat Challenge on Instagram. It was put on by friend and fellow blogger LaShon over at It was such a great challenge! I had a blast, however, I must tell you, I did not complete the challenge. I officially lasted 3 weeks. I got to day 21. This challenge was great for a lot of reasons. Here are 5 things I learned from the 30 Day No Repeat Challenge:

  1. It made me plan my outfits more thoroughly. There was no relying on feelings as I got dressed each morning. Typically I choose my day’s outfits based on how I am feeling, where I am going to be going that day, and what I will be doing. With this challenge I was forced to keep in mind that if I had events coming up and wanted to wear specific outfits to those events, I would not be able to repeat them. Therefore each day I had to choose wisely.
  2. I have an overabundance of clothes that I DO NOT WEAR. Now this is not news to me. I already knew this. I can barely open my closet doors without something falling out. (Yes, this is due in part to the fact that my closet is an unorganized madhouse) but it is also due to the fact that about 50% of the clothes and shoes in my closet are things I do not wear. I have yet to figure out why it is so hard to let these things go. Some I am holding onto for sentimental reasons, and others I really like, but they just don’t fit well or look good on me. I have vowed to remedy this. I have 2 nieces who have been asking to raid my closet. Though I doubt they will be as excited about this in reality as they are in theory, at least I can start the process of letting go.
  3. This challenge made me pair items I may not have otherwise put together to create outfits. It was fun to see what I could come up with on the day to day. It also made me dig a little further into the black hole that is my closet. I found a few items that I hadn’t been able to put my hands on for a while. :/
  4. I realized that as challenging as this was for me, I doubt I would have even made it to day 21 if I had taken this challenge during the winter months. The reason I didn’t complete the challenge is because I repeated my jeans. I could not NOT repeat my fav jeans. I mean, once you find a pair that fits perfectly and looks great with every top you own, how do you walk away from them for 30 29 days? I happen to be partial to jeans. I own about 30 pair in total. (I know, ridiculous) And yet I wear this one pair religiously. Granted, all the jeans I own are from different stages in life and run the gamut in styles, skinnies, boyfriend, post-pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, cropped, wide leg, colored, textured, holey, you name it. And I am very picky about my washes . . Had this challenge been given during the winter months I, no doubt, would have repeated my jeans, pants and sweaters much sooner. And this tells me that I need to branch out a little! So I am thankful for the opportunity to gain a little clarity on the clothing habits of a “serial repeater” like myself.
  5. Lastly, this challenge made me realize that my perfectionist tendencies are no joke. Having to take a photo of myself everyday doesn’t come easy to me. I am much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. And because I am such a perfectionist, I didn’t just want to snap any old shot and post it on “the gram.” I had to enlist the help of my 9 year old most days to photog my outfits. Upon said request I was often met with whining and complaints of “Not agaaaaaiiinnnn!” Can’t say that I blamed him, I made him take like 40 shots each time until I found one I was relatively pleased with. (I even considered doing a post on the outtakes from this challenge, but I feared they may come back to haunt me in the form of fodder for blackmail . . . ) 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this test of wills, which is basically what it was for me. Have any of you ever participated in a no repeat challenge? Is it something you think would be easy for you?

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Life in Pictures | Week of 6.22.14 Last week was a whirlwind of events! So much good stuff going on! On Sunday we had date night with my girlfriend from Jr. High and our husbands. It’s so crazy to sit and talk with a friend about your kiddos, school and play dates and in the same breath swap stories about when you both had a crush on Greg Orselli in Mr. Haminishi’s 9th grade History class. Seems so long ago, yet it doesn’t. Lol!  I guess, because we moved so much when we were younger, I really appreciate the friendships I have that have spanned decades! Anyway, for date nite we had dinner at Gyu Kaku, an amazing Japanese BBQ restaurant where you grill your own food right at the table. The food is excellent and it’s fun and interactive. A great spot for a double date . . . As you can see, I was so hyped to eat that I dug in before snapping a photo, a true testament to it’s tastiness. You can see for yourself here. On Wednesday evening I attended Giga Savvy’s Fireside Chat on basic retouching for your photos. Gigga Savvy is digital marketing and advertising agency in Irvine. The office had such a fun vibe and decorative layout. The fireside chat was headed up by La La Castro, Gigga’s Social Media Director, and we were given thorough tips and pointers by Charlene Strand, one of Gigga’s Senior Designers. On top of that we were treated to the most amazing food! The cucumber + ginger chicken rolls were fantabulous, as was the champagne, but I digress. These ladies really know how to serve up knowledge and goodies in a pretty package! Rob’s oldest brother, Fernando, and his wife, Detra, celebrated their 30 year marriage vow renewal this past Saturday. They live in Texas and came in earlier in the week. It’s always fun when they come to town. On Thursday night we had game night, I can always look to learn about new games from them. Have you guys ever played Apples to Apples? It was my first time, but I had a blast. Then on Friday my sisters and I hooked up and spent the day together before the vow renewal. We did a little shopping, eating and hanging out. Detra even got me to get on the Ferris Wheel @ Irvine Spectrum. For those of you who are unaware, I thoroughly enjoy my feet firmly planted on the ground. Not too keen on heights. But, I got on and we had a great time. Even have the photographic proof to show ya! ( hence the extra photo of myself showing the peops walking on the GROUND BELOW ME.) The fact that my brother and sister have been married for 30 years is phenomenal to me. Anyone who is married can attest to the fact that its not a bed of roses all the time. With anything in life, there are going to be good times and bad times. But Detra and Fernando’s love for each other is almost palpable. There were testimonies, songs (my hubby sang two!) and lots of laughter shared. There was even a dance battle between the tables. Sad to say our table didn’t win, but I sure put my all into it!! It was such a perfect day, and definitely and inspiration for those of us who are relatively new to the journey that marriage is. That day will forever be etched in my memory. Just thinking about it makes me smile. ♥

What did you guys do last week? Are you enjoying your summer?


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