Randomocities: Made in the U.S.A.?

I hope you are having a fabulous Friday. Today is the end of the first week of school for the kiddies and I am enjoying getting back to a regular work schedule. I met with a number of good contacts for overseas manufacturing while @ MAGIC. Over the past year I have really been fighting the idea of producing my handbags overseas. But as I further my research, right now, it seems to be the best way I can make this business work while relaunching. The thought of this has given me some grief over the past few months. I am anxious to provide jobs for the people in THIS country. So I had to revise my vision. My plan is to go overseas and get my “sea-legs” and then come back here and provide. Some say this is a lofty goal, but I believe all things are possible through Christ, and He is my CEO, so I will cross that bridge with Him when I get to it. ☺

Have you ever had to make any major changes to your goals?

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