Architect of Style, Curator of Pain . . . The Ultimate Platform Wedge!

I love the art of this shoe! Unfortunately, the longer I look at it, the more I think I can see the model’s foot swelling up and turning red! This looks quite painful and uncomfortable, but how beautiful is the wood pattern and the shape? Even the contrast of the wood and the satin ribbon is intriguing to me. Sadly, I would have to pass on the possibility of obtaining splinters with each step. Never mind the fact that a slightly uncoordinated person, such as myself, is just asking for a very public trip . . . wobble . . . wobble . . . steady . . . steady . . . wait! . . . Oh Noooooooo! . . . slow-mo drop with an accompanying  awkward roll type of catastrophe.

I think I’d rather just keep them on display on my living room shelf, secretly deeming myself a wise curator of style instead of a fashion coward! ☺


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10 thoughts on “Architect of Style, Curator of Pain . . . The Ultimate Platform Wedge!

  1. Maylana

    Oh..My… God!! Now these are a pair fo Wedges. Beautiful structure, they are a work of art, did an architect create these? you’re right, just looking at the photo I can also see the model’s foot swelling up and they do look painful, or is it just her foot being already red? I’d love to reblog this, they really are something else.

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      I know, I had to stare at them for a while when I first saw them, just drinking them in. I wish I knew who made this shoe, the picture had no information as to who the designer was, but I think we all agree they are probably better for looking at than wearing. The poor girl wearing these was probably counting down the seconds until she could get out of them! I know I would have been!!!

  2. Bobolouli

    This makes me think exactly that. I’m sorry, yes I love fashion. Yes I love style. But I dont like pain. Wearing a pair of heels is enough. Wearing these guys…. what. I don’t get the self sacrifice! It cant possibly be comfortable enough to walk in them. Her feet ARE swelling!!!! Poor kid.

  3. Devorah

    ouch! i definitely am one to suffer for fashion . i own more than one pair of shoes a size too small because they didn’t have a larger size and i wanted it! but this is a whole other league!

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      LOL! I can soooo relate!!!! Unfortunately, there are a few too many pairs of shoes in my closet that are a 1/2 size too small, and it pains me to look at them because they are so cute. I now only wear those particular pairs to events where I know I will be seated most of the time (dinners, movies). I had to get strategic with it!! But I promised myself last year that I would not do that anymore. If a shoe is too small in the store, I have vowed to just walk away. (although this is easier said than done!!!)

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