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Frisco in Pictures . . . May 2014

Frisco SFCollage2_thelookbookphilosophy As always, my trip to San Francisco was a blast. There isn’t much I don’t love about this city (aside from how expensive it is and the cost of parking when we bring our car). This particular trip allowed me to explore some areas that I had not visited on prior trips. My blogging workshop was located in an area called Hayes Valley which is just under a mile from Union Square where we were staying.  It’s such a fun, colorful place! There were food trucks:: Casey’s Pizzeria truck and The Juice Shop truck and great little restaurants all around. We spent a lot of time in a little square where people were sitting on blankets and benches, some were eating and some playing with their dogs. Just a really cool place to hang and be outdoors. There was a little side street we walked down that had a lot of pretty graffiti and painted walls. I forgot the name of the street, but it is right behind where the food trucks are parked. We stopped to take a few selfies . . . or “ussies” as I like to call them. ☺ I can’t wait to go back for my birthday trip in November.


I can’t believe the end of May is nigh. This month went by so fast!  I feel like I am saying that more and more often these days! Do you guys have any weekend plans? I’ve got events planned for both Saturday and Sunday, so I will be pushing the limits of introversion this weekend. Lol! But what’s life without a challenge right? ☺ Have you set any challenges or goals for yourself this weekend? If not, give yourself one or two. It always feels so good to be able to do things with purpose and knowingly accomplish something.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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Massimo Vignelli, Design Master . . . 1931-2014

vignelli__full 2 Massimo + Lella Vignelli of Vignelli Associates | Image via

One of my favorite designers, Massimo Vignelli, passed away earlier this week. Massimo’s design contributions are numerous. Most notably, NYC’s subway signage, the Bloomingdales logo and American Airlines’ logo as well. He and his wife started their NYC design studio Vignelli Associates, in 1971, where they worked together for over 50 years! (You gotta admire the fact that they were married and worked together for the majority of their lives. Now that shows a lot of love and respect for each other! ♥) Their work includes design contributions in the field of package design, housewares and furniture.

Here are some of My favorite Vignelli contributions to our daily life . . .

vignelli-handkerchief-chair216-high-1-b 2

The Handkerchief chair. There were a few styles of this chair, some with arm rests as well. To see more versions or to purchase click here and here.


The infamous Bloomie’s logo . . . image via Kingy Design History


A 1972 version of a NYC Subway Map designed by Massimo. Still looks extremely modern.| image via


NYC Subway signage | image via Design Assembly  I Love the city’s subway signage and photograph it whenever I go to NYC . . . which sadly, is not often enough . . .


One of my favs, the Stendig Calendar (image via). To purchase or sign up for the wait list for the 2015 calendars click here.

I truly love the simplicity and boldness of Vignelli’s designs. He helped to bring beauty to the things we see and use every day. Something I am a major proponent of.

To read more about Vignelli’s life and works click here, here or here. To learn more about the film “Design is One” based on Massimo and Lella’s life of design, click here.

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Thankful Thursdays . . . Celebrating Maya Angelou

MayaAngelou2 Image via AP | Huffington Post

Maya Angelou passed away quietly in her sleep yesterday morning. I found out via social media. It was amazing to see, hear and read about the impact that her life and words had on sooooo many people. What a beautiful legacy she left behind. We all have the potential to leave greatness in our wake if we so choose. I am thankful to Maya for the way she chose to overcome the adversities in her life, and how she shared them with the world. Her life, words and works stand as a testament to overcoming and creating beauty from ashes.

Maya, you will be missed, and your words will be forever treasured.




Dreaming of Beautiful Things . . .

Le SpecsSunnies GianvitoRossi Mules ChristinaOrtizRoseGoldDiamondRing2

1. I swear I am turning into a cat lady slowly but surely. Soon everything in my closet will be leopard! Le Specs Hatter Leopard Print Cat Eye Sunnies . . .here.

2. I love the shape of this mule. Haven’t worn mules since the 90’s but I think I would give these babies chance! Gianvito Rossi leather mules here.

3. Oh to don these fingers with such beauty . . . This ring takes my breath away. Simply Divine!! A sculpturally exquisite work of art to be exact! Christina Ortiz 9kt Rose Gold Diamond Ring here.

From the looks of this list my dreams of late seem mildly materialistic! But a girl can’t help wanting to be surrounded by fabulous clothes and accessories can she?

What beautiful things have you been dreaming of lately?

