Behind the Scenes | The Young & The Restless Wardrobe Dept.

Y& The thoroughly organized wardrobe closet was a blatant reminder of what a poor job I am doing with my own measly closet at home! If you could see what my closet looks like . . . it’s absolutely ridiculous to say the least. That’s why I love other people’s closets. But I digress…

Y& Did you know that Y&R is one of the few shows that actually has their own costume rental department ? . . .

Y& Costumer + celebrity stylist, Theresa Broadnax Elizabeth Hendrickson, Missy Egan + Moi on set . . .

Last week I had the fun experience of spending the day behind the scenes of The Young & The Restless with friend and fellow blogger, Theresa Broadnax. Before I go any further, I just have to give a shout out to Theresa. We’ve only recently met, but we have connected on a several levels, both creatively and fundamentally. I think it is so wonderful when women can come together and support each other in their endeavors. I’m really glad God placed her in my life. Theresa is a costumer for the wardrobe department of The Young & The Restless, as well as a designer, make up artist, and celebrity stylist. This woman lives and breathes fashion and creativity. There was much to talk about as she showed me around CBS studios, introducing me to her friends and co workers. Many of them faces we see on our TV screens every day. Theresa has worked on Y&R for ten years, though she first started at CBS on the Tyra Banks Show. She was even awarded an Emmy for her work on the show!

The Young & The Restless is one of America’s longest running soap operas. In fact, they recently celebrated 41 years on CBS. To say the least, my visit to the studios was a treat. I got a full tour of the wardrobe department & sewing room, the “double decker” wardrobe closet, the sound booth and was also able to sit in on a scene taping with Elizabeth Hendrickson, who plays “Chloe Abbot,” and Melissa Claire Egan, who plays “Chelsea Lawson.” The whole “behind the scenes” aspect of television is just as interesting to me as the part we, as the audience, get to see every day. I enjoy watching the actors pour life into the words in their scripts . . . and from a clothing standpoint, it is really a treat to be able to see the characters through their wardrobes. 

The Young & The Restless has a wardrobe team of 7. The team is responsible for selecting, cataloging, creating, shopping for, preparing and maintaining the wardrobe of the regular cast of the show, as well as the extras and special guests. It is a job that requires strict organization and attention to detail. When filming scenes, there are always a minimum of 2 people from wardrobe on set to keep track of the outfits and accessories worn during the scene, as well as the placement of these items on set. Since actors can go through many takes, it is imperative to take note of what is worn in each scene, especially since a scene may need to be picked up or added on to later. Y&R films approximately 40-50 scenes per day, which averages out to 100-110 pages per day. That is a lot to keep track of wardrobe wise. I happen to be one of those people who gets a kick out of spotting a mistake on film, but I would hate to be the one responsible for it! 

17_will_best_friends_chloe_elizabeth_hendrickson_and_chelsea_melissa_claire_egan_be_able_to_work_together_admist_all_the_chaos_in_their_lives Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) in Sachi + Babi, and Missy Egan (Chelsea) in BCBG. Image courtesy of

Random Fact* Soap Operas got their name due to the fact that the first major sponsors of these shows were mostly soap manufacturers (Proctor & Gamble, Palmolive etc.) so the media began to refer to them as Soap Operas. I really wanted to know why they used the term opera… but I didn’t find any info on that aspect of the name.

A few images of more fun things I saw while visiting CBS Studios . . .


Seeing how other creatives work is a driving force in my creativity. Not sure why, but the workspaces of other people have always been something that I am drawn to. I hope you enjoyed the tour! xx

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9 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes | The Young & The Restless Wardrobe Dept.

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      I used to watch Y&R all the time as well. But that was years ago! Back in the Drucilla days! Since visiting the set tho I added it to my DVR to watch when I get a chance. There are so many new characters now! But I do remember Ashley’s wardrobe was dope!! :)

  1. Delana

    What a great experience! Good job on the recap, it seemed like it was a fun filled day of learning and engaging with others.

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      Thank you! It was a fun and inspiring day. Just what I needed at just the right time! :)

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      You’re so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t watched in a while, but I really like the show, and the characters. The wardrobes are pretty amazing as well! :)

  2. Tammy Chandler

    I loved Chelsea’s earrings on Tuesdays show (6/ 6/17) that she wore with the black jumpsuit. Where can I get them?

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      Sorry, I don’t have that info. I just visited the wardrobe department as a guest. You would have to contact the stylist or the studio for that info. :)


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