Le Weekend is Almost Here!!!

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Happy Friday!! Thrilled that the weekend is just a few hours away. For me it officially starts when I pick the kiddies up from school @ 2:30. I don’t really have a choice. All work just seems to stop until I put them to bed @ 8!! Anyway, We’re looking forward to this weekend. My brother is treating the whole family to the Happiest Place on Earth tomorrow. Needless to say, the kiddies (and some of us adults as well) are all super excited. This will be a much needed trip. September & October have been really tight months for us in the $$$ department. So it will be great to be able to hang with the fam and have our only focus be standing in lines to have fun and eating food that we shouldn’t be eating!!!!


Sunday my ReDecor project starts. Every year around this time I get the Re-do, Re-vise Re-visit bug. That’s when no matter what I do, I can’t stop re arranging furniture, and re-imagining my existing furniture and walls in different colors. And this is where my friends Behr, Valspar & Sherwin Williams come in. They always seem to help get me out of my (we’ve-had-the-same-furniture-for-10-years duldrums). Yeah, paint is an amazing thing. It can transform your life. Literally. Two years ago my husband painted our leather couches. Totally revamped them. You can get really creative when the funds are tight!!! Anyway, I’ll be taking you along for my ReDecor ride. I’m starting out small, but my goal is to have the Dining Room & Kitchen redone-revamped and revised by my birthday in November. Look out Rob, the Honey-do list is about to get a little longer!!! I just love the challenge of making things look good on a budget. . . . but don’t get me wrong, I’m totally up for the challenge of making things look good sans budget! . . . . Or let’s just say, with a much more substantial budget!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend guys. Hug the ones you love as much as possible today. ♥


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4 thoughts on “Le Weekend is Almost Here!!!

  1. Delana Anderson

    Hey Chica, Just got back on the blog updates, I was lost in the move, and relied heavily on the notifications to stay connected…what can I say I need all the tools I can get to stay on top of everything. How funny the first day back and you talk of Re-Decor, as I am under a mound of saw-dust right now, but happy as a kid in a candy store. Can’t wait to see the pic’s…

    1. thelookbookphilosophy

      Hey sister, I’m still trying to work out notifications as well. There’s just so much to stay on top of so no worries! Congrats on your home re-decor project as well! Sounds exciting. No sawdust here, just dust!! LOL! Can’t wait to see!


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