Randomocities: Today is “B” Day . . .

Katy Perry via “Last Friday Night” video

Okay, so this is what I automatically picture when I think of braces. Nevertheless, I have wanted braces since I was a little biscuit. I wanted braces even when I didn’t need them! Flash forward 30 years and today is the day!! Today I get my braces. No more fashioning faux braces out of tin foil and paper clips. (although I haven’t done that in many years, I still feel some gratification in knowing that now I am about to get the real thing.) I guess nature has a way of giving you what you secretly ask/wish for! Never mind the fact that I am 40 years old now, have adult acne and wear glasses for distance. This is NOT a mid-life crisis!! LOL. Merely another way of “accessorizing”!!

Are there any things you wished for from childhood that you finally received in adulthood?

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