How to Get Where You Want to Go . . . SEE IT!!!

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Donna Karan Belted stretch wool-blend dress | Hugo The Lada Black Leather Jacket | Camilla Skovgaard ankle boots | Victoria Beckham Shopper Leather Tote | Mimco Cubist Bangles | Ghibli Red + Gold Python Daily Planner Diary | Ga Ga Galore Blinde Sunnies


I’ll let you in on a little ritual I go through before I start my work day. Before I sit down to work at my desk  every morning, I stop and picture what I will be wearing when I actually have an office to work from that is not located in my bedroom. This is today’s outfit. I can feel the silk lining of of the dress on my skin, and I know just what I am carrying in that tote. I could even tell you what I’ve got written in that little red snakeskin notebook . . . but then, of course, I’d have to kill you . . . ☺

Have a Beautiful Wednesday!!!


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