Street Style Obsession: Mini Cooper Countryman . . . LOVE!!!

2012 Mini Cooper Countryman

I LOVE THIS CAR!!! Okay, so I usually don’t post about stuff like this, but, I love beautiful things, and lately I find my head turning every time I see one of these beefed up Mini Cooper’s. I always thought the Mini was a cute car, but the size never really appealed to me on a realistic level. I just couldn’t imagine myself driving the freeways daily, in something that looked as if it could fit underneath an 18 wheeler with no problem. . . enter the Mini Cooper Countryman. It is sporty, rugged and still compact, but larger than previous models. I still have two kiddies under the age of 7 so, I doubt I would take any long trips with them in this car, but I think it would be great for the errands, drop offs and pick ups that consume my days. With current gas prices being what they are, the MPG looks really appealing to me as well. Average MPG for the Countryman is 27 / City / 35 Hwy (a lot better than my FX, which comes in at a whopping 14 / City / 20 Hwy. . . wait, that can’t be right . . . ! ) I really love my car, but for the first time, “down sizing” is starting to look appealing!

MSRP for the Mini Cooper Countryman is $21,750 – $27,050


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4 thoughts on “Street Style Obsession: Mini Cooper Countryman . . . LOVE!!!

  1. Maylana

    I love, love this car. It reminds me of learning to drive in the minis of old back home in England, when BMW bought the Mini line, it brought back a lot of good memories, zipping around in that tiny tin box on the streets of London with my friends. I love this car, but I ‘m also in love with the new fiat have you seen it? (I’ll be posting it on my blog soon) I’m trying to decide which one to buy and you’re right the way gas prices are, this would be the ideal vehicle

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      How fun is your description! “Zipping around on the streets of London with my friends . . .” SOLD!!!! :) I think I have seen the Fiat a few times on the streets. I like that one too. I’ll be on the lookout for your post! :)


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