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Mood Board Mondays:: Still in Weekend Mode . . . I know it is Monday, but thankfully, since today is a holiday (thank you to all those souls who have served our country and given their lives in the process ♥) I am still in weekend mode. Today’s mood board is representative of how I feel today. I am still in my pj’s and it is 10:42 am. And it feels goooood. Although the sun is blaring and it is 70 degrees outside, I still feel cozy in my mind. Hence the images of furry kittys and sheepskin rugs. Lol. I hope you all had/are having fabulous weekends. I am excited about the weeks to come. I am pushing myself to implement ideas that have been floating around in my head and have been written in my sketchbooks for months. That was another gem takeaway from my #blogcademy workshop. Per Gala’s exact words that I scribbled furiously into my notebook:

“Act immediately on your ideas or they loose steam . . “

It’s one of those truths that you subconsciously know, but when you hear it (in my case probably for the 40 thousandth time) it resonates with you. So, act upon them I am. And with enthusiasm! Thanks Gala!

Happy Monday guys! Make it a fab one!



image credit clockwise from left: 1. | 2. Sara Karlsson via Lily | 3. Pinterest via Hilde Mork | 4. thelookbookphilosophy via instagram


Travel Diary | Hayes Valley, San Francisco . . . La Boulange Cafe + Bakery on the corner of Octavia and Hayes . . . I love the colors and outside seating.

Octavia2_ Amazing juices from the Juice Shop truck . . . Love the colors and retro vibe of this truck! Did you notice the Aether store located behind the juice truck? It is made from shipping containers! You can see more of it’s super cool design here. Love it. I love this graffiti covered brick wall . . . ♡ Have you ever had pizza from a pizza truck? I love the look of the truck, and of course the chic color choice of gray and white. I should have checked to see if they had gluten free pizza! (although that would kinda take the fun outta eating pizza from a truck!) More graffiti-art covered walls . . . the purple flowers are so beautiful against the black, gray and creme of the walls . . . The Makeshift Society co-working space on Gough + Hickory . . . This building had so many great details! Ceramic tiled exterior, decorative paned windows and amazing geometric ironwork at the bay windows. Much love for this . . . An early morning view from the St. Francis, overlooking Union Square . . .  

Frisco1 Can you spot the gold leafed base of the small terrace above a window? #details An evening view from our hotel room . . . The view from Look Out Point off the I5 on the drive back home . . .

If you are planning to visit San Francisco, check out Hayes Valley while you are there. If you enjoy people watching and cute restaurants, It won’t disappoint. You can see more pics of my Frisco trip here.


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The Blogcademy San Francisco : A Recap! So by now you all know my fav city on the West Coast is San Francisco. I look for and jump on any opportunity to peruse the streets of Frisco and live out my not so secret dream of moving back East. Frisco is the only city out west where I feel even remotely close to the east coast . . . but I digress. When I found out that Gala, Shauna and Kat of the Blogcademy were going to be hosting their first workshop of 2014 in my fav city, I jumped at the chance to attend and learn from them. We spent 2 information packed days at The Makeshift Society, a really cute co-working space in Hayes Valley, which was just under a mile from our hotel @ the St. Francis in Union Square. I think co-working spaces are amazing. I wish we had one here in Pomona . . .

Blogcademy Headmistressesinaction Here are our headmistresses Kat, Gala and Shauna droppin’ mad blogging knowledge . . .

One of the things I loved about the Blogcademy, was the emphasis on remaining uniquely you, yet challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort box. I loved the energy the girls brought to the workshop. I also love the fact that these three women bonded over blogging, became best friends and are now traveling the world together and sharing their knowledge! Throughout the weekend there was a lot of laughter and best of all a chance to wear sparkly kitty ears!!! . . . sadly, this is something I had never considered before the Blogcademy, but I have successfully incorporated the wearing of said ears into my weekly blogging sessions. I keep my kitty ears at my desk and adorn my fro whenever I sit to write a post. The ears were put into our gift bags as a reminder to do something different, and find a way to stand out in a crowd. I love them so much I am planning an outfit around them . . . and it isn’t a costume!!! Put your learning ears on girls! Get ready to stand out in a crowd . . . 

Here I am working in my ears . . . The Blogcademy has forever changed my life with regard to blog-at-home-head-adornment . . .

BTW the Cheez-It’s are not mine! They are my daughter’s. She always visits me while I’m working and leaves things behind . . . mostly hugs, but this time, cheez-its . . . Another really cool thing about the Blogcademy is that you can volunteer to help out and thereby have access to the info in exchange for your services. This is Vivian and Paige, they attended the Blogcademy in Los Angeles last year and volunteered to help at this one. They both contributed some great tips during the session as well. I loved how colorful everyone was. The vibe in the workshop was really laid back.  It felt like we were just sitting down with a couple of friends chatting about blogging and what worked for them and what didn’t. During a few of our blogging exercises they even played Michael Jackson. Now that will really get your creative juices flowing!

