5 Easy Ways to Become More Active in Your Industry . . .

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I can not stress how important it is to get out and be active in your industry or chosen field. I have really made it a point this year to get out from behind my desk and be truly present by attending more events. As difficult as it may be, trying to schedule things into the day to day of life, family and just plain tiredness, I know that with each outing, event and meet up, I come away with more than I had when I arrived. I love to learn and glean information on better ways to do things and best practices. Honestly, I’d much rather learn from other’s mistakes than my own. I think one of life’s best “classrooms” is found amongst our peers. Last week I attended another Blogger Babes Pow Wow. It is held monthly, at the home of Heidi Nazarudin, founder of the Blogger Babes. I love the Pow Wow’s. They are intimate, hosting usually between 15-20 bloggers, and there’s always a well edited selection of food and drink. What better way to network, learn and grow than with good food and new friends? If you are having a hard time getting active in your field, here are 5 simple things you can do to get the ball rolling::

  1. Join or start a Meet Up group related to your interests/industry.
  2. Take note of your strengths and your existing knowledge and keep in mind what information you may have that could be of help to someone you may meet at an industry event. If you are always looking to help someone, you are taking the attention off of yourself and putting it onto the other person. This makes it a little easier to approach people. 
  3. Scout out local industry events in your area and schedule the ones that interest you on your calendar ahead of time.
  4. Set a mental goal of one thing you want to accomplish, or person you want to meet at the event you are attending. This will provide a little direction for you and help you to view the event purposefully. It is also a simple way to take a small step closer toward your “bigger picture” goal.
  5. Invite a friend to attend with you. Sometimes it helps to have a friend to be accountable to.

Do you have any industry events scheduled on your calendar for this month? If not, how about scheduling at least one by the end of the month? ☺

image credit:: Erica Hampton


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