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Life in Pictures: Gone til’ November . . .


 Looking back, November was a lot of fun. We didn’t get to do my annual birthday trip to ‘Frisco this year, but we did get back up to Santa Barbara to hang with my brother & his family. Definitely a good time. I’m happy to say that it’s always a good time for me when I am with my fam. (I realize this is not always the case for errbody.) So I am thankful. ☺

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Thankful Thursdays | October in Pictures . . .

I know I just got thru talking about how I can’t believe October is audi 5000 and it’s already Noviembre. October was hard this year, just because we didn’t plan as well financially as I would have liked to. Funny how that can make time d … r … a … g..  S…L…O…W…L…Y  by. ☺ Anyway, despite our poor planning, October held some good times for us. Disneyland was a blast & Halloween was spooktacular. I received my first handbag samples from overseas and solidified my manufacturer (yay!). I started on my home ReDecor project and painted enough doors to start my very own door painting business. (I’ve gotten very good at painting doors, if I do say so myself.) Anywho, I am thankful for this new month before me. I am thankful for my husband & my babies who bring me joy, laughter & frustration daily (let’s keep it real). I am thankful to have my car back & running smoothly, and thankful for my Dad’s safe return. Life is good, and I’m working each day to make it better by being present and open.

Happy Thursday guys!

November, November . . .

My brother, Jamahl, Uncle Welbie & me @ Liberty Island, New York circa 1977

I so love this time of year. When November hits, I know it’s finally on. Thanksgiving, my birthday, Fall weather . . . (we’re still waiting on that one…) I just love November! Even the sound of the word is comforting to me! I know it sounds strange, but that’s just the way it is for me. Still, it’s hard to believe October is behind us. Things seem to be moving by so quickly. This past week has been interesting, I’m sitting here trying to think of a word to describe it and all I can think of is “transitional.” One of my favorite uncles died last Friday. My heart is sad, but there is great comfort for me in knowing that he is not suffering anymore and that he is present with the Lord. I was introduced to photography by my Uncle Welbie. He was an avid photographer. He was always taking pictures and I was fascinated by his cameras and the photos he took. He always had the best stashes of family photos. As a child I secretly wanted to be a photographer like Uncle Welbie. I still have that desire. Anyway, I’ve been carrying a lot of memories of Uncle Welbie with me throughout the last few days. I still don’t quite know how to describe the words I am feeling.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my sister Kara ♥. She is the president and one 1/2 of SFA Design, an amazing international luxury interior design firm. I had the pleasure of working for SFA a few years ago in their Santa Barbara location. It was a wonderful experience on many levels. Its funny to recognize how design is design no matter what the genre. Nevertheless, there are different ways to go about the design process, and I’ve been blessed enough to experience different aspects of both fashion and interior design first hand. Working in the interior design field really solidified my love of architecture, furnishings, finishes and all things interior. SFA has an LA office now and I’m excited to see how they have grown. I love growth. Can’t wait til the day I can have SFA lead my next Home ReDecor project!! Someday . . .☺

Well friends, God bless you on this sunny Monday. I hope you are making your day amazing. Command it to be so and believe that it will be!!!

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