HeadmistressesLaughter Lots of funny stories were shared, I wish I could remember what was being said when this photo was shot, but it looks like it may have been as story shared at Shauna’s expense! Lol.

At the end of day one we were given report cards based on our blog that showed what we needed work on. On day two, we had one-on-one sessions with the girls to go over their suggestions, ask questions and discuss things they thought we could do differently . . . Here is Kat droppin’ some blogging wisdom to Angela who runs a pastry blog called Goldenrod Pasteries! Yum! Don’t you just love her sparkly polka dot tulle skirt!!!

A highlight for me was getting to do my one-on-one with Shauna Haider. Shauna is a graphic designer who owns a boutique design firm called Branch. She does all the branding and logo design for the Blogcademy. I am a big fan of her work (and her personal style, she always wears such amazing dresses!) When we sat together she basically redesigned my header and brought me out of tagline purgatory in just a few short minutes! I can’t wait to implement the changes we discussed. I swear, I could have sat and talked with Shauna about typefaces, whitespace and personal inspirations for the rest of the day!

BlogcadettesComparingnotes Throughout the day we were given short assignments to help us hone in on our goals and blogging practices. During activity time there was a lot of idea sharing and networking. On day two I sat next to Alyson (in the green jacket). She runs an eco lifestyle blog called Simply Alyson.

BlogcademyNotetaking Needless to say, there was ALOT of note taking going on. I pretty much used up my whole notebook. I should have started with an empty one, but I later switched to my ipad…. don’t know why I didn’t start with that in the first place!

Me+Erin_Blogcademy Erin was my seat mate on day two. She has a sewing blog called Seamstress Erin, and she told me she had just completed her PHD (she’s a scientist!) and was gearing up to give her exit talk that Friday! To top it all off, she was also in the midst of planning her wedding! I loved Erin’s energy and her bright smile! What an exciting time in her life!

PerusingtheMacaroons Here we are perusing a selection of macaroons the Headmistresses brought in! I had never had a macaroon before the Blogcademy! I’d seen pictures and thought they were so cute! But Ohhhh, to taste one!! I had Almond Amaretto. They were amazing! So yummy that I had two. The macaroons were from Chantal Guillon. Since they are local, I will definitely be paying them a visit on my next SF trip!

BlogcademyFunnyFaces Here is our class picture! We took two. This is my fav, it’s the one where we all made crazy faces. I think our true personalities came out in this one. So much more fun than giving “cute face!!”

BlogcademyGoodFaces But I do like this one too . . . We were a pretty bunch, If I do say so myself! After lunch we had more learning and then giveaways! There were prizes for most tweets and best instagram images of specific things. Aren’t the gifts purty?  Theresa was one of the winners. I LOVED her pink hair. She was also the Blogcademy scholarship winner! That’s another way you can attend the Blogcademy, by winning a scholarship. Theresa has a travel blog called Tremendous Times.

BlogcademyTheresa2 Overall, my Blogcademy experience was amazing. Kat, Shauna and Gala shared a lot of valuable information that I have already begun to implement. I loved meeting the women in attendance and hearing about their blogging journeys. There were so many different types of blogs represented at this workshop ie: travel, baking, sewing, photography, self love, the list goes on . . . We are all on our own path, and it’s so wonderful to meet and share along the way. Blogging can be very isolating, which is one of the reasons I have really been working hard to get out more and meet more people!

Me + Headmistresses! I just bought a frame this week and I plan to put my photo with the Headmistresses up at my desk as a reminder to continue working hard and pursuing my blogging goals with passion and color!!!!

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images by Ingrid Chang of Jerry Yoon Photographers |

Label Love | Aquazzura Elaphe Sandals

AQUAZZURAcollage_thelookbookphilosophy.compng Can I tell you how IN LOVE WITH THESE SANDALS I AM???? I want these on my feet STAT!  Warm yellow color ✔. Snake texture ✔. This sandal would easily compliment numerous outfits in my closet. For fun, I’ve put together 2 style collages, showing simple outfits I would style these sandals with . . .

✕ ✕ ✕

For those of you who might be looking to add more color to your wardrobe, think accent colors. You don’t necessarily have to do head to toe color. A simple bright accent or pop of color on your shoes or accessories can go a long way to freshening up the look of an otherwise neutral outfit. Yellow is a great color to play with. A little goes a long way. But don’t get me wrong, I have a few all yellow dresses in my closet that totally brighten my mood whenever I wear them . . . DESTINATION:: Perfect for a working lunch date . . .

