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Logo Sneak Peak | Signature Logo Mock Ups . . . This Just In!


We got our bee logo mock up this week (mock up = a rough version of what the actual hardware will look like.) I love our little honey bee. She is ready to get to work!


This is an image of our logo nameplate. If you can’t sign your name to it, don’t do it, I always say!

I like the fact that the signature is ambiguous. It’s more like a “symbol.” For me it symbolizes authenticity, approval, and completion. One day everyone will know what it says. Right now, it’s just intriguing . . a conversation starter, if you will… ☺

It took a long time for me to get to the point of even thinking about using my own name for the line. I have to share my journey with you one day. It is a full circle journey of growth and self acceptance. One that begins with an unending passion to create, but gets clouded ☂ with doubt and insecurity, which almost cost me everything!! Then, as God would have it, my story takes an amazing turn that eventually moves into maturity, self love, confidence and strength. And best of all, I’m still growing in that strength and confidence everyday!! Thank you, God, for continuing to refine me. I am definitely a work in progress, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! ☺


Wht-Blk Bee-forblogsig-57x37

Thankful Thursdays | A Yummy Start to the Day

My favorite morning smoothie. This ALWAYS makes me happy in the morning. Why don’t I make these more often??

Hello friends, long time no post! I hope everything is wonderful in your world. I haven’t forgotten about you. I just had to take a break from the rat race to give thanks and touch base with you all. We have all been recovering from colds in our household. Nevertheless, things are good. My business is moving forward, and we have placed the order for our first samples! YAY!!! I’ve been working closely with the factory to get our logo and nameplates finalized. Earlier this week I received a few hardware samples and will post soon to show you. In the meantime and in between time, I just wanted to take a minute to give thanks for this beautiful day. Another day of life, to try harder, grow more, get better, give more, do more, be kinder, listen more, love more, smile more, laugh more, and be more gracious.

Happy Thursday yall!