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In Praise of Friendship . . .

Yesterday I met up with my good friends and fellow bloggers, Angie of Over The Story & Felicia of Loving Your Hair with Natural Care for lunch in Pasadena. (I will be featuring them both here at The LookBook Philosophy soon, as they are two great examples of inspiring women who are following their dreams and creating the lives they want to live every day). I was really looking forward to the adult conversation and girl-time, and it was so great to see them after so long (we think it’s been about 2 years since we last saw each other!)  Many of you do not know that I am generally not very good at consistently keeping in touch with my girls. (I suffer from an acute case of hermit-itis and CPAD or Cell Phone Avoidance Disorder as I like to call it. Doctors say it is extremely rare in this day and age, but I have managed to live comfortably with it). Thankfully, I have been blessed with some really great friends that understand my condition and continue to love me anyway!!!

Angie, Me & Felicia

That’s what I love about my friends, even though we don’t talk to each other daily, we love and support each other just the same, and when we do see each other, it seems we just pick back up where we left off, like no time has passed.

What are some of the things you have learned to accept about your closest friends?

Resolved: No New Year’s Resolutions!

A few years ago I decided to forgo the New Year’s Resolution lists that I have made so many years prior. Each year since, I have narrowed down my ideas to the one thing I want to focus on in the coming year that I have seen to be powerful in my life in regards to my personal happiness and growth.


This year I will not try to “make it happen.” I will do my part, I will do what is placed before me, and often more than what is asked of me, but I will not get out ahead of myself and try to make things work to fit into the picture I have in my head. I have learned that oftentimes, the things we need are brought to us in a form different than what we had expected! It is just as easy to overlook a blessing when it arrives wrapped in dirty newspaper, as it is to try to “create” a blessing out of something in front of you that is pretty and shiny. If the pretty shiny thing is not meant for you, then it will never really be yours, not in the way you want or need it to be.

I go forward into this year being open to what is placed before me, and attentive to the effects it is having in all areas of my life. I am ready to celebrate the mini-moments throughout my day, instead of trying to make those moments happen!

What areas of your life would you like to focus on in 2012?

The Design Process: My Accessories Design Final Project

Modern Masai Tote by Ayanna Listenbee Handbags

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was ensconced in preparations and projects for finals. In my design class we were asked to come up with a theme, and then design a collection based on that theme. My theme was based on the Masai tribe of Kenya. Once the collection was designed, we were asked to select one style from the collection and then create that item ourselves. I selected the tote bag I designed for the collection. Unfortunately, I sold my industrial sewing machines a few years back. I have not sewn a bag in over 6 years so I underestimated what it would take to sew leather and denim on a (borrowed) home sewing machine! It took me about four days to draft and create the patterns (working feverishly while the kids were at school and at night when they were in bed) and another two days to complete the construction and sewing of the bag. My borrowed machine died and I had to borrow ANOTHER machine to complete the task. As hard and frustrating as it was at times, it was a great exercise and provided a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I plan to incorporate the design into the new line. To see more of the design process check out the pics below. . .

Modern Masai Mood Board

Modern Masai Croqui & Sketch

Masai Tote Details

Design Process

Construction Process


Are there any ideas in your head that you can make a reality in the coming new year?

Start the New Year in a Bold Way . . . .

Lover of typography that I am, I have been a fan of the Stendig calendar for a while now. I discovered it a few years back, while peering into other people’s homes via one of Apartment Therapy’s fabulous home tours. It was LOVE at first sight! I love the boldness of the numbers, the clean contrast of the black and white Helvetica numbers and the fact that the pages change from white to black every other month. When I first discovered the large Stendig it was sold out, so I opted for the smaller version you see above. This is a great one too, because it is a perpetual calendar. I have used it in my office for the last 6 years. I got mine at the MOMA store.

The Stendig calendar was designed by Mossimo Vignelli in 1966. That very same year the calendar was placed into the Museum of Modern Art Design Collection. Best of all this calendar’s got major size! It is 3 feet by 4 feet, so be sure to have adequate wall space available!

Purchase the Stendig Calendar for $40 via Sam Flax NYC


Instantaneous Obsession: Philip Lim 31 Hour Bicolor Bag

Lately, I have really been drawn to color blocking. This bag from Philip Lim is an example of color blocking done well! The shade of red is rich and invigorating. The pairing of this rich red with solid black really gives it a downtown vibe. The 31 Hour bag is available for $795 via Moda Operandi’s Philip Lim presale through January 3rd.

Label Love: Lucifer vir Honestus

18k Rose Gold Earrings w/ Tanzanite & Diamonds


18k White Gold Ring w/ Rose Cut and Pave Diamonds


Emerald & Diamond Ring


Lucifer vir Honestus is one of my all time favorite jewelry lines. Designed by Italian duo, Luna Scamuzzi and Paolo Mandelli, the line is named after the first jewelry maker to come out of the mdeieval times. The LVH line features one of a kind jewels made of precious and semi-precious stones. You can find more of their amazing pieces here.