Marc by Marc Jacobs embellished crepe top £395 | The Row Ombre Effect Sunglasses (no longer available) | Victoria Beckham Shopper Tote (no longer available) | Aquazzura Saharienne sandals $695

Yellow also plays well with other colors. I love it paired unexpectedly with peach and black. These are 2 colors I might not ordinarily think to combine with yellow, but in a small dose, it definitely adds a little punch . . . DESTINATION:: Summer evening Dinner Date . . .

Proenza Schoueler Dress $2,602 | Chanel Small Boy Bag $3,700 | Coral Crush Nailpolish $3 Forever21 | Aquazzura Saharienne Sandals $695

What would you wear these Aquazzura sandals with?

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Thankful Thursday:: Just Breathe . . .

ColeyCatalano_dandelion_Unsplash Image: Coley Christine Catalano via

I know you haven’t seen a Thankful Thursday around here in a while. My bad. I really feel this series of posts is one of my most important. Living in Thankfulness helps to keep me balanced. It helps to keep me from getting caught up in all those little things that are not going as planned, are out of my control or are just plain annoying unwanted surprises that life seems to send our way sometimes.

I’m very thankful for this little piece of the web I’ve created where I can curate and share things of beauty, offer advice and occasionally rant. This space makes me happy.

I am thankful for the the support of my husband and family regarding my businesses and design projects. 

I am thankful for creativity and sunlight, growth and progress.

Since I’ve started homeschooling my son, my days have been very different. It has been very challenging for me as a small business owner. The time to create, market and research has been cut down drastically. If you know me, you know that creating and being ensconced in my work is a huge part of who I am. So to have the time to do these things taken away has really forced me to get creative with my time and scheduling. And I can’t say I’ve been very good at it. The priorities have shifted. Honestly, there isn’t much time for both things. My main concern is my son. His well being, his education and his progress. But I find my desire to do the thing I love actively competing with my desire to do the thing I must. Which is educate my son to the best of my ability. And while I struggle with this daily, I’ve found, the best way to handle these types of situations is to sit in thankfulness.

I am thankful for God’s grace in my life.

I am both thankful and grateful, that I am able to homeschool my son.

I am thankful that I have another day before me to do better than I did yesterday. 

What are 5 things that you are thankful for today?

♥ ♥ ♥


5 Easy Ways to Become More Active in Your Industry . . .

5Ways to Become more active in your Blogger Kastle, of StilettoCity partaking of the yummy food options at a recent Blogger Babes Pow Wow 

5 Ways to become more active in your Blogger and documentarian, Naiyah Scaife perusing the libations . . .

5 Ways to become more active in your Fellow blogger Lauren Cash of and Moi . . . 

5 Ways to become more active in your Soaking up Heidi’s tips on ways for bloggers to approach editors and writers . . .

I can not stress how important it is to get out and be active in your industry or chosen field. I have really made it a point this year to get out from behind my desk and be truly present by attending more events. As difficult as it may be, trying to schedule things into the day to day of life, family and just plain tiredness, I know that with each outing, event and meet up, I come away with more than I had when I arrived. I love to learn and glean information on better ways to do things and best practices. Honestly, I’d much rather learn from other’s mistakes than my own. I think one of life’s best “classrooms” is found amongst our peers. Last week I attended another Blogger Babes Pow Wow. It is held monthly, at the home of Heidi Nazarudin, founder of the Blogger Babes. I love the Pow Wow’s. They are intimate, hosting usually between 15-20 bloggers, and there’s always a well edited selection of food and drink. What better way to network, learn and grow than with good food and new friends? If you are having a hard time getting active in your field, here are 5 simple things you can do to get the ball rolling::

  1. Join or start a Meet Up group related to your interests/industry.
  2. Take note of your strengths and your existing knowledge and keep in mind what information you may have that could be of help to someone you may meet at an industry event. If you are always looking to help someone, you are taking the attention off of yourself and putting it onto the other person. This makes it a little easier to approach people. 
  3. Scout out local industry events in your area and schedule the ones that interest you on your calendar ahead of time.
  4. Set a mental goal of one thing you want to accomplish, or person you want to meet at the event you are attending. This will provide a little direction for you and help you to view the event purposefully. It is also a simple way to take a small step closer toward your “bigger picture” goal.
  5. Invite a friend to attend with you. Sometimes it helps to have a friend to be accountable to.

Do you have any industry events scheduled on your calendar for this month? If not, how about scheduling at least one by the end of the month? ☺

image credit:: Erica Hampton


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