Mood Board Mondays:: Still in Weekend Mode . . . I know it is Monday, but thankfully, since today is a holiday (thank you to all those souls who have served our country and given their lives in the process ♥) I am still in weekend mode. Today’s mood board is representative of how I feel today. I am still in my pj’s and it is 10:42 am. And it feels goooood. Although the sun is blaring and it is 70 degrees outside, I still feel cozy in my mind. Hence the images of furry kittys and sheepskin rugs. Lol. I hope you all had/are having fabulous weekends. I am excited about the weeks to come. I am pushing myself to implement ideas that have been floating around in my head and have been written in my sketchbooks for months. That was another gem takeaway from my #blogcademy workshop. Per Gala’s exact words that I scribbled furiously into my notebook:

“Act immediately on your ideas or they loose steam . . “

It’s one of those truths that you subconsciously know, but when you hear it (in my case probably for the 40 thousandth time) it resonates with you. So, act upon them I am. And with enthusiasm! Thanks Gala!

Happy Monday guys! Make it a fab one!



image credit clockwise from left: 1. | 2. Sara Karlsson via Lily | 3. Pinterest via Hilde Mork | 4. thelookbookphilosophy via instagram


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