Dream Sharing . . .

I am sharing this image because I think it is important to keep our dreams in front of us. I also think it is important, and necessary, to speak our desires into being.  I came across this picture this morning, and for me, it represents what I want my corporate offices to look like. When I visualize the future of my company, I see a tranquil building, quite similar to this one. I see women, and men, coming to work, happy to be there, and ready to work together at a company who sees the value in it’s employees. I see a team of people building and working together, laughing, learning and creating beautiful things for the world to enjoy.

How do you see your future?

Image via archdaily.com

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4 thoughts on “Dream Sharing . . .

  1. slaveztostyle

    I see my dream as a canal side Designer & Vintage shop in Amsterdam with a 3 storey apartment near Rembrant square. That’s what i’m working towards over the next 10 years, It’s what drives me on. I hope your dream comes true. Tori x

    1. thelookbookphilosophy Post author

      Ahhh Tori!! Awesome!! I see myself shopping at your canal side Vintage shop in Amsterdam!!! Keep working at it, our dreams will become a reality if we keep at it!!! Thanks for sharing your dream! If we both see it, I know it will come true!!!

  2. Gaby

    Beautiful writing with a lovely image! Perfect for a corporate office, productively and creatively to give to the world!
    Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated


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