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Thankful Thursdays | Health, Wealth & Amazon . . .


 I’ve been sick for the past 2 days. Some kind of crazy stomach virus. Today I am feeling 100. Yay!!! God is good. I’m thankful to be back in business. And as a special perk-me-up, I received a fantabulous box of books via Amazon. I have a kindle fire, which is nice, but it does NOT in any way, shape or form compare to the actual weight, smell and feel of a book in hand. Especially a coffee table book, which is a flat out ruthless addiction of mine. An addiction that I am in no way trying to cure, mind you. Anyway, every once in a while I treat myself to a few books for inspiration purposes. When I am unable to travel, books serve as my tour guide to other territories. I’ve had these 3 books on my wish list for a while… so long of a while that I could feel them getting dusty. So, I felt it my duty to relieve them of said dust. When my company is a tad further along, I am going to reinstate my monthly book allowance. Everyone should have one. But for now, no matter how sporadicly these lovely Amazon boxes arrive at my door, I will secretly clap my hands together with a fiendish smile and immediately begin plotting time to thoroughly peruse . . . uninterrupted. (Now that’s the real challenge!) But I’m up for it. Can you say “excited?” ☺

Have a blessed Thursday!!!

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Randomocities | The Many Faces of Work…

myworkfaces800 Yesterday my friend Erica stopped by the bedroom “offices” for a quick visit. I brought her up and showed her all 8 sq. ft. of “Command Central.” Seeing as I was basically chained to the desk working on shot lists and design revisions, we just hung out for a while and girl-talked. Erica said she found it humorous to watch my different expressions as I worked and talked with her, so she snapped a few quick shots, which I thought I would share with you. Sadly, (or not) I have one of those faces that registers EVERY emotion. I’m not too good at the Poker Face. Anyway, Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Nadiya will be doing her first cookie booth sales this Sunday. She’s already made it further than I did!! Girl Scout history is being made in the Anderson household!!! So proud of my little biscuit!

Enjoy this gorgeous day.

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Life in Pictures | Life.


So much has been happening as the days of February go by. This month has been a whirlwind and we are not even through it yet! I promised myself I would get our taxes done without waiting til’ the last second like we did last year, so we spent last Friday @ the accountant’s office. While we were there I  randomly checked my facebook page on my phone (I am so NOT a facebook person, I rarely, if ever, open the app on my phone). While listening to Rob & the accountant talk, I scrolled down and discovered that a really dear friend of our family had passed away earlier that day. My heart just sank. I felt so trapped!!! It’s so crazy how when you hear about the death of someone you care about, all these memories, and emotions and feelings just come flooding in. And then memories and feelings and emotions from other people you love who have passed away come rushing back too!! Ugh. Anyway, that’s Diana (top row, middle pic in the collage). She was such a larger than life person, with a huge loving heart and a warm, inviting smile. She and her family were a big part of our childhood when we first moved back to Cali from Chicago. We spent almost every summer day @ Diana’s house hanging out with her kids, our friends, David & Cara. Our days were spent shoeless, and carefree, between the beach and her pool, swimming all day, eating Doritos and just being kids. My memories of Diana and her family always bring a smile to my face. They were some of the happiest times of my childhood, and I am so thankful for them.

On other fronts, my samples are being made as we speak (yay!) And we are working on the redesign of the website. (double yay!). I am super excited. We are also gearing up for our photo shoot @ the beginning of March. Lots of prep-work, plotting, & planning going on. I love it! In the meantime and in between time, I am trying to get used to my new haircut. I had to get rid of the dead ends and have been wanting to go short for a while, so I have finally taken the first step. I don’t have my ideal cut yet, but I am on my way there and I am enjoying the changes along the way.

Well guys, thanks for listening to my ramblings, I have a conference call in 20 mins, so I guess I should prep for that so I can cover all my bases!!! Hope you are having a fab Wednesday. Keep moving toward your goals, they are truly attainable!!!

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I’m loving the rain.☂

Today I am catching up on work & staying cozy. This weekend Rob and I went to San Diego sans kiddies. We had a great time. San Diego is a beautiful city. I’ll share more of our visit tomorrow. Just wanted to touch base since I have apparently been AWOL since I discovered those Tom Ford python pumps a week ago. (my bad!) I also started my journey back to short hair. Did my first 2 cuts last week and the week before… tee hee…

Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday!

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IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE TO BE IN LOVE WITH A SHOE? I mean truly connected with said shoe… at one… all giggly, happy and lovestruck… as if the sole purpose of it’s creation, was so that we would one day meet?


tom ford python pumps


Tom Ford Python Pumps; they give me shivers of joy.


have a fantastic weekend. xo

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