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This week has been really interesting, for lack of a better word.  I’m starting over from scratch researching new manufacturers for my handbag line. Honestly, the whole idea of beginning the process of negotiation and research feels overwhelming. Finding and vetting a manufacturer is really important, for obvious reasons. If you know my story, you know that even vetted manufacturers can prove to be unreliable. This week I started reaching out to domestic manufacturers and I actually saw myself getting in my own way! I recognized that I’ve been very sluggish to respond, I’ve not made calls that I should have, I found all kinds of reasons to do something other than the next task on my to-do list, and I even began questioning and re-questioning previous decisions I’d made regarding the direction of the line. All in all, I am tiring myself out mentally. A true case of self sabotage. I know that this is totally ridiculous, yet still I persist in my non-persistence! The crazy thing is that I recognize it, and am sitting front row center with the bag of proverbial popcorn watching the show. So, I decided to make a note to self of the wise words you see above. This is something my Dad has often told me. Instead of trying to figure everything out at once, detailing out the bigger picture before taking a step (yes, that is a specialty of mine), do what you can. Take baby steps where you are. With what you have. (Thank God there’s no limit on starting over! ☺)

Have you ever suffered from a case of self-sabotage? How did you get through it?

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