Design Crack . . .

Happy Saturday guys! I am still working hard on the new collection. It’s funny, even though I am feeling anxious and slightly stressed, I just love what it takes to create. The dedication, the infinite amount of sketching and revision, ┬áresearching current trends and playing with colors . . . I love the whole creation process, especially the tools of the trade. Many of you know I have a pen fetish. My pens are my (other) babies. This is just a glimpse of my marker stash. Don’t even get me started on regular writing pens. I can be very particular, and I have been known to issue a ticket to the owner of a pen left cap-less and unattended on a table. (Okay, so I was 4 when I handed out my last ticket, but the sight of a cap-less pen still irks me to this day.) Anyway, I dropped the kiddies off at Abuela’s last night and Rob is teaching today, so I have a full day of uninterrupted work ahead of me, followed by a much needed date night. I hope you all have fabulous Saturday plans (and by “fabulous” I mean plans to do anything that makes you happy). Enjoy the beauty of this day and make it a memorable one!! xo

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6 thoughts on “Design Crack . . .

  1. Bobolouli

    Oh man I love all the colored markers!!! I think the sight of color and blank medium is the one thing that will always get me excited!!! You NEED to post pics of sketches!!! Yeeeeeee!!!!!! <—-this is the effect color has on me!! Haha!

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      LOL!! I miss you! U always make me laugh! As soon as I get out from under this pile of work I will email. Thx for being patient! I will post sketches soon. Still trying to decide what styles to move forward with, and still not as confident as I would like to be!!!! U know how we artists are!


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