Exquisite Beauty…

Grace Bol

Hello friends!  How have you been? Please forgive, I’ve been on the run lately and have been neglecting my blogging practices! ☹ I keep putting it off waiting for the right time to sit and post (also known as procrastination). Apparently the time is never right. (I have learned this lesson somewhere in my past a couple hundred thousand times– I guess I just needed a refresher!)

It is December already!! Since we last connected I have turned 41, Thanksgiving has come and gone, & I have taken a huge step closer toward some major goals for my business! At the moment, I am sitting amidst a mound of papers on my desk that need to be tended to, so I thought I would take some of the pressure off myself (a.k.a. procrastinate even more) by bringing some beauty into your day with this picture of the lovely Grace Bol. I hope life is treating you all well. So many wonderful things are happening over here. Every day I am watching the dreams I have for my business actualize!!! There is nothing like it in the world. I hope you are all getting closer to achieving your deepest desires as well.

Enjoy your Tuesday… it is Tuesday, right?

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