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Randomocities: Made in the U.S.A.?

I hope you are having a fabulous Friday. Today is the end of the first week of school for the kiddies and I am enjoying getting back to a regular work schedule. I met with a number of good contacts for overseas manufacturing while @ MAGIC. Over the past year I have really been fighting the idea of producing my handbags overseas. But as I further my research, right now, it seems to be the best way I can make this business work while relaunching. The thought of this has given me some grief over the past few months. I am anxious to provide jobs for the people in THIS country. So I had to revise my vision. My plan is to go overseas and get my “sea-legs” and then come back here and provide. Some say this is a lofty goal, but I believe all things are possible through Christ, and He is my CEO, so I will cross that bridge with Him when I get to it. ☺

Have you ever had to make any major changes to your goals?


It’s hard to believe I  wrote my first post a year ago today! At that time this blog was just a vision I had in my head. I had no idea I would meet so many fascinating and encouraging people along the way, but that is exactly what I had hoped would happen, and it has!! It’s been a really fun ride, and a wonderful creative outlet for me. I love blogging so much that I would continue to do it even if I had no followers. But I am so thankful to all of you for following along and joining in on the ride! Your comments and thoughts continue to inspire me and help to make my journey more colorful. Thank you for a marvelous first year. Here’s to many more!!!! xo

Goodbye Summer Vacay . . . We’ll Miss You!!!

Leo Carillo State Beach, August 2012

Well, tomorrow the kiddies are back in school. I can hardly believe it is that time of year again! This summer was a lot of fun, and although we didn’t take any trips this summer, we spent a lot of time together and it was good for my soul . . .  and now, it’s back to work & school!!! I welcome the change in schedule. Not so much the drop offs and pick ups, but the routine of it all seems to have a stabilizing effect on the kiddies . . . (and the husband for that matter). Now all I need is for the weather to do a drastic 180 and drop about 40 degrees!!! Then, I will be in heaven!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

MAGIC: Day 1&2 . . .

Day 1 was pretty low key. The drive out was great! no traffic, good conversation and lots of . . . ugly, brown, dessert scenery. When we first got to Vegas we headed to Whole Foods to stock up on healthy goodies for the room. It started to thunder and pour down rain while we were inside. The checker told us it was Monsoon Season here in Vegas. Wow! Didn’t know they had Monsoons in Vegas!!! After  dodging the “monsoon” we checked into our room @ The Mirage, which, by the way, was 3000+ times more fabulous than the smokey, dingy box I stayed in @ the Riviera for MAGIC in February . . . Already the trip was off to a great start! After a quick lunch we picked up our badges and walked the show briefly. It was already 5:30 and the show was closing in an hour, but our timing was great because we ran in to a friend of Gina’s who invited us to the CALPaK Hennessey party @ The Palms Resort. They rented the whole 26th floor and had different themes and music for each room. My favorite was the Barbie Suite. So cutely decorated!! Barbie’s got great taste! But did you know that Barbie also has a stripper pole in her bathroom? Hmmm . . .

Today consisted of ALOT of walking and sourcing. There was more rain & thunder, which as I said before, I LOVE!!! I rarely hear thunder in Cali, and I welcome most changes of weather. We were indoors all day unless we were on the shuttle, so it didn’t effect us much. (except for the power outage @ the Sourcing show. There were no lights when we got there and it created a kind of “intimate” feeling). I saw lots of fabulous clothes and jewelry @ Project & Pool. MAGIC had some nice stuff too, but I felt more at home in the hustle and bustle (and loud music) of the Project & Pool tradeshows. There is definitely a different feel between the shows. I was actually surprised how calm and seemingly slow the MAGIC show was. The economy has definitely had an effect on things. Photos of the products are not allowed so I can’t visually share alot of the goodies I saw, but you know I have mentally cataloged them!! Tomorrow we are walking FN . . . the shoe show. Can’t wait!!! ☺

How was your Wednesday?

On the MAGIC Shuttle . . .

Good Morning friends!! Its been non-stop since we got here! Today it is thundering and raining…. I love it!! I’m on the shuttle from our hotel to the Mandalay Bay to walk more shows. Today is the first day we are really getting our feet wet. (both literally & figuratively!!) I’m blogging from my phone, which I never do, so bear with me. Not sure how this works, but I just love the capabilities that modern technology offers us!! Amazing! Today will consist of lots of walking and connecting. Hope you are all having a fabulous one!! I’ll post more of my journey as I go!! xo

3 Days of Sheer MAGIC: Walking the Shows >> Final Day 3

From the looks of my outfit brainstorming, it seems I will be spending 3 days in sneakers. I love the idea of sneakers, but I don’t wear them often. For some reason they don’t make me feel feminine enough. I know that this feeling ties back to the days when I had cut my hair short and feared being asked if I was a basketball player every day. Those days are behind me now, and comfort is just as important as style for me (well, almost). When it comes to work, it’s no fun being in pain and trying to do a job. My go-to shoes are generally flat sandals, but that is part of what causes my feet to cramp after standing for long periods of time. Do you guys have any shoe suggestions?

A Night of Sheer MAGIC | Dinner w/ the Girls . . .

Looking forward to connecting w/ new contacts & reconnecting w/ old ones . . . over FOOD!!!

Happy Monday friends!! Tomorrow we leave for Vegas. Rob starts back to work tomorrow and the kiddies start back to school next week!! Change is in the air! I’m feeling a little anxious about it, sorta sad to say goodbye to the summer and non-stop family-time, but also excited to get back on schedule. (I have yet to master keeping the household on Mom’s schedule while Dad is home full time. Tee hee).

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