MAGIC Show Las Vegas: Snapshot Overview

The road to MAGIC . . .

Riviera Hotel & Casino (the picture I saw online when I booked the hotel . . .)

The view that apparently comes with the “Early Bird Booking Special” . . . Never Again!

Questionable Ice Cream Ad @ Caesar’s Palace (umm, maybe my dirty mind is working overtime?)

Nikki & I grabbing a bite to eat @ the Wynn . . .

Liquid signage @ the Sourcing show . . .

The Road Home (Phase I)

The Road Home (Phase II)


My trip was wonderful. Despite the crusty remote in the hotel room, the fact that I probably inhaled the smoke of what would amount to 9,000 cigarettes while walking through the casinos, and the fact that we couldn’t find a good meal under $29, Nikki and I had a great time and made some really good contacts. I attended a lot of inspiring seminars and met some great people. I’m really excited about the future and about implementing the knowledge I gained during my time @ MAGIC. It was also great to spend time with Nikki, I think I laughed more in 4 days than I have in the last 2 months combined!  . .  well, maybe that is an exaggeration, I tend to laugh a lot!

p.s. I am realizing as I post this, that I did not take very many photos of the actual show. I think this points to the fact that I am still learning to think like a blogger, and that includes thinking about what people would like to see!! I promise to include more “action shots” in my next industry event post!! ☺

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7 thoughts on “MAGIC Show Las Vegas: Snapshot Overview

  1. Bobolouli

    No way. I was at Magic about a year or 2 ago, man, it is MASSIVE. What! So many things to see, contacts to make, suppliers, it was a rush and a dream I had from when I first started working in fashion. All I ever heard was, Magic this and Magic that…. that was 7 yrs ago. I swore one day I would see Magic. And I did!!! WOuld love to go again, but for my own business! How did you find it?

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      How funny, the first time I went to MAGIC was 7 years ago, and I finally just went back. I have worked in the fashion industry for quite a few years now so I knew about it from school and work, but this time I went for my own business. It is MASSIVE! you are right! But there are a lot of great lines showing there, and the Sourcing show is was very helpful indeed. I love that you made up your mind to go and you did! You should plan to go again if it suits your needs. I think I may go again next year. Are you still in the fashion industry?

      1. Bobolouli

        I am yes. Although now Im in graphics & merchandising, as opposed to the tech packs I was doing when I first entered the industry. How utterly boring! Planning on making illustration & graphics my specialty ;) hence the force behind the sketchbook & my illustration posts :)

        1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

          Well you absolutely seem to be on the right track! Your work is beautiful and very inspiring. I want to do a post on you here on my blog if you don’t mind! I have a deep love for illustration and fashion illustration. I almost selected that as my major, but my love of design won out over my actual illustration skills. I still love to draw though, and I have about 30 different “characters” that I illustrate and put on handmade cards that I used to make and sell. I have only recently begun to draw again in my personal style posts, so I can relate to you deciding to just go for it! I love that!! That is what I am doing with my handbag line… Thanks also, for posting about the sketchbook contest! I had never heard of it and it is so awesome!!! I plan to go see when it comes out to California. I hope you win! :)

          1. Bobolouli

            That would be really nice of you :) Funny, I never intended to study fashion, let’s say it was put in my path, and well, now Ive come to realize that illustration and art are what I should of been doing all along. Its been a tough journey, some artistic blocks, but we’re getting there :) You’re starting your own handbag line? No way! thats great news. You must really love fashion, going to Magic, blogging. Where do you manage to find the time? Anyway, I would love to chat more, you wanna exchange emails? mines tanithlambi(at) send me an email when you have a few minutes. Man, too bad you’re in Cali, it would be so great to go out and grab a bite, discuss your adventures! Have a great Day sweety!

          2. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

            Fantastic, I will email you later this eve! So fun getting to know you! Believe me, my journey into the fashion industry has not been a bed of roses either, I know all about those artistic blocks! But once I finally accepted that that was the field that truly made me happy, I think I became better equipped to handle it! But I started out as a graphic design major, then went to English, Sociology and then back to graphic design before I decided to go full force into the fashion industry. Anyway, I am looking forward to chatting more. I’ll email you later today! Enjoy your day! :)

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