Back in the Swing . . .

Hello friends, I have to apologize for my AWOL status! The whole fam got sick one by one, and this particularly crazy flu bug affected each of us differently (fevers, sore throats, sharp shoulder & neck pain! Aaargh!). Thank God that is behind us. I am finally out of pain and so are the biscuits. God is good, to say the least! ☺ Meanwhile, life has been swiftly moving on. The first round of parent/teacher conferences has come and gone and we are in the full swing of daily homework and studying for weekly spelling tests. On my end, I have been communicating back and forth with my overseas manufacturers. Its a very exciting time, and God is really working with me on my patience!!! We are gearing up for the new samples, but in the interim, I am clearing space and mindset by selling off the last of the old season stock. I will post images of our sale items later today. All orders will be processed via PayPal, and will ship via UPS Ground. This is your last chance to own styles from the original Ayanna Listenbee Handbag line. The prices are unlike any we’ve ever offered before, so take a look and act fast. There are limited quantities of all items.

In the meantime and in between time, I love yall. Keep those dreams and goals before you, and grab onto them with all your might. They are yours for the taking!!!!!


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