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myworkfaces800 Yesterday my friend Erica stopped by the bedroom “offices” for a quick visit. I brought her up and showed her all 8 sq. ft. of “Command Central.” Seeing as I was basically chained to the desk working on shot lists and design revisions, we just hung out for a while and girl-talked. Erica said she found it humorous to watch my different expressions as I worked and talked with her, so she snapped a few quick shots, which I thought I would share with you. Sadly, (or not) I have one of those faces that registers EVERY emotion. I’m not too good at the Poker Face. Anyway, Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Nadiya will be doing her first cookie booth sales this Sunday. She’s already made it further than I did!! Girl Scout history is being made in the Anderson household!!! So proud of my little biscuit!

Enjoy this gorgeous day